O Muslim, Know Your STATUS that your ‘Saheeh Ulema’ never teaches you!

Bismillah! Al Hamdulillah!

Know Your Status:

You are a Muslim.
You are a Muslim of today.
You are doing Islam as per today’s society.
You are doing Islam as according to today’s practice.
Did you notice how I just labelled you as a ‘Muslim of TODAY’?
That’s because you are not like a Muslim who was born 100 years back.
Do you know the difference between you and the one who was born just 100 years before?

But before you think about that let me ask you,
Would you accept if I say that a Muslim could be different in different times?
Are you convinced of the fact that a Muslim could be different in respect of the era he lives in?
I mean, do you think Islam could be different in times?
Do you really get that?
More clearly, do you think Islamic rules, regulations, Islamic ways could be changed for a Muslim according to the time he lives in?
If your answer is yes, you don’t need to read it anymore, respectfully speaking.
If your answer is no, then let me tell you this,

As you were born within last 100 years, your fate, your Islam is different than those who were born before that time.
Since your birth, you were put in a situation which no Muslim has ever born until 100 years before.
But the irony of the fact is that you are totally unaware of this.
You are in a state of total ignorance of the fact that you are not the same Muslim as those were before you.
So, what is that which made your situation different than those before you?
To make you understand your status let me take you through few basic premises and situations.

Premise 1: Abandoned thing:

When something has no use to you, what’s the status of that thing?
It is abandoned.
Another way of describing it is:
What do you call a thing which doesn’t have any use to you?
You call it an ‘abandoned’ thing.

Premise 2: No right, No Authority:

Do you call something your’s when you don’t have a right over it?
Do you call something belong to you when you don’t have the authority over it?
You don’t.

Premise 3: Who do you regard as an Authority:

Who do you consider as an authority?
The one who set regulations for you.
The one who is capable to implement that regulations on you.
And then, the one who holds the power to punish you when you do not follow the regulation, right?
Do you hold any respect for an authority when it doesn’t possess the power to punish you?
No! For sure, you don’t care about such an authority.
When your authority itself doesn’t have the authority, do you regard it as an authority anymore?
No way! You don’t have a least regard to such an authority.

Situation 1: Your house is occupied:

You have been a worker in a huge palace/mansion which belong to a rich man.
Suddenly you came to know this mansion belonged to your father.
These people, who are occupying the palace, are the killers of your father.
You found out that you are the real owner of the palace.
The palace is yours but you have no authority over it.
The palace belongs to you but you have no control over it.
Think of your situation now.
Won’t this shake you, overwhelmed you?
Think, how that will change your entire mindset knowing your right had been taken away?
Think, how that will change your entire life knowing your authority had been taken away?

Situation 2: Your country is occupied:

You born in a country which is occupied.
Since your childhood you knew your land has been occupied. For example, a Kashmiri or a Palestinian.
How was a Palestinian child raised?
Have you ever asked a Palestinian, how was his childhood?
Have you ever asked a Palestinian how was his adulthood knowing his country was occupied?
But don’t ask a coward who fled and took refuge in a safer place.
Ask the ones who faced it, took it head on and confronted it.
This issue is in the center of their life.
They do everything that you do in a daily life.
But their days go by facing their miserable condition.
Their nights go by the thoughts of their occupied situation.
They smile with their family and but their heart burns inside.
They smile with their friends, relatives and neighbors but their mind is shackled around it.
The land belong to them but they have no control over it.
The land is there’s but they have no authority over it.
In their Madrasa, in their schools they talk about this.
In their offices they discuss about this.
In their businesses they raise this issue.
In their wedding they bring this issue.
In their funeral they converse this issue.
Ask a Palestinian, you would know about it.
This is the center issue in their life.
Whatever they might do but their life go around it.
There’s a pain pinned in their heart.
Now, having those premises and scenarios in mind, let’s discuss the main topic here.
Understanding your situation.
Understanding your status as Muslim.
let’s turn to the Quran. It is the Kalamulluah which will tell you your situation.

A Guideline which is abandoned:

Do you think that Quran is your guideline?
Is the Quran a guideline for your life and for your affairs?
Do you believe in this, really?
Then, you have a guideline which has no use to you and you know it.
Remember the premise, what do you call something which has no use to you?
You call that an abandoned thing.
Do you realise that?
Did you ever think of it?
Did you ever realise that inherently you have abandoned the Quran?
Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Raji’un.

By born, without realising, you are in a situation where the Quran has been abandoned by your forefathers, (whoever applicable to)
By born, without knowing, you are in a situation where the Quran has been abandoned by the ‘Saheeh Ulema’ (whoever applicable to) of your forefathers.
La Hawla Wa La Quwata Illa Billah!
Without having done anything by yourself you have got a burden on your shoulder, my brother.
You will be labelled as the one who abandoned the Quran. Nujubillah.

Your Rasul, Salla Allahu Alaihi Wa Sallam, will complain against you, “O my Rabb, this is my Ummah who has abandoned this Quran” (Al-Quranul Hakeem 25:30)

وَقَالَ الرَّسُولُ يَا رَبِّ إِنَّ قَوْمِي اتَّخَذُوا هَٰذَا الْقُرْآنَ مَهْجُورًا

Know the difference being a Refugee:

Imagine again,
You had born 100 years back.
And you submitted to Allah.
There’s no Kufr, no Shirk or no filth in the society that the Kuffar have pulled you into yet.
So you are doing Ebadah like a regular Muslim needs to do.
You just needed to have a personal good character and a regular Ebadah, your path was Jannah, Bi Iznillah.

But today?
Do you live the same life when somebody occupy your own house?
Does your life remain same when somebody evict you from your own house?
You did the personal Ebadah 100 years ago when you were under the authority of the Quran and that was enough for your way to Jannah, Bi Iznillah.
You did the personal Ebadah 100 years ago when the Quran was your authority and the Quran made you authority over your life.
Today, you are doing the same personal Ebadah when you were evicted from your own authority?
Today, you are doing the same personal Ebadah when somebody snatched the authority from you?
Do you think only doing those Ebadah will be enough for your way to Jannah?
Do you know how many layers of Kufr and Shirk has been wrapped around your life with only because your forefathers (whoever applicable to) let the Kuffar replace the authority of the Quran over you?
Do you think only knowledge of Haram and Halal in food will save you from being among the Mushikun? (whoever applicable to)
Do you have any idea how you were born in a status of committing default Shirk by obeying the authorities other than Allah’s authority? (whoever applicable to)
Do you have any idea how did your ‘Saheeh Ulema’ confirmed your default Shirk today? (whoever applicable to)
And finally, have you ever thought of this inherent burden on you?

Can you now use the Quran verse, “La Yukallifullaha Nafsan Illa Uwsa’aha” (Al-Quran 2:285) to relieve yourself from the burden?
Try it.
Or let your ‘Saheh Ulema’, who made you to blindly follow them, try it for you.
But meanwhile bear in mind that this is your status.
You have abandoned the Quran.
Bear in mind that this is your status.
By obeying an Authority other than Allah’s Authority, you are taking them as your ILAHA, which only deserve by Allah. (whoever applicable to)

Know your situation:

Do you dare to die with this burden on your shoulder, my brother?
What would you answer to your Rabb if He, the Reckoner, will question you,
“What did you do, o my slave, to revive the Quran?
“What did you do to establish and implement the guidelines I gave you?”

And then my brothers, I ask you to contemplate on this Tasbeah that you recite 100 times a day.
“La Ilaha Illa Allah.
La Sharikalahu
Lahul Mulk
Wa lahul Hamd
Wa Hua A’ala kulli Shaiyeen Qadeer.”

Lahul Mulk
The Mulk, the land, the earth belongs to Him, Allah, Al-Malik, The Owner, Al-Warith, The Inheritor.

Let me now bring an analogy again.
Your father owned a land and he made you Warith (inheritor) of that land. Meaning, you are the new owner of the land now.
Then what happens if you lost the possession of the land?
Does the land belong to your father any more?
No! You lost the land means your father lost the land too!
Or take the words as it is, The ‘Khalifah’. Meaning, the assigned owner, the authorised owner.
‘Khilafhatul Ardh’ means you are authorised to represent the ownership of the land.
If you lost the authority of the land doesn’t it mean that the original owner also lost the ownership of the land!

The earth belong to your RABB.
And He made YOU the authority of the earth.
But your authority has been snatched away.
Allah is the owner of this land.
And Authority of the land belongs to Him.
And He made YOU the authority (Khalifah) of the land.
But you given away the authority to the Kuffar.
Your authority of the land has been snatched away.

Neither the land belong to you nor it belongs to your RABB anymore!
You made your RABB losing the ownership of His land.
Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajiun.
That’s your status, O Muslim of TODAY.

An authority itself doesn’t have an authority

Who is your authority?
Allah, Al-Azeem.
Did your authority give you a guideline, the Quran to obey?
Is it the Quran which should govern your life?
Is it the Quran which should control your life?
Then is it the Quran that holds the authority of your life?

But does Al-Quran itself has its authority?
How does it establishes its own authority?
By implementing its orders.
So, do you have a land on which Al-Quran establishes its authority?
Is there a land which is govern by the law of the Quran?

This Quran is yours but you possess no authority to use this Quran.
Your authority is taken away from your own possession, from your own belonging.
You don’t have a place where you find this Quran is used as an authority.
You have no place, no land, no authority.
Your authority itself doesn’t have its own authority.
O Muslim, this is your status.

Neither Quran holds an authority over you nor you have the right over it.
Neither Quran belongs to you nor you belong to the Quran.
When the Quran cannot have authority over you, you don’t belong to the Quran.
When the Quran doesn’t have its right over you, you’re not of the Quran, you don’t belong to the Quran.
That’s your status, O Muslim of TODAY.

So, go O Muslim.
Go you, have fun!
Get a degree in Shariah!
Study under dozens of ‘Saheeh Ulema’!
Hang a title before your name as ‘Mufti’ or ‘Sheikh’.
Produce thousands of lectures and make millions of followers.
Then go sky diving, deep ocean diving and share the photos to your fans.
Take your children to Disney land or a Marathon
Look for Halal McDonalds!
and then just wait for the day!
May Allah guide you before that day!

What Islam are you doing, O Muslim?

How does your life go when when your house and wealth are occupied by someone else?
How does your life go when your land doesn’t belong to you?
Then how do you go with your Islam when your authority, the Quran itself lost its authority?
What Islam are you doing when the Quran has no use to you?

Have your parents ever taught you this situation you are into?
Have your ‘Saheeh Ulema’ those who made you to blindly follow them ever made you aware of the situation of your’s?
Has the ‘Islamic’ University you went through install any urge in you for longing for your freedom from this situation?
Has the ‘Shariah Course’ that you passed through in a ‘Islamic’ institution ever made you feel that you are lost?
Have the series of lectures that your ‘Saheeh Ulema’ put for your entertainment ever mentioned the fact that you are going to face the accusation from your Rasul, Salla Allahu Alaihi Wa Sallam?
What Islam are you doing, O Muslim?

Allah’s punishment is on the land:

But your RABB is ‘Wa Hua A’ala kulli Shaiyeen Qadeer’.
He is Al-Jabbar, The Compeller, The Restorer, He has the power to take it back anytime He wants.
But He wants you to get it back by yourself.
He is Al Baseer, He is watching who among you are doing his part.
He is Al-Maalik, He is testing who among you is best in his responsibility.
He is Al-Haseeb, He is testing you who among you can live by the dignity He offered you.
And know that He is also Shadidul Ajab, severe in punishment.
May Allah save you and me from His punishment.

What are you thinking now?

You want to make the Quran as your authority again?
You want to live under the authority of the Quran again?
So, now, you want to revive the Quran?

But you can’t do it.
(Except Allah wills.)
Your few brothers here and there tried it but failed.
Do you know why?
To know that you have to understand your condition.

So, what’s your condition?

You became one of them.
The Kuffar has been humiliating you in every corner of the earth in physical warfare.
And then, the enemy has shaped your mind through their philosophical warfare,
Therefore, you sheep-head think the same way the Kuffar think.
The enemy made you one of them through their cultural warfare.
Therefore, your life style, your ‘Words of Mouth’ has no difference than a Kafir.
The enemy has pulled you into a life style of entertainment and luxury.
Therefore, you look for ‘Halal’ in the McDonalds and what not to indulge in the luxury as the way Kuffar’s do!
And then, you rubbish are waiting for Imam Mahdi.

But you can become a Muslim:

Yes, you can do that.
Yes, you can live by your dignity to your Rabb.
Yes, You can choose to be otherwise.
Yes, you can choose to live like a Muslim!

Your Rabb gave you a stomach, so you make time to feed it.
Your Rabb asked you to search for Rizk, so you go to work for that much to feed your stomach.
You Rabb made your body and mind to be exhausted, so you take time for a nap, take rest and go to sleep.
Your Creator gave you a digestive system, so you get time to discharge your waste.
Your Rabb gave you organs to bind you in a family, therefore, spend some good times with your family.
Your Rabb instructed you to save your family from Jahannam, so guide them to the path of Jannah.
Your Rabb instructed you to go to a Masjid to pray, so make time to pray with your brothers.
And your Rabb asked you to maintain a tie with your parents and relatives, so use some of your time for that.
And then the rest of your time you think of your burden.
You will eat because you have to, but your mind will be clogged with the burden you have got over your shoulder.
You will walk because you have to go to work or, shopping but your mind will be engrossed with the thoughts of the humiliation you were put into.
You will sleep because you have to but you will make plans how to relieve yourself from the burden.
This should be your life, this should be your Islam, this should be a Muslim of today!
And then your Rabb might have a mercy on you and He might show you a dream as to how to seek a way out.

You can shed blood or you can shed tears!

O people, O Muslims, Quran has been snatched away from you.
What you are holding in your hand is merely a paper.
So whoever of you are Muslim because your ‘Saheeh Ulema’ made you Muslim then go and keep following your ‘Saheeh Ulema’
But whoever of you are Muslim because the Quran made you Muslim, you go, find a ocean and sit besides it and squeeze out the blood from your body and through that in the ocean so you won’t have any blood left in your body to shed for your Rabb, Allah, Al-Qadeer, the All-Able.

And Allah knows best.
May Allah guide you and me, O Muslim!
May Allah guide me and you, O ‘Saheeh Ulema’!

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