O Muslims with KUFFAR’S Mindset, Know the PERFECT relation with your RABB, it is LOVE, HOPE and FEAR, not “God is Love”

O Muslims, why you take Kuffar as your teacher?

Know your perfect relation with Allah, your Rabb.
Correct your Kuffar’s mindset that “God is Love”.
It is the Kuffar’s distorted philosophy about ‘God’, which you are indoctrinated with, that “GOD IS LOVE”

Why don’t you read your Quran, that you believe your Rabb sent it to you?
See what Allah, your teacher taught you!
And He said, He is SEVERE in PUNISHMENT (Quran 2:165) and

Allah, Ta Baraka Wa Ta’ala, said, He DOESN’T LOVE:

Those who disbelieved in Him (the Kuffar) (Quran 3:32)
Those who cross the LIMITS He set. (Quran 2:190)
Those who are ungrateful (Quran 2:276)
Those who are UNJUST (3:57)
Those who are sinners (2:276)

Not only Allah, Al-A’ala, says He doesn’t love those but

Allah, Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala also says WHO and WHAT He HATES:

PRIDE shows by OPPRESSORS (Abu Dawud 2659, Hasan)
Obscene (Bulughul Maram 1545, Sahih)
The one who is quarrelsome (Bukhari 7188)
The one who has MUCH KNOWLEDGE in the affairs of the world but IGNORANT about the knowledge of Allah. (Ibne Hibban, Saheeh)
The one SHOUT at a marketplace.  (Ibne Hibban, Saheeh)
The one SLEEPS at night like a DEAD BODY and works during the day like a DONKEY  (Ibne Hibban, Saheeh)

So where you get your idea about Allah, Al-Hadi, saying “God’ is Love”? The only answer is when you take your lesson from the Kuffars, who do not have proper knowledge of Allah and who have distorted ideas about their ‘God’

Then Allah said to keep HOPE in Him,

And Allah said, “Pray to Him with FEAR and HOPE” (Quran 7:56)

And then He, Subhanahu wa Ta’ala, of course, said WHO ALLAH LOVES:

Those who OBEY MUHAMMAD Rasulullah sallillahu alaihi wa sallam! (Quran 3:31)
Those who FEAR Him (Quran 3:76)
Those who constantly repent to Allah (Quran 2:222)
Those who PURIFIES themselves (Quran 2:222)

May Allah guide you to know your deen and become Muslims.
May Allah guide me and strong me on Deen. Ameen.

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