‘Open-Mindedness’ – a Reality or a Myth?

How open-minded you think you are?
Let’s put yourself in a test.

You agree on many things with an atheist when talking about the corruption of the govt.
You agree on many things with a Kafir when talking about the absurdity of not believing in a Creator.
You agree on many things with a Tabligi brother when talking about following Sunnah, Hijab, Halal Haram, Riba etc.
You agree on many things with Jamayet e Islami, Hizbut Tahrir brothers when talking about the Law of Allah, Khilafah.
You agree on many things with a brother of ‘Saheeh Aqidah’ or Ahle Sunnah Wa Al-Jamah, when talking against Bida’h and Shirk of Idols and Shrines etc.
And you go along very good as long as you both are on agreement on the things.
And you even open to learning from each other for making yourself better in the issue as long as you are on agreement on its aspects 
And many of you term this stage wrongfully describing as “I am open-minded”, did you notice it.   

But as soon as I talk about something that you have different views, either inherited or habitual, you will not take from me anymore, your open-mindedness will shrink even you do not have a strong ground/knowledge of your views.
As soon as I talk about something that not common to your knowledge or views you will restrict yourself to narrow space (you call it narrow-minded, aren’t you?)

In fact, this is the ground/stage to test of real ‘open-mindedness’ in yourself. A real open-minded person will do four things:

  1. He will yet listen to you.
  2. And then he will not disapprove of you straight away.
  3. He will commit himself to research about the issue. 
  4. Finally if he finds the evidence, only after this he will approve or disapprove.

This is the stage of a person claiming having a ‘open mind’.
Less then this is merely a falsehood and hypocrisy.

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