My Journey – From the state of fogginess towards the path of daylight

From the Questions:
“What if I had born in a ‘Catholic’ family or ‘Protestant’ family or a Hindu or a Buddhist family
or in another sect of Islam or in a family
or in a community of ‘grave worshipers’ or ‘Idol worshipers’ or ‘Fire worshipers’ or ‘nature worshipers’
or any other religious or non-religious family or community?”

“Had I then followed my forefathers and followed the scholars of that sect?”
“Haven’t their scholars also studied their ‘Deen’ for their entire life?”
“Haven’t their religion is also based on 1000 years of scholarships by devoted worshipers?”
“How would I have then found the TRUE GUIDELINE from my CREATOR?”
“Did HE make any arrangement for all the humanity born in all these different groups as to how to get ONE TRUE GUIDELINE from HIM?”

From those questions to the answer, “IF you are a believer what are your BRAINS created for?”

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