My Journey – From the Questions of an ignorant towards the light of the CERTAIN knowledge

From questions after questions:

“Why ‘God’ did not make only ONE religion?”
“Why there are sects in every religion?”
“Why all religious scholars in each sect, each of them study their religion for 20/40 years, yet they don’t find the correct religion?”
“Is ‘God unjust’, why HE put billions of human in the wrong religion, did HE create them for Hellfire?”
“How they will get the truth?”
“What’s wrong with the human being?”
“Why ‘God’ created evil?”

From all these questions to the ONE answer given by that SUPREME RABB, MOST JUST ONE,
“EGO, the root of all evils” (Pride, possessiveness, Overpowering others, Feelings of Inferiority and superiority,
Feelings of Insult (even innocent advice from others sometimes feels like an insult to the intellect), etc. all these are a different form of EGO that are the causes of human destruction)
and among the other reasons, indulging into the ocean of entertainment
thus being unmindful and eventually being unaware and ungrateful for the blessing of life, are the answers that I embarked on.

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