Muslims were taken out of Islam long back – Know the Kuffar’s PLOT – Changing the ‘POSITION’ of Muslim Women

Al Hamdulillah!
Wa AsSalatu AsSalamu A’ala Rasulillah!

The audience:

O ‘Muslim’,
O moderate ‘Muslim’,
O modern ‘Muslim’,
O secular ‘Muslim’,

O ‘Muslims’ those who embraced Kuffar’s philosophy and live by it,
O ‘Muslims’, those who do Islam by only whatever is acceptable by the Kuffar,
O ‘Muslims’, those who do Islam by the standard set by the Kuffar,
O ‘Muslims’, those who took United Nations as your Rabb and live by the standard of ‘humanity’, ‘freedom of speech’, ‘human rights’, ‘women rights’ set by it.
O ‘Muslims’, those who then judge and stand against the Muslims who took only Allah as their Rabb, who follow the standard set by Allah and His Rasul, Salla Allah alaihi wa Sallam.
This is for you.

So that you know why and how you became a product of the manufacturing plant set by the Kuffar and therefore you became ‘one of them’ (by following their ‘Ways of Life’) though you think yourself a Muslim. And Allah knows best. May Allah save us from being among the Kafirun.

Know the Culprits, the Master Minds, the Cancer of the World, the British:

And here is the example of one of the Muslim countries, Egypt, though the Kuffar has implemented the same plot all over the Muslim worlds wherever they colonized. Therefore, let’s revisit the British colonization of Egypt to understand the imperial project in the Muslim world.

Everlyn Baring, better known as Lord Cromer, was the British Proconsul-General in occupied Egypt between 1877 and 1907. He wrote about his tenure in his book “Modern Egypt” (1916). Here are some conclusions from his book:

1. ‘The West will not tolerate an Islamic government’.

On page 565, he said that it would be “absurd” to assume that Europe would tolerate a “government based on purely Mohammedan principles and obsolete Oriental ideas.”

Do you have any problem understanding their attitude towards Islamic ‘principles’ (which is Islamic Shariah)? Does it not look clear to you their stand against Islamic legislation, the Islamic government, and the Islamic State at least for the last 100 years?
And what is that time? When they already campaigned crusade after crusade against Islam, when they conquered the Muslim lands all over the world.
That reign over Muslims should have been enough to be joyous but even occupation didn’t satisfy these hyenas, they wanted to destroy Islam.

But O Muslim, note here, the wordings of the Kuffar mastermind; he used ‘Mohammedan’. They never used ‘Islam’ as the name of our Deen but rather used the name ‘Mohammedan’ in order to present a distorted picture of Islam to their people that it is originated from a man so that they can deny the fact of Islam is a DIVINE religion based on revelation. And that’s just only one of their evil aspects which the Vatican has confessed in 1971. (Ref: The Bible, The Quran and the Science by Maurice Buccailli, Page ii-iii)

2. ‘Muslims must be forced to adopt the principles of Western Civilization’.

On page 538, he said that Egypt had to be “forced into imbibing the true spirit of Western civilization.”

So, what is the western ‘spirit’? And how did they force western ‘spirit’ (principles) on Muslims?
You know it because you already accepted those ‘spirits’, don’t you? But what is important to know is, how did they do it? How did they ‘force’ it on Muslims?
Simply by shaping the MINDS of the Muslims.
And then how did they shape the minds of the Muslims?
Let’s hear from them straightforward.

3. ‘Westernization must be introduced under the guise of women’s rights’.

Cromer says that the “position of women” in Muslim countries was a “fatal obstacle” in the introduction of colonial values. (page 539)

Did you get it? Did you understand how they westernized you?
By changing the ‘position’ of women in Islam.

So, what’s the ‘Position’ of Women in Islam?

It is simply obedience to the husband (Al-Quran 4:34), because he is the one whom Allah made ‘shepherd’ (leader) over her (Saheeh Muslim 1829). And how can a shepherd maintain a flock of sheep? Only when ‘sheep’ remain obedient.

And how do you understand what is the meaning of obedience?
(1) A woman goes out without the permission of her husband, she is cursed by Allah and His Malaikah. (Musnad Ahmad (2/134) No. 6180)
Did you get it? Did you realize it?
And then do you understand how far Kuffar has set our mind in Kufr that let alone a woman but how hard it is even for a Muslim man today to accept it?
La Hawla wa la quwata illa Billah.

The Kuffar was so much success in implementing their evil that a Muslim even think that these Quran verses about women must have been an insertion, Inna Lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un.

(2) And then he is the one called ‘DAYOOTH’ for whom ‘Jannah is made Haram’ (Saheeh Al-Jaami’ As-Sagheer 3/74, hadith no. 3066) (when it doesn’t bother him who (non-mahram) his womenfolk visits.
Did you now see, a woman in your home, your wife, sister, and daughter simply causing your Jannah Haram, only because the Kuffar were able to accomplish what they plotted?

Can you visualize a Muslim woman just 40 years back?

Do you recall, just only 40 years ago, your mother anywhere in the Muslim land wore a Burqah, and yet she used to cover the rickshaw/transport while she traveled even just one kilometer away to her parent’s house?
And when a friend of your father who used to visit your home frequently, to that much close family friend even she used to throw her voice from the other side of the wall/ from the next room, saying, ‘he is not at home’ (উনি বাড়ীতে নাই).
She never used to come out to greet or talk even wearing a Burqah to any non-Maharam even though he is a family friend.

That was a Muslim woman just only 40 years back and you saw this in your very own eyes. Your mother used to do this, your aunts used to do this. And how Jannah was made easy for them I wonder. SubhanAllah!

The world just 100 years back:

Then what was the world just hundreds of years back?
SubhanAllah! Even a Kafir woman of an elite class would not have exposed herself in public.
That was the modesty that even the Kuffar women lived with.
But today, even a Muslim woman finds it unacceptable.
And that’s how the Kuffar has shaped the mind of Muslims.

And the Corruption of Muslim Women today!

And today, they made your woman a ‘partner’ or ‘equal’ or ‘equal but not the same’ to you. (They used different terms for it in different Muslim cultures but basically, it is ‘partner’ as they officially say it in their western countries)

So, how can you manage a partner?
How can you maintain order in the home when you don’t have obedience anymore?
Can you make a partner obedient to you?
Who are you to say who can she visit and who she can’t?
Who are you to take permission from when she goes out?
Did she take Allah as her Rabb anymore or these Kuffar’s?
And they made you, as a husband, to accept that.
And the result?

You would find many Muslim women wearing Burqah today. (Al Hamdulillah)
You would find many Muslim women wearing Niqab today. (Al Hamdulillah)
(The ones whom you think ‘conservative’, ‘fundamentalist’ as that’s what Kuffar taught you)
But you won’t find a Muslim woman who is obedient to her husband.
That’s gone.

Such a machinery Kuffar has placed into production.
Therefore, whatever comes out from that factory it won’t be 100% Islam anymore.
It’s not possible.

Question is, how did they make it possible?
Well, it was not until the implementation of the Kuffar’s plot which was allowed by our respected ‘Ulema’ while they were eating ‘Haluwa’.
So, yet the question is, how did they do it?

How the ‘POSITION’ of Muslim Women was ‘conflicting’ (‘fatal obstacle’) with the ‘colonial’ (western) value’?

Simply put, unless they bring the women out of their homes, they cannot set up their businesses which are simply based on adultery.
And then what are their adultery businesses? No.1 is Entertainment, Cinema, and Music.  
Do you remember their slogans?
‘Liberation of Women’, ‘Women Empowerment’ ‘Women’s Right’, Women’s Economic Right’, ‘Women’s Equal Right’ and so on?
All of these projects were nothing but aimed only to take you out of Islam. 
O My Muslim sisters, 
Do you not understand now, the status you earned today was not your choice,
the ‘Freedom’ you were ‘given’ today was not to show you respect,
it was planted by the Kuffar so that they can manufacture a Muslim nation who will live by a standard set by them, leaving the path of Jannah, leaving the honor, dignity, leaving the promise of Jannah.
May Allah guide you, O Muslim women! 
May Allah bring you back to Deen.
Wa Allahu A’alam.

Image: Women in a beach of England 1897

What was the world just hundreds of years back?
Even a Kafir woman of an elite class would not have exposed herself in public.
That was the modesty that even the Kuffar women lived with.
But today, even a Muslim woman finds it unacceptable.
And that’s how the Kuffar has shaped the mind of Muslims.

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