O ‘Muslim’, are you voting because, you’re choosing a ‘Lesser Evil’? You’re actually choosing Dunya over Akhirah by engaging in SHIRK, leaving Tawheed!

Al-Quran 12:105.
And most of them believe not in Allah except while they associate others with Him.

Bismillah! Al-Hamdulillah!
Wa AsSalatu AsSalamu Aa-la Rasulillah!

1. A Simple Math

What is democracy?
The authority of the land belongs to its people. People are sovereign. People are the authority of themselves.
In a democracy, it is the people who are sovereign of the state as they say, “By the people, for the people, of the people”
Then, people choose a few representatives among themselves to exercise that authority, and then those representatives also make laws and guidelines for them.
But who is sovereign actually?
Allah, the owner of everything, owner of every land.
And to Allah belongs the Sovereignty of the heavens and the earth, and Allah is over all things competent.
(Al-Quran 3:189)
Who does the law belong to?
Allah, Al-Malik, the owner.
The LAW only belongs to Allah
(Al-Quran 6:57)
Who doesn’t share his legislation with anyone?
Allah! Al-Ahad, the only One.
He to whom belongs the Sovereignty of the heavens and the earth and who has not taken a son and has not had a partner in Sovereignty and has created each thing and determined it with [precise] determination.
(Al-Quran 25:2)
Therefore, already the concept of democracy by definition itself is out of Islam. and you are part of that democracy.
So you are out of Islam.
It’s simple math.
Let’s put it in a simple way that a 13-year-old could understand, In Shaa Allah.
Just a little fantasy, say, the entire world is now Muslim, there’s nothing called ‘land of Kufr’, there’s no Kafir exists, all of the humans became Muslim.
Then the best among the best of the Muslims get together, 500 of them in an assembly or parliament to make legislation for people. Yes, that’s Khilafah. They take the law from Allah’s book.
But then one day 251 parliamentarians, the majority among those 500 Muslim Scholars, came to an understanding that the punishment for cutting hand is too harsh for stealing, that was meant for the time of barbaric people, now it is an ultra-modern sophisticated human being, you just cannot do that with the people of this age. So they abolished the law.
Tell me now, didn’t they overwrite the law of Allah?
Would that Khilafah be called an Islamic State or it would be called a Taghut?
Are those Muslim legislators then would remain in Islam or in Kufr?
Now, come to the reality from the fantasy world.
You are living in a so-called ‘Muslim’ world.
All of the parliamentarians are ‘Muslim’.
But they judge by the law made by men.
Do you think they are in Tawheed or in Shirk?

‘Choosing lesser evil’, ‘Islam means Balance’!

Al-Quranul Hakeem 79:37-39
“So as for he who transgressed, And preferred the life of the world, Then indeed, Hellfire will be [his] refuge.”

Now, come to a land where you are a minority Muslim. You get the fatwa that to ‘prevent greater evil’ you have to act on to ‘choose the lesser evil’. To prevent a candidate who is an Islam-hater, who will crush Muslims if he is elected, who won’t let any new Masjid establish, who will ban Hijab, etc. Therefore, you MUST choose the ‘lesser evil’, who is gentle and won’t harm Muslims.
Now, think of it from out of the sphere.
Surely, if an Islam hater candidate wins he will make your life miserable but choosing or engaging in choosing lesser evil will ensure your Shirk, your Kufr, your Jahannam because that lesser evil will anyways make laws against Allah’s law.
So, ask yourself, what will you choose?
Choosing to be safe in Dunya and confirming Jahannam?
or Face Dunya and do not mess up your way towards Jannah?
When you choose lesser evil you are setting MEN as equal to your Rabb, you are taking MEN as your legislator, as your RABB.
It will do one thing surely, get you into the fire.
So, why do you choose a lesser evil?
For what benefit, when it only confirms Jahannam for you?
Let’s take the ‘lesser evil’ scenario more closely.
The ‘lesser evil’ you choose, is a good human being. He does not restrict you from going to Masjid, not prevent you from establishing a new Masjid, does not prevent you from your religious rights, doesn’t ban the hijab. All are good, Al Hamdulillah. But this ‘lesser evil’, think about more widely, say, all the 300 people are the best human being, they never will do anything that harms Muslim but what they do is, making the law of same-sex marriage, does it not go against the command of your Rabb?
If it does, then what’s your involvement in it?
You are a part of the process that enables few MEN to make a law that goes against the law, rules of your Rabb.
If it is not Shirk, then what do you know about shaitan?
If it is not Kufr, then I will ask you, even if you have completed 10 years of Shariah course under dozens of scholars, and got ‘Ijaza’, just give yourself a favor, learn about shaitan and learn how he confirms Jahannam for most of the ‘sons of Adam aws’
Let me put it another way.
What the Kuffar community does?
Do they not also choose the better candidate?
So what is the difference, finally, with you, being a Muslim to a Kafir?
Then, finally, let’s put it another way.
What if greater evil finally won as happened with Donald Trump.
Now, think, what do those Muslims fall into by engaging in voting for choosing for ‘lesser evil’?
Nothing they have achieved but engaged and endorsed the system that sets equal with their Rabb.
You actually choose Dunya over Akhirah when you choose Democracy over Jihad as a process of establishing the Khilafah.
That means engagement with Shirk and Shirk means nothing but fire.
And Allah knows best.
May Allah Tabaraka Ta’ala guide you O Muslim.
May Allah, Al-Fattah open your heart to Tawheed.
May Allah cure your blindness and save you from blindly following those ‘Ulema’, ‘those who call you from the gate of Jahannam’
May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala save you and me from Shirk.
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