O My dear respected Scholars, why do you follow the ‘Ways of the Kuffar’ while you believe in Allah and His Rasul?

The ‘Ways of the Kuffar’

“I can quit”
“I am HIV smart”
“What’s your plan B?”

These are the method of the Kuffar masterminds to deal with the things that they realized are not good therefore, they want to save people and society from causing harm by those things.
They let their harmful projects and businesses such as tobacco industry run but then they come up with the program like “I Can Quit” to admonish or correct people. What a hypocrisy!
They let the alcohol industry run in full scale but then they will shoot a special hunting program to catch drink driving and campaign “What’s your plan B?”. Ah! What a falsehood!
They let their institutions and businesses of adultery run rampantly in the society and even in their upbringing of children but then they come up with programs like “I am HIV smart”, “World AIDS day”. Just hypocrisy at its worst.

You Follow the ‘Ways of the Kuffar’

Do I need to give more proof of the Kuffar’s hypocrisy and false methods of approaching and dealing with prohibitions?
And you claim yourself Muslim, following Allah’s method? But preaching people Islam, producing 1000s of lectures, videos just using the same Method of hypocrisy and falsehood of the Kuffar’s?
No! Rather you follow the Kuffars inch by inch. They let the instruments and machines run and invite people into the indulgence of their desires.
And you do the same by preaching and producing 1000s of lectures to ‘guide’ Muslims but you let the paths open for them which cause those harms in the first place.

Tell me,
Do you expect every Muslim to have Taqwa in a level that can ensure their Jannah?
Do you think every Muslim will have Taqwa in a level that they could save themselves from their desire?
Do you think every Muslim will have Taqwa in a level that they could save themselves from Haram?
Do you think every Muslim will have Taqwa in a level that they could save themselves from indulging into luxury and endless entertainment around them?
Yes, a few but not every Muslim can achieve that level.
Then what would happen to those who won’t have that Taqwa, they will be walking towards where, which destination? Jahannam?

Those who follow the ‘Ways of Allah and His Rasul’ strictly:

Then look at the Taliban (as an example).
They don’t need to preach people for wasting of time in TV, Games, Facebook, YouTube, Zina in Music, movies, riba, credit card, gambling, abandoning luxury, abandoning Haram that you preach day and night. Because they stopped tv, cinema and music, therefore, the industry of Zina has no window to access in the lives of their children.
They don’t have to cry out preaching people to “lower their gaze” and stopping Zina because they find no opposite sex to look at around shops, markets, workplaces but only as a shadow.
And you go making pamphlet and preach around half-naked women and the drunk to justify your living in the Kuffar land for Dawah, you hypocrite actually indulging in your own desire of comfort like the same attitude of the Kuffar.

They stopped alcohol, they stopped Zina, they stopped tobacco, and they stopped democracy.
They stopped Riba from their economy which engages people on these Haram industries to keep their shops open.
And you breathe in Riba because you think you are safe because Rasulullah sallillahu alaihi wa Sallam has predicted the dust of Riba as if he made it Halal for you. So you develop ‘Islamic’ banking which eventually feeds as the fuel to the Riba thus calling entire Ummah to Jahannam. So you develop ‘Islamic’ home loan that finally feeds the Kuffar’s Riba economy thus putting the Ummah in the path of Jahannam.

You have choosen Comfort offered by the Kuffar, they have choosen the ‘Ways’ prescribed by their RABB:

That is Islam which they follow. That is the method of Islam that they follow, eradicating the root cause.
And you stay following the Kuffar only because you cannot leave your comfort, because you cannot leave your modern way of living.
You cannot leave the comfort of fridges, freezer and micro oven, hot water tap and light in your fingertips, therefore, you keep indulging in them and keep the path of Jahannam so easy.

But they just stay out of these comfort and keep their path to Jannah easy. SubhanAllah!
So their naughty boys or girls, men or women who do not have much Taqwa but still they would remain out of Riba, Zina, Music, endless ocean of entertainment, sports and all those Haram as a built-in safety net environment that are placed around them which you and your children accumulate like mountains day in and day out.

Where do you think you set the destiny of your generations?

Have you ever thought where are you leading your grandchildren? Isn’t it so simple to understand by even a lower level of intellect that you would leave your generations in a built-in environment that would straight lead them to Jahannam? (May Allah protect them) So indulge in your desire of comfort and luxury. But, yes, you monstrous hypocrites can say “It’s the Qadr of Allah, we can only do our best”

And imagine the Taliban, where do you think they will leave their generations? And that will be their Qadr. SubhanAllah! Allah makes the path easy of whatever path you follow. You follow your desire so you set the Qadr of your children towards the express path to Jahannam (May Allah save them) and their (Taliban) actions set the Qadr of their children towards the path of Jannah. Only because you have choose the path of luxury and embraced whatever the Kuffar offered you, their ways, their schools, their universities, their degrees, their prestige leaving Jihad and they have choosen the path of Jihad leaving luxury and rejecting all that the Kuffar offered. May Allah make them steadfast. May Alllah give them vioctory and May Allah guide you!

Know your status, O ‘Muslim’ Scholars in Kuffar’s Mindset:

O My dear respected ‘Scholars’, shall I give you a worst falsehood and hypocrisy of you?
You cry out preaching that Muslims youth should not learn from FaceBook, YouTube, not from the Mufti Google rather go to a Ulema, sit under the feet of Ulema. SubhanAllah! what a falsehood and hypocrisy that you learned from the Kuffar and let it run into your blood.

Don’t you understand what you are saying is being practically happening in the area under Taliban?
They don’t have those things there in the first place, therefore, to learn Deen they have no other way but to sit under the feet of the scholars. And you keep those things open because you live in a technological world but you cry preaching people to follow that ‘primitive’ method of learning! Don’t you understand if hypocrisy had an arm it would have slapped onto your face to make you realize your falsehood, to show you that it is the Kuffar which sitting inside your mind?

You are but a ‘Muslim’ in Kuffar’s Mindset’ There’s no difference between you and a drunk who doesn’t understand the simple math of two plus two makes four.
May Allah guide you and me. May Allah make you and me fear Him, May Allah open your heart. May Allah save you and me from following the Kuffar’s ways. Ameen.


I don’t belong to Taliban nor I have any connection with them. And I don’t claim they do everything Islamic (as per my knowledge). But I wish I could live among them as they are the community today those who practice Islam away from the Kuffar’s environment. I wish I could place my children in that community in order to make their path easy towards Jannah.

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