Quran for Critical REASONING – Why do you have to think about the Quran by yourself first? To know the Haqq, Bi-Iznillah!

Bismillah! Al-Hamdulillah!
Wa AsSalatu AsSalamu A’la Rasulillah!
Don’t you believe Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala is just?
Then, did Allah create and put billions of people in the wrong religions to take them all to Jahannam?

Then how would they find the truth?
Allah will guide them.

Of course, It is Allah, Al-Hadee, who guides.
But what’s the man’s part?
Does Allah Tabaraka Wa Ta’ala just guide without any effort from the man?
Allah wants to see who is struggling for the truth, Isn’t it? ( Al Quranul Hakeem 3:101)
And that means every person has his own part, own actions which needed to be acted upon by him, right?
And then, how does a person do his part in order to be eligible for Allah’s guidance?

Who Allah guides?
The one who strives and struggle for Allah’s cause ( Al-Quran 29:69)
The one who is mindful of Him, Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala. (Al Quranul Karreem 42:13)
Tho one who follows the best (Al Quranul Majeed 39:18)

Do you mean he has to think, meaning, he has to use his mind to seek the better, seek the truth?
He has to look at the creation and contemplate on the creation, right? (Al-Quran 57-58, 2:164)
What does Allah Himself say and asked human beings in numerous Ayat in the Quran?
Don’t you think? (Al-Quran 6:50)
Don’t you use your Akl? (Al-Quran 21:67)
Don’t you use your hearing, your sight, and your heart? (Al-Quran 16:78)
Did He, Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala put people in different religions, so that they can come on the Qiyamah and blame Him, “Hey, you put me in the wrong religion, that’s why I ended up as a Kafir.”
No! There’s no scope to say that by any human being for whatever religion they are raised by their parents.
Because his Creator gave him the organs, we call senses, like you to leave someone in the jungle with a compass!
It’s just that simple!
A human being, no matter where he born, has to use his Akl (reason) to get to the truth!

So, how does Allah, the creator of man, Himself expect people to get to the truth?
By using his organs, all senses that we called understanding and reasoning, by being thoughtful!
(Al-Quran 45:5, 3:190, 39:21, 30:28)

Would he get the truth by following the scholars where he born?
For example, A Hindu turned to his creator. and now, he wants to know the book their community believes in came from the creator but he was told, ‘you can’t understand it yourself, bro’. It has been there for 7,000 years. Our scholars, Gurus, have studied it for their lifetime, yet it is hard for them to understand sometimes. And if that’s the case with the learned ones, how do you think, you can understand by just reading it?
So, they discourage him to study their book on his own.
And then suggested following their scholars, suggested reading the works of the scholars.
Tell me, would he get the truth?

But he must get the truth, he is after it. He wants to know what’s the truth.
You tell me, how do you think he would get to the truth?
Okay, put it this way,
You want to guide that Hindu to the truth and he is desperate.
You have to suggest a way out for this poor Hindu.
Tell me, what’s the way out?
Can you tell him that he has to go to his Scholars first to understand his Deen?
Or would you explain the truth of Islam to him?
And when you explain the Tawheed, what do you expect of him?
You would also disparately want him to use his mind, his common sense, don’t you?
And you believe if he just uses his common sense, he will surely be able to see the simplicity of Tawheed, isn’t it?
Whoever of you work in the Dawah field, you know it, right!
Had people just used their common senses, they would have surely got the beauty of Islam!
How desperately you want people to use their Akl to know the truth,

Or what do you actually recommend to a Kafir?
To use his brain, don’t you?
Then, what do you recommend next?
How should he use his brain?
First contemplating nature. (Al-Quran 13:4)
Then, giving him an unbiased choice, you might tell him to read his scripture to start with because you know that, if he just uses his brain to understand his own scripture, he will understand the falsehood of it.
Then, would you suggest him to understand the scripture as the way his scholar suggests him?
Then, what would you suggest to him?
Take the Quran and read it, don’t you?
And didn’t you see how many people, those who took the Quran and read it mindfully for guidance has understood and accepted the truth by Allah’s guidance?

And then, look for another scenario, you see in front of your eyes, a Qadiani/Shia gives the Quran to that Hindu and he also explains Shia/Qadiani believes based on the Quran. What would you say to this Hindu now? You give your explanation too, right?  And now, how do you expect him to find the truth among these three explanations? For sure, you will give him just one tool, ‘use your common sense’, ‘use your brain’, don’t you?

The Christian priests never allow their followers to read the text of the Bible by themselves.
And even if they allow, they restrict it to their (priest’s) understanding.
and then on top of it, they plant the seed of a ‘sense of belonging’ of the religion in their heart and mind in numerous ways. That’s how they ensure a Christian’s blind following.

And the same goes for each and every group of Muslims too.
While all of them preach that guidance belongs to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala only,
But in reality, these groups act otherwise, they ensure the blind following in such a way as if the guidance belongs only to them.

You won’t let your child learn any other way, that’s understandable.
But why do you insist on people the same way, as because you think are the most correct group?
So for your people, they have to get an understanding of the Quran from your Ulema.
But for the other groups, you want them to use their mind!
What a contradiction man!

Don’t you want all the misguided groups to come to the truth?
If you want a Shia, a Kadiani, Sufi to get the truth, how do you expect a person of those groups to get the truth?
You present the message to him and then, do you want him to think about it himself?
Or do you want him to ask his Ulema’s understanding about that?
Tell me, which way he might understand the truth, if Allah wills, by thinking on the Ayat of the Quran himself or get an explanation of those Ayat from his Ulema or by reading their Tafsir?

So, why do you have a double standard, my brother?
Why do you expect all the people in other groups to use their brains to think on the Quran but you don’t let your people understand the Quran by themselves?
How many different groups are there who differ in the understanding of Taghut, Jihad, Khilafah, way of the Khilafah, in the matter of Takfir, in the matter of voting, and so on?
If each of the people of each of these groups gets the understanding from their own Ulama, how would ever they get the truth? How do you expect them to get the truth?
Only by using their common sense, using their Akl and reading and understanding, contemplating the text by themselves! Isn’t it?

So, my brother,
The first criteria to find the truth is using your brain on your own, not getting an understanding from a scholar, to begin with!
If it is true for a Hindu, for a Christian, or for a Jews then it is the same for you.
If it is true for a Kadiani, for a Shia, for a Sufi, then it is the same for you.
If it is true for the people of a Baatil group, then it is the same for you.
And then it is his intention and his relation and pleading with his Rabb that sets his course.

And Allah knows best.
May Allah Tabaraka Wa Ta’ala guide all these groups of Muslims to the truth and unite them.
May Allah, Al Hadee guide all the people in the truth of Islam.

Note for the Truth Seeker:

(1) Seeking and pleading for Allah’s guidance is the first thing.
(2) and then, the intention of seeking the truth should be only for pleasing Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala, to submit to his guidance.
(3) and remember, the use of REASON, Common Sense, is to distinguish the Haqq from the Baatil (Truth from the falsehood).
(4) But once you get the truth, you don’t judge the text of the Quran and Saheeh Hadith by using Reason and Common Sense.
(5) Yes, You never stop using common sense but only to benefit yourself from the text, not for judging an Ayah of the Quran or a Saheeh Hadith.

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