O ‘Muslim’, how the Islam you are doing would benefit you when you believe in Allah with OTHER ILAHA?

A Simple MATH:

When you work in an Organisation, they give you a job description, right?
> Yes.

Is following those job descriptions is what deemed as working for the Org?
> Yes.

Why Allah created us?
> To worship Him.

But then did He give us commands to follow?
> Yes.

Is following those Commands deemed as worshipping Allah?
> Yes.

Did Allah give you laws for life to obey?
> Yes.

Are following Allah’s law is worshipping Allah, The Sovereign?
> Yes.

Then isn’t following other’s law (instead of Allah’s law) means worshipping those authorities?
> Seems so.

And when you worship others, what deserves by Allah, Ar-Rabb ONLY, what is that action called?

> You made someone equal to the position of Allah, Al-Ilaha.

And what is that called?
> An act of SHIRK.

And the one who does the act, what is he be called?

It’s a Simple math.

Allah, Al-Khaliq, The Creator, created you to worship, that’s the purpose of your life.
Then all the things He commanded you to do, meaning following those commands is worshipping Him. Then obeying His law is also means worshipping Him.

Therefore when you obey Law from others (man-made law) that means you worship those who made the law.
Thus when Dr Kamal Hossain has written the constitution of Bangladesh while many of the laws are against Allah’s law, he became an ILAHA (‘God’) or when Sheikh Mujibur Rahman commanded him to produce that constitution he, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Bangabandhu, became an ILAHA (‘God’).

And then when police enforcing those laws they become the ILAHA. Thus when a Judge or a Lawyer implements those laws he becomes an ILAHA.

In Quranic language, these ILAHA are called TAGHUT. (Quran 4:60). They put themselves equal to Allah.
And when you obey their LAW where they made the law against Allah’s law, you make them your ILAHA (‘God’).
And that’s what makes you MUSHRIK, O ‘Muslim’.

Thus when you go for a vote, you elect an ILAHA who will participate in the making of a LAW that goes against the law of Allah, the Only Lawgiver, you put yourself in an act of SHIRK.

And thus when you support and associate with all those ILAHA in the process of enacting, approving, executing those laws you put yourself in associating with OTHER ILAHA, you become a Mushrik.

And you know that Islam is all about REJECTING all other ILAHA before you come to Allah, which you say by proclaiming ‘LA ILAHA ILLA (except) Allah!’
So, think! How the Islam you are doing would benefit you when you believe in Allah with OTHER ILAHA?

And Allah knows best. May Allah Subhanahu aa Ta’ala save Muslims from those ILAHA. May Allah gave you understanding Ameen.

And your Rabb warned you clearly,
“Most of the people believe in Allah but with shirk” (Al-Quran 12:106)
“And he (shaitan) had already led astray from among you much of creation, so did you not use reason?” (Al-Quran 36:62)

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