Muslims Today: Your mind is engraved in KUFFAR’s Mindset – You measure by the Kuffar’s TOOL

Bismillah! Al Hamdulillah!!

You studied an entire year, you prepared for your exam at your best.
You got the knowledge of your subject not only what is required to pass the test of understanding of the subject but you have the preparation to do the highest score possible in the exam and your knowledge and understanding of the subject is as such that your teacher sometimes allow you to teach the class in his absence. That’s how expert you became on the subject.

Then the time of the exam came and you are ready to pour your knowledge on the paper.
But, guess what happened! You got sick or you got an accident.
You couldn’t get to the exam hall, you couldn’t appear in the exam, you couldn’t write anything.
Do I have to ask you now, for you to understand that, your knowledge has no worth?
Only because you didn’t get the certificate.
You don’t have a certificate to prove that you are the highly knowledgeable on the subject.
Would you be able to apply for a job which requires the certificate in the first place?
What would you write in your resume about you qualification?
You being the best student won’t work for assessing your suitability and qualification only because you don’t have the certificate.

Now, if you are a Muslim, let me ask you this;
To assess you, for Allah on the day of judgement, will He, the Most Just Judge, require any certificate?
Or will He assess you by your recorded deeds, by your actions?
Would Allah judge you by your intention, knowledge and actions or would He need the certificate?

Now, think yourself as a student of a ‘Madrasa’ of this time, or an Islamic (!) University, you are studying Shariah courses there and you are the best student of the class.
But on the day of exam you were not able to sit for the exam thus you didn’t get a certificate.
What will happen now? How would people assess you? By the certificate, isn’t it!
But you don’t have the certificate!
Your knowledge has no value to your ‘Islamic’ community because you do not have a certificate.
Your knowledge is worth less than the one who has a certificate even though he was last graded student.

Tell me now, how, Allah, The Most Just Judge, will assess you?
What certificate he needs to assess you to say, who is the best among you?
Such is the depth of darkness that the Kuffar was able to pull down the Muslims into.
Such is the false imprint of the Kuffar’s school system left into the Muslim minds that they measure the knowledge about Allah and Deen of Allah through the measurement tool of the Kuffar’s.
Such is the miserable state that the Kuffar managed to pull down Muslim’s into, that they allow the Kuffar’s organisations like ‘this’ or ‘that’ organ of UN to come to a ‘Islamic’ State and measure the literacy or Illiteracy rates and therefore the tool of the Kuffar’s becomes the standard to measure education of a Muslim whether he is educated or not.
Do you need any more examples to understand the Kuffar’s mindset in Muslims?

Was Rasulullah Sallillahu Alaihi wa sallam fits in their tool?
What would they label him?
What they would call all the prophets that Allah, the Most WISE have chosen as the best people to send His message? Illiterate?
How did our predecessor measured a Aleem just 200 years before the Kuffar’s schools system?

So where are you going, O Muslims?
How do you think?
Do you use Allah’s tool or the Kuffar’s tool to measure?
So, measure your mind, is it a Muslim’s mind or a Kuffar’s mind you got there over your neck?

And then who you take as your Rabb, O Muslims in Kuffar’s Mindset?
Who do you follow, O Muslims?
The education System of your Rabb?
The education system of your Rasul Salla Allahu Alaihi Wa Sallam?
or the Kafir named ‘Horace Mann’ who invented this education system and you are ‘happily living ever after’ by following Kuffar’s system in every aspects of your life!

Ah Muslim!
Kuffar gave you a system! You called it modern and embraced it.
In reality, you followed Kuffar leaving the system of your RABB!

May Allah guide you O Muslims!
May Allah open your heart!
May Allah save you and me from Jahannam!

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