Muslims in Kuffar’s Mindset – The Prologue

Muslims Today; Islam is ONLY in RITUALS but the DEEN (the Way of Life) is of the Kuffar’s.

Muslims today;

They pray Salat, do Siam in Ramadan, go to Hajj, give Zakat, Sadaqa, they even pray Tahajjud, observe Eid in a huge festivity. Yes, they do all rituals whole-heartedly, no doubt about that.


Their Rasulullah salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam taught them to recite every morning and afternoon, “O kuffars, I do not worship which you worship” so that it works as a reminder for each and every day.

(It is the Sunnah to recite Sura Al-Kafirun and Sura Al- Ikhlas in the Sunnah of Fajr and Magrib Salat)

But that stays in rituals only. In reality, they worship what the kuffar worship; money, status, prestige, degrees, entertainments, luxury, their desires and what not. Therefore, they see the world as the way the Kuffar see.

In their words of mouth they speak as the way the kuffar speak,

their lifestyle is that of the kuffar’s,

their MIND-SET is that of the kuffar’s.


As they do all the RITUALS of the Deen of Allah whole-heartedly, they also live the life of kuffar’s whole-heartedly and they follow the system of kuffar’s whole-heartedly. They translated and understood ‘Deen’ as ‘Religion’, and then that ‘Religion’ merely became rituals, like that of the kuffar’s.


These are the Muslims today. Muslims in kuffar’s Mindset

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