Muslims were taken OUT of ISLAM long back

Muslims today, surrounded by the Kuffar, overtaken by the Kuffar and humiliated by the Kuffar, not only on the lands but in the minds. They gave Muslims a system of life and Muslims embraced that wholeheartedly.

The Kuffar, after they finished their armed crusades and established their foothold on the Muslim lands they started new frontiers of crusades, the school systems, a plot to impact, slowly but permanently, a psychological shift on the Muslim minds.

Yes, after 200 years of introducing and embracing their school systems, this is the result today. In the first wave, Muslims were washed away from the Khilafah (the greatest dam which was supposed to protect the Muslims) And then the following waves became easier, which put Muslims in the multi-layer of waves of Shirk.

The example of this is, as if Allah, the Creator of mankind, created men as birds to live in the air, but the Kuffar turned the air into the water of the ocean and pulled the bird into the ocean and shaped it like a fish to live in that ocean. And in 200 years times after introducing their school systems they were able to pull down Muslims from the air into that ocean.

Therefore, Muslims today, at large, instead of coming out from the filthy water of the ocean to the air, they customize Islam with the systems of the Kuffar’s, and each of those scholars gives thousands of lectures and produces thousands of videos to bring Ummah to the ‘straight path’ as if they try to extract oxygen from the water in order to make the bird livable in the ocean thus relentlessly customizing Islam according to the Kuffar’s system and that’s how they made the entire Ummah live in an environment of Shirk and Kufr.

They choose a life of ease, a version of Islam within their comfort zone and shaitan gives them logic.
May Allah guide Muslims

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