Quan at Fajr: Critical Reasoning of ONE Ayah – MANUAL Noting Process

Bismillah! Al Hamdulillah!!

Get the Mindset:

This program will work for you only when you are able to think about yourself as a student.
Yes, you have to take yourself to the level of a student.
And guess, who can do it?
Only the one who is really seeking the knowledge and the one who is really ‘Seeking to be Better’.

The ‘Quran for Critical Reasoning’ Workshop

Have you ever participated in an activities they call ‘workshop’?
It’s very simple thing but you go through some activities like the kids do.
You write, you draw, play with papers, cards and you visualise things in hand-on activities.
This is what you will do. So get yourself the following logistics:

  • A stopwatch
  • A Quran with translation.
  • A hard copy of the recommended Book (Word by Word Quran in Arabic to Bangla and English)
  • One paper folder to start with, later you need several folders to put papers by the subjects.
  • Loose sheets.
  • Punch machine.
  • Pen.

And In Shaa Allah, in near future we will arrange a workshop and invite you to participate.

The Process:

Make Folders by Actionable Subjects such as:

  • Command to do,
  • Prohibition,
  • Highly Recommended,
  • Discouraged,
  • Liked and Loved,
  • Disliked,
  • Hated.

Write the action in the appropriate sheet with the reference of the Ayah.
Since an Ayah also contains many issues/Subjects, therefore, you will now take note of those issues/Subjects too.
You can name it either as Indexing or Tags.
For example, the Ayah about commanding for Hijab, you already put the Ayah under the Actionable Subject ‘Command’. But now you place the same Ayah also in the Index/Tag sheet as ‘Hijab’

Time Yourself:

Make sure you put yourself on time.
So put your stopwatch or alarm for 5 minutes.
When the alarm bells stop wherever you are.
Next day start where you left off today.
It doesn’t matter you take 3 days for an Ayah to take note of your Critical Reasoning.
This timing to limit within 5 minutes is only for the busiest one to make him do it every day but whoever can spend more time to finish the entire Ayah should continue until you finish it.
But make sure you can also do it regularly.
Keep it in mind that the main aim is to make you engage in Contemplating the Quran every day


What do you see here, actually?
You will be engaged in activities sometimes for easy and simple to understand Ayah even you knew it before, even you are already practising it.
But what’s the benefit doing it this way again?
The impact of doing it is massive:

Your mind will engage with it for a longer time.
You are engaging yourself in activities about it.
You are developing a Mastery on It. (you will realise It even after few months In Shaa Allah)
You are spending more time for Allah.
And your Rabb, your Master will not keep you in the same level, he will increase you in beneficial knowledge In Shaa Allah.

May Allah increase us in beneficial knowledge.

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