Quran at Fajr – Studying ONE Ayah

Bismillah! Al Hamdulillah!

So, you have read one Ayah with understanding and memorized it in Masjid after Fajr Salat. Al Hamdulillah. You acted on a Hadith. Al Hamdulillah,  May Allah help you constantly acting on your knowledge.

Now that you came home from Masjid. Most people though choose to sleep again but you don’t belong to the ‘most’. You study and obviously, you had a good habit of reading good stuff and you also read the Quran and Tafseer. But now we will have something to add and practice for life In Shaa Allah.

Studying ONE Ayah of the Quran before the Sun rises :

By doing this you will fulfill what Allah recommended for you, ‘Reading Quran at Fajr is witnessed’. (Quran 17:78)

How much to study: Just only one Ayah.
Time Limit: Minimum five minutes but your thrust for knowledge might push you to spend more times without you being noticed, if you can afford, but we designed it for the busiest one to stick for 5 minutes, minimum.

How do you study:
You will do critical reasoning (contemplating) by applying the Critical Reasoning method now.
This time you will take note.
You will learn about an Ayah more comprehensively (when needed, by reading several Tafseer)
You will learn more grammar now. (even by digging through the dictionary)
That’s done for the program! The minimum!

A Muslim’s practice for Life:

Keep it in mind brother, the method is for every single Muslim in order for setting it as a daily Islamic practice for life.
You must make the habit for yourself and then teach your family to do the same. You have to push your children of 12 years and onward to do that now, because he didn’t have this habit. Therefore, you must teach your younger children to have this practice from the days they able to read the Quran and understand it. The practice has to be embedded with their study life, so that when they will get busy with their assignments and exams, even then they will sit for 5 minutes to study one Ayah before they start their school studies, In Shaa Allah! If you can ensure this, my brother, they will never abandon this while they will be busy in their working life In Shaa Allah! Human goes by the habit they acquire in childhood.

The Summary:

So, what’s the summary of this program?
(1) Read ONE Ayah,
(2) Do Critical REASONING,
(3) Taking NOTES
(4) Do it before Sun rises (before starting your day for study or for work)

The Detail:

Logistics and Resources – Digital:

I recommend doing it in your desktop PC.
So that you will have resources available for you when you need to dig deep.
You can see all the available translations of an Ayah (31 and 54 translations in one site) and also can have access to many Tafseer and dictionaries in their PDF forms and online)
You can use Microsoft ‘OneNote’ or ‘Evernote’ to keep and organize your notes.

Logistics and Resources – Manual:

But If you want to do it manually use loose sheets and divider file to organize your notes by subjects or by actions.
You can download this book and print it. This is one of the best books in the market that I know available in word by word Quran in both in Bangla and in English with emphasizing on grammar.

Walking through the Study – Digital:
Open ‘www.Quran.com’ in your browser.
Click on the far top-left corner small icon (three tiny lines, menu icon)
Click on ‘Legacy Quran.com’
Choose your Ayah that you want to study
(Method 1: Click on the ‘Chapter’ it will show all the Ayah of the Chapter (Sura) and  then you scroll down to get to your desired Ayah.)
(Method 2: On the ‘search’ field type the Ayah in this format, like ‘114:1’ to display only Ayah 1 of Sura Naas. If you want a range of Ayah, then type ‘114:1-3’)

5. Choose the translations you want in the left column (by clicking on the tiny square  shapes)
6. Then you start your reading, understanding and critical reasoning and then taking notes by copying and pasting the Ayah to your notebook.

That’s done for the program! The minimum!

Learning little detail:

You need to learn a word you didn’t know before. Let me take you to the ocean that a student of the Quran even never dreamt of 30/40 years before!

On the top of the menu, click on ‘Word by Word’ (open it on new tab)
From the pull-down menu choose the Chapter and the Ayah.
Click on ‘Go’ (You just jumped yourself into a river of the Quranic Grammar)
You can learn the ‘type’ and ‘character’ of a word from here
Click on the Transliteration of the word (Now, you just jumped yourself into an ocean of the Quranic Grammar)
(This will display a list of all the Ayat of the Quran that has used this word in different forms. You can find now how a word has been used in different meaning in different Ayat). This will give you an in-depth understanding of a word In Shaa Allah.

Digging into Deep:

Now that you have little understanding of an Ayah but don’t forget that this is just only the understanding of the Arabic word in its surface.
And you want to be able to increase yourself at a level where you can distinguish the truth from the falsehood among scholars, SubhanAllah!
Therefore, when you come to an Ayah where there are many opinions, explanations, and views, you need to dig deep yourself! You need to have dictionaries to check a word sometimes.

Now this time you take special notes on three things:
Is that something NEW I just learned today from the Quran? SubhanAllah that’s a CERTAIN knowledge for life. IMPRINT that knowledge in your mind forever!
Is that something I never heard from any scholar before? This could broadly go into two categories:
A. This knowledge doesn’t go with your INHERITED knowledge and practice about                  Islam so far.
B. This knowledge goes against or opposite to what is taught by MOST of the scholars and what is commonly practiced by Muslims.

The Price of Knowledge:

This (2B) will put you in trouble! Seriously!
You will then realize, knowledge has a price! And the price is fear of Allah! As Allah describes, “Those who have knowledge fear Allah most” (Al-Quran 36:28).

So you have to go back to check your heart, why you learning Deen for? What motivates you? What is the impact of knowledge on you so far? The checklist is again, Fear of Allah! That’s how you check whether your knowledge has rendered any benefit to you.

And then you start digging for the Haqq to uncover from the ocean of filth! And the Haqq will shake you, tremble you in fear realizing; how come a Muslim study Deen for his entire life but he speaks opposite to Allah’s word?

You have to beg your Rabb for correct knowledge, You have to beg Allah, Al-Wahab to save you from the deviance. (Rabbana la tujeg kulubana….). You know this Dua.

SubhanAllah that’s for another day, In Shaa Allah! Ya Allah! give us beneficial knowledge. Save us from the knowledge which does not benefit us. Ameen.

The result?

Gradually you will develop the confidence of understanding the Deen as Allah promised that He will make understanding of Deen easy.
And how this will boost your confidence knowing that Umar bin Al-Khattab Radiallahu Anhu took 2 years to study Sura Baqara only? SubhanAllah!

When I started this method of regular study, initially I started from Sura Fatiha and after six months of study, I found myself only progressing to 1/3 of the Sura Baqara, SubhanAllah! That makes me so upset! I thought when would I be able to finish the entire Quran? So, I reverse the order, I started from the bottom of the Sura. That gives me a sense of accomplishment that I am progressing! May Allah accept from me! Ameen.


The resources I share do not belong to me and I don’t take the responsibility where those will lead you to. Remember, everybody has an agenda, a perspective of Islam viewed by them which they want to push on the readers. Most of the material and resources out there (99%) are developed to make you a follower and I have an agenda too and that is, to liberate you from being a follower, helping connecting you with only Allah, In Shaa Allah, not with a scholar in a blind following!

Share, if there's benefit in it. Dawah benefits YOU!
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