O my Muslim brothers and sisters, let me present you the ‘CORRUPT Minds’

Have you ever bought a medicine that didn’t have instructions on it? Have you ever bought any machine or equipment or other goods which didn’t have a warning or instructions on it? Products from anywhere and everywhere come with a warning of what not to do with it. I have a bathtub for my 6 months old child and it has a warning written on it that “Warning! Children had died in the bathtub while not under vigilance”

Every product has a guideline on how to use and operate it, otherwise, it will malfunction and eventually lose its desired performance. Even if you buy a red shirt, it warns you not to put it into the washing machine with white fabric. Now, what happens if you put a red and a white shirt together in a washing machine? They will both lose their quality and become distorted in their colour. So you lose the intended use of it.

So how’s this related to the corrupt minds of human beings; especially that of born Muslims?

To give you an easy example, who made Toyota Corolla car? Toyota Industry. Who wrote the manual for that Corolla? Toyota company. Who can give you the BEST knowledge about MAINTAINING the Corolla? Toyota company, right? Who can give you the BEST knowledge about how to FIX the issues with the Corolla? Toyota company, True?

Now, for the human being, who made them? Allah, the Creator. So, who knows MOST about the human being and everything that exists, Allah, isn’t it? Then when Allah Subhanahu gives a book to the human being, isn’t that book contain the most CERTAIN knowledge of HUMAN BEING and THINGS about whatever issues Allah mentions there? True!

Now, for every book that people claim from ‘GOD’ has got guidelines for human, right? It says, what is good for us, what is bad for us, it gives you rules, laws, warning etc. You will even find wishy-washy believer of ‘God’ says this, “Every religious book has got good things in it therefore just follow the good things of the book you believe in”

Now, I ask the believers, Did you follow the guidance of that book you believe in? No! Did you follow HIS warning? No!! So, what’s the result you expect? By not following HIS guideline, by not following the warning of its maker you distorted the product, yourself.

See, when you get medicine from a doctor, it tells you to take the medicine before 30 minutes of a meal, that’s a guideline for the optimum benefit of the medicine, now what happens you take it with the meal? The medicine will not work properly as it supposed to work.

Being Muslim, you know your Creator gave you a book of guidance. It is the purest source of knowledge and serves as a manual for your life, containing warnings in it. How many times has Allah said that this is guidance for the Mu’min and guidance for the whole of humanity? And he did not stop there. He also said,

“This is the only guidance.” (Quran 2:120)

Did you follow the guidance? No! Did you follow HIS warning? No!! So, what’s the result you expect? By not following HIS guideline, by not following the warning of its maker you distorted the product, yourself.

So, that’s how simple it is. Instead of distortion in the case of a machine, I just called it “Corrupt minds” as in human beings, this distortion corrupts both the body and mind.

Here’s another analogy.

When you buy a television from Sony, what manual will you use to operate it? The Sony manual. Will you use “Zhang” television manual to operate your Sony television? Never, right? Now, why don’t you do that? Because Sony knows best about Sony products, not “Zhang”. And when Sony writes a manual, does it make sense that Sony does not know from beginning to end of its product?

Then Tell me,
The ONE who placed the SUN, MOON and EARTH in a balanced position which he positioned in 4.30 billion years of times, the same ONE did not know where human will go? Where the knowledge of human will reach? Where the technology of human will advance? So that you can DENY HIS guidelines by saying “this book is 1400 years old, not applicable for ‘modern’ times”?

Tell me,
Do Einstein, Newton, Kepler, Stephen Hawking know better than your Creator, the one who placed that Sun out there? Look at the stars at night, not to see it’s beauty only but to THINK the POWER and MIGHT of the ONE who placed those stars out there.  Who knows better, all scientists of the world combined or the Creator of those stars and creator of those scientists, the one who made their MOST complex brains?

Does any philosopher in the world or all the philosophers in the world combined know what’s better for your life? Do they know how you get peace in your life? Or does the one who made you – your Creator – know that better?

Do any psychologists or all the psychologists combined in the world know better about your mental functions than the one who MADE it, it’s Creator?

Then how come you’re running your life with the philosophy of someone other than your Creator? How come you guide your life by the guidelines of human beings leaving the guidelines of your Creator?

And you think you are a Muslim! 

You read a lot, right?

You read the best books in the world, best literature in the world, right? You watch the best movies in the world, the best classics in the world.

Did you not shape your personality, your ideas, your thoughts about life and humanity from the best minds in the world? Now, who are these people who shaped your mind? Are they the owners of this world? Or is that Allah? Did they create human beings, or did Allah? So where are you taking your lessons from?

The wrong sources!

So, my born Muslims brothers and sisters, whoever of you do not follow the do’s and don’ts that came from your creator (Quran and Sahih Hadith) then your brain processor has long back been polluted!

I just called it ‘Corrupt Minds’.

Do you want to have a glimpse of those? Let me reveal one such group.

Have you seen a Muslim humanitarian or social activist? Of course, there are many. They are born in a Muslim family. They call themselves Muslims, perform rituals like Eid, Ramadan, Qurbani with enthusiasm, Jumuah prayer and occasionally 5 daily prayers in the Masajid, they go for Hajj and even read Quran with understanding or without understanding. But unbelievably, when these Muslims think about human rights, peace, freedom of speech, empowerment, green earth, happiness, etc. they think that the philosophers they follow know better than the Creator of mankind. How vibrant an example of corrupt minds could there be other than this?

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