Quran Memorizing and UNDERSTANDING habit for life for the BUSIEST people.

Bismillah! Al-Hamdulillah!

Just 1 (ONE) MINUTE after each Salah!

When: After each Fard salah.

How much to memorize: ONE AYAH only.

The Hadith:

By doing this you also implement the hadith from Saheeh Muslim 803 (or Book 6, Hadith 301

 Rasulullah Sallillahu Alaihi WaSallam asked his companion,

“Which of you would like to go out every morning to Buthan or al-‘Aqiq and bring two large she-camels without being guilty of sin or without severing the ties of kinship?”

 We said: Yeah Rasulullah, we would like to do it.  Upon this he said:

“Does not one of you go out in the morning to the masjid and teach or recite two verses from the Book of Allah. the Majestic and Glorious? That is better for him than two she-camels, and three verses are better (than three she-camels). and four verses are better for him than four (she-camels), and to on their number in camels.”

(Note that for our time, a ‘Red She-Camel’ could be equivalent to a ‘Mercedes Benz Car’)

Time Required:

ONE MINUTE. (After finishing Tasbeah). Force yourself out after one minute so that you would able to do it continuously.

The reason is psychological. If you spend 5 minutes in one time and you really seriously would want to do 5 minutes every time, in reality, you won’t do it because you won’t be able to give five minutes time for this after every Salat. Therefore, your wishful mind will suggest you with the association of shaitan that “I don’t have 5 minutes for now, better will do it at next Salat”, thus you won’t do even for 1 minute. And then once you skip doing it sometime, the habit of not doing it will increase and finally you will do it only whenever you can make special time for it. And thus the ‘regular’ pattern or habit will be lost. And that habit won’t stay in one place, slowly it will take your mind away from memorizing or understanding Quran. That’s how shaitan works with our mind and desire and we give it a term ‘psychological’ but actually and in reality, it is from shaitan. Therefore, stick only with ONE MINUTE and BE FIRM in doing that.


Standard memorizing Mushaf or this Mobile App (Al Quran (Tafsir & by Word) by Green Tech (You can use this app to understand word per word meaning with their roots as well as different forms of the word with their meaning and application of meaning of the same word in other Ayat in the entire Quran, SubhanAllah! amazing!)

This method is especially for those who really want to increase understanding of the Quran. All these you can do in ONE MINUTE and you will be amazed by the progress even in 3 months InShaaAllah ONLY if you do it regularly.

Even if sometimes one Ayah takes 5 times X 7 days, don’t worry, keep practicing. If you want to do more, take another memorization program but don’t mess up with this one, let it be your habit for entire life.

How do you do it?

Select the Ayah you want to memorize.
Read it and get the understanding of the meaning of the entire Ayah
Then divide the Ayah in sections according to the meaning (be careful not to break in the words without a meaning itself)
First 30 seconds: Repeat the words as many times as possible.
Next 30 seconds: Look at the meaning of the words (go into depth as describe in the ‘Resources’ section above.


“The criminals will be known by their marks, and they will be seized by the forelocks and the feet.”
This Ayah has two sections.
First 3 words make one section.
Last 3 words make another section while each section has its own meaning.
So, you repeat section 1 for first 30 seconds as many times as possible.
(Remember this will help you the words structure to come to your tongue smoothly thus will build strong building blocks In Shaa Allah)
In next 30 seconds dig the meaning of the each word.

How to keep in memory?

Recite the memorized Ayat several times in the Salat during that day. You can recite a few Ayat (https://islamqa.info/en/answers/206946/) several times as long as you want. (https://islamqa.info/en/answers/98309)

Phase after Phase:

And then when the number of Sura increases, SubhanAllah!, Your Rabb will guide you on what to do, how to keep refreshing. In fact, you will go phase after phase. This Quran understanding and memorizing and of course acting on it, altogether will increase goodness in your Islam towards your journey to Jannah, increase your Salat by quantity, length and in concentration and finally, Allah, Ar Rahman will further push you to Tahajjud because that’s the real place where you refresh your memorized Suras, SubhanAllah!

May Allah Tabaraka Wa Ta’ala increase us in the knowledge of the Quran and make us fully submitting Muslim. Ameen.

Power of ONE minute – A Personal Experience: 

I know a brother, who only used to know up to Sura al-Feel as that was he taught in his childhood and that’s it. The traditional mindset is that Quran memorizing is for those who memorize it in childhood and become a Qari. Very rarely someone takes an initiative to increase in memorization. And this brother was the same until 43 years until hen Allah guided him.
He took this program and the thing is, he memorized the Quran only for that 1 minute and NOT outside of Salat. But SubhanAllah, in 5 years time, he now memorized the entire Juzz (para) 30. Al-Hamdulillah. The point is, even you don’t refresh your memory during the day but constantly do it only in those one minutes after each Salat, you increase. Yes, very slowly but you increase. Al Hamdulillah. And Allah loves what is constant even if it is a little! Just needed to share this so that you do not think, “How much you can do in just one minute?”

And there’s a Phase 3:

In Shaa Allah, I will put something, a most precious thing that will pour the solace into your heart. But that’s not for the beginner. For that, you must climb up phase 1 and phase 2 and find ease doing it. and only then you come back for phase 3 In Shaa Allah!

But I can’t wait to give a hint:
It is, the one who saved from shaitan is the MUKHLASEEN (Al Quran 15:39-41)
Who is Mukhlaseen?
How would you achieve the STATUS of Mukhlaseen?

There’s evidence (authentic) that tells you, when you do certain actions you will be RECORDED as Mukhlaseen.
But that’s not an easy one though.
But if only Allah wants one day that will become easy for you.
In Shaa Allah embark on phase one and two and come back In Shaa Allah.

May Allah help us memorize and understand the words of Allah and help us implement the Quran in our life. Ameen.

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