O Muslims, how is it possible that you breathe in such a SICK ENVIRONMENT set by the Kuffar?

Bislmillah. Al Hamdulillah. As Salatu wa as salamu ala RasulAllah!

My Muslim brothers and Sisters, this is very important for what I am going to write today. So, pay your utmost attention. If you are aged 10 or 28 or whatever, this is your story.

I have to make a point here. For you to understand that point I will use an analogy. This analogy could be a true fact for someone’s life. If this happens in your case, please do not feel overwhelmed by this rather take the lesson for your life and for the life of your peers. For others, take the analogy as close as possible to a personal level. Remember, FIRSTLY, Islam is about believing in the unseen, (Quran 2.3, 67.12) which is imagination, so imagine it as close as possible to understand the meaning of the point I am going to make.

Well now, let me tell you a story. Say, you have a loving father, you love him so much, you admire him so much, and you honour him so much. Why? Because he spent his life caring for you. He sacrificed his time, his hobby, his passion, his career for you so that you become a passionate person, so that you become a person you deserve to be. He is a father that did things for his child that a father can do best in the world. Most importantly he made you a friend of his. You watched how he spent time with you, playing with you just to make you laugh.

And if you are a sensitive person, you know how much your loving father has been extra careful towards respecting your personality. So all these make you love him and respect him and hold high esteem about him.

Suddenly you came to know, this father of yours had another married life. He has a son like you in another family. Let’s name him “XIN”. You never knew this has happened. But life is so complex that for some reason this could even happen to a good person. So your father is not really a cheater to you or to your mother, but this somehow happened in his life for an unavoidable cause. Therefore, you have no feelings of hatred or anger towards your father and your mother too does not blame him for this either. Things are easy with you and your family.

But now, the boy XIN, never had his father with him. He has no idea what it’s like to have a father nor does he know the feeling of being loved and cared for by a father. He missed out on everything that you received. Therefore, the feeling he has towards his and your father is disgust, anger and hatred. He too has a father, but at the wrong time, the wrong place and the wrong person. Clearly, the mental environment he’s in is completely opposite to what you have. Now you can be sympathetic towards this boy realistically, there is no wrong with that. He has all the reasons to dislike, disgust and hate your father.

Imagine somehow, this boy XIN brought to your life and in your family. You all accepted him being sympathetic. Being loving to your father, you also going too far compensating this boy on behalf of your father.

Now, if your father gives an order to you and to XIN, things happened differently, right? You follow the command but he denies to follow it. If your father likes something to do by both of you, things happened differently, isn’t it? He does the opposite. If your father wishes something regarding you both, that happens totally differently as well, isn’t it? He does not care what the wish of your father is. If there is a discussion about your father in front of both of you, things happen differently, true? He does not want to hear about him or he withdraws himself from the discussion.

Now, look at his response overall towards your father, you will see he has a “sick” mental condition about your father. Would you do the same thing to your father? Will you have the same sick mental condition to your father like he does? Maybe he has a reason to do that way, maybe still you be sympathetic about his cause but the question is, will you hold the same disgust, dislikes and same hatred towards your father and overall, will you and carry live in the same sick mental environment about your father that XIN has? Never ever, right? This is the point that I wanted to make. If you really understood this point the rest would be easy!

Now, put this analogy in your life that your Creator, Allah, the most High, blessed you with. Are you not the one who loves Allah? Are you not the one who took Allah as your Rabb? Are you not the one who took Allah as your guide for your life?

But the world around you that you live in today does not belong to your Rabb, Allah, that you love, the world around you does not rule by the command of your Allah, the Legislator, the world you live in does not run by the system set by your Rabb, Allah.

Who they run by? Who they rule by? By those, who do not know about Allah or does not recognize Allah. Even they believe in a ‘God’ but they believe in a “twisted God” which does not have anything to do with your absolute pure Allah. They say filth about your Rabb that he has got a son. Aujubillah.

Now, go back to that analogy, when you love your father, when it comes to the affairs regarding your loving father, you don’t want to live by the sick mental environment of your stepbrother. Then how can you live by the environment of those sick people who set your daily life today?

My brother, my sister, you pray five times today, right? Then you must be the one who loves Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala. Then let me give you few specific examples here which you are doing because today you are living in the environment set by the sick people who do not recognize Allah or does not have knowledge about their Creator or believe in a “twisted god”, you are engaged in the environment set by them.

The music you listen today (Sahih Bukhari 5590, Volume 7, Book 69, Number 494: Narrated Abu ‘Amir or Abu Malik Al-Ash’ari:

that he heard the Prophet saying, “From among my followers there will be some people who will consider illegal sexual intercourse, the wearing of silk, the drinking of alcoholic drinks and the use of musical instruments, as lawful.)

the cigarette you have today (www.alifta.com, Fatwa No. 16484)

the fighting video games you play today, the dirty political talks you engaged in, the wasting of your time in indulging in endless entertainment and sports (Quran 74:42, 45)

the look to the opposite sex (Quran 24:30-31, 33:32) you had today,

which became so normal to you today, do any of these things have to do with the system of your loving Allah or these are the sick environment set by those who do not love your Rabb, those who do not have any knowledge about Allah Subhanahu, those who do not recognize their Creator, those who have a twisted concept about your Rabb? Then how do you live in the sick environment set by them, O my brother, my sister?

When you don’t take the sick mental environment of your stepbrother XIN about your loving father, then how can you live by the sick environment of those who have a sick mental environment about your loving Allah?

If you are not the one falling under this category (and I certainly hope you are not) there must be someone you know falls in this category. Be it your brothers, sisters, cousins, friends, nieces, nephews, relatives, whoever you know, please pass this message to that person and save him from living by the environment made by those have no knowledge of his loving Allah. May Allah guide all Muslims. Ameen.

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