Muslims were taken Out of Islam long back – An ANALOGY of a Nation long gone DEAD

Isn’t knowledge meant to benefit you?

Therefore, forget that knowledge which might not of use to you.
Forget what you know about Islam,
Forget what knowledge you gain about Islam,
Forget the Islamic education you earned in your whole life,
Forget you memorised the entire Quran,
Forget you know the entire Quran.

Forget what a big scholar you became,
Forget how many hundreds of videos of lectures you produce to preach the Muslims,
Forget how many books you have written to preach about Islam,
Forget what dawah organisations you involve with,
Forget your service to Islam in your entire life.

Would anything benefit you if all that Ebadah you do has the slightest Shirk associated with it?
Would anything benefit you if all that Ebadah you do has the slightest Kufr associated with it?
Would anything benefit you if your final destination is Jahannam? Naujubillah.
Would anything benefit you if you become one of those who will be thrown to Jahannam? May Allah save you and me from Jahannam.
How come this even make sense that after all these knowledge you possess and after all these ‘Dawah’ work you did, how could there be a chance for you to end up in Jahannam? May Allah save you and me from Jahannam.

Therefore, O my brother, I beg you, read this mindfully for what I am going to tell you. Just use the brain, a simple part of your brain, a simple common sense that your creator gave you; So that I can give you an analogy and you use your brain to understand your status, where you stand and then you can work towards saving yourself and your family from Jahannam. May Allah save us from Jahannam


Imagine, you are a father. It’s your time of death. The people around, whom you leave your children with, are your enemies. The land in which you leave your children is an enemy land. You are leaving your loving children surrounded by enemies, therefore, you are terrified, your heart is blackened in pain. So, you finalize all that you have to say to your children. At your deathbed, you look at your children, to their eyes and collect all your energy together to make your children concentrate on your last words. And you have the following advice and instructions for your children:

O My Children,
Do NOT INDULGE in Luxury. (Musnad Ahmed 8713)
Do not turn to Dunya over the matters of the Akhirah (Sunan Abu Dawud 3462)
Be MINDFUL that I leave you with the ENEMIES around you, (Al-Quran 4:101)
They will kill you any moment they get you. (Al-Quran 4:101-103)
TAKE them as your enemy. (Quran 4:101)
Bear ENMITY in your heart towards them (Al-Quran 60:4)
FIGHT them and you will be helped. (Quran 4:84)
Do NOT BEFRIEND with them, (Quran 5:51)
Do NOT SHOW love and affection to them, (Al-Quran 60:1)
Do NOT LIVE among them, (Tirmidhi 1605)
Do NOT FOLLOW their ways, (Al-Quran 4:86)
DISTANT yourselves from their lifestyles (Al-Quran 60:4)
Do NOT even LOOK at the luxury they filled their life with. (Al-Quran 20:131)
BEAR hatred in your heart to their WAYS of LIFE. (Al-Quran 60:4)
O my children, I leave a SHIELD for you, therefore NEVER ABANDON your shield. This shield will protect you as long as you keep it. (Saheeh Muslim)
And I leave you a MAP of the TREASURE that I have for you. If you follow it ENTIRELY then nothing can ever harm you and you will find that treasure. (Saheeh Bukhari 7460).

The Waves of Destruction:

Now, what did your children do?
In the beginning, they overpowered those enemies because they followed the instructions strictly. But soon they got overwhelmed by the affluence of life and they got relaxed in following the instructions strictly. (Turning the Khilafah into Kingdom and later split it) Therefore, the obvious result followed through, a wave of disasters started to befall on them.

A group of enemy seized them, grabbed them, fight them, humiliate them and wiped them out from their stronghold. Their pride has gone down from lower to the lowest. (The fall of Andalusia)

But humiliation that your children invited unto them didn’t end just there. Their humiliation by one enemy opened the door for the other enemies, those who came by the size and quantity of the locust and what an army of locust do? They wiped them out completely. There’s no sign of dignity left on your children. The dignity, the pride they had was like a myth to their next generations. (The attack of Mongols and the fall of Baghdad)

Therefore, what do you think left on them? You might think, enough was enough! They should now start following the instructions of their father strictly!

Yes, they did, sometimes only a few of them showed courage and lived up to the dignity. (Salah Al din Ayiubi, Rahimullah) while the rest were never able to recover from their humiliations. And the enemies already knew the weakness of your children, the luxury, the desires that they were able to allure them into.

Waves after Waves:

So, how easy you think for the enemies to smash your children who have lost their spine? How do you think your children could ever recover from this disease?

And your enemies didn’t waste this opportunity to annihilate them. So, they gather the confederation from the east and from the west and they came one after another, again and again after your children and it didn’t take much effort to deal with the cowards. (The Crusades).

The Crusades continued in a different form:

And you know cowardice has a low, but your children didn’t have any bottom line for lowliness, for cowardice. They lived a life forgetting all those humiliations and forgetting the pride being human. And the enemy has next steps of plans for them so that they never be able to stand like a dignified human again!

They devise a system for them called, ‘the education system’. Education that allures your children for the love of comfort, luxury, entertainment, pride, prestige and status, the LIFESTYLE of the enemy and therefore, these generations of your children became totally UNMINDFUL about the enemy. Therefore, what followed were:
The next generations of your children now sent their generations to get EDUCATION from the enemies to achieve their STATUS. Why they did it? How did that happen? The REASON is clearly linked with the issue that made them UNMINDFUL about the enemy in the first place.

For the love of Comfort:

So, what was the reason? Just a very simple one.
It is loving the comfort and disliking the discomfort and hardship. They were overwhelmed by the effluents of the DESIRES that enemy live with. The delicious food, luxurious living style, endless sport and entertainment and the rampant of adultery and the prestige, honour, social status they measured by fulfilling of those desires, all these things opened a new horizon to them. And the enemy offered them those, it is a friendship that only can flourish out of that comfort and ease!

You, as their father had restricted them in desires but the enemies are open to desires. In fact, the enemies live their lives in an ocean of desires. it’s just that simple. Their father (you) taught them hardship and toughness of life but the enemies offered them comfort and ease of life. So, the love of comfort turned to the love of its sources, the enemy. As they started loving the desires, the love for the enemies followed consequently.

You forgot but the Enemy didn’t:

On the contrary, your enemy never forgot their enmity, as they never left enmity towards you, neither did they left enmity towards your children. Only they just changed their strategy to fight your children.

The Manufacturing Plant:

Therefore, when your children sent their next generations to the enemy schools, the first thing the enemy did was to make them forget you, the father. (How? By planting the seed of secularism in the Muslim minds. As an example, the teaching of weather cycle, as if they made science, nature as the creator, not your Rabb, Allah,) The result? let alone follow the advice of the father, they have no idea who their father was. And obviously, the enemy also taught them the opposite of what their father (you) taught them.

You taught them (your children) to hate the enemies, not to live with the enemies and not to follow their ways but they taught your children to ‘RESPECT’, meaning, respect the falsehood.
You taught them to “Enjoin Good and Forbid Evil” but they taught them ‘hate the crime not the criminal’ etc. falsehood.
You taught them as to what brings dignity (Believing and remaining steady on your Deen) but they taught them the opposite. (Whatever you believe doesn’t matter as long as you remain good).

The shift in MINDSET:

What were the consequences of that?

It has now become so hard for them to distinguish between the right and the wrong, differentiate between the truth and the falsehood. And the result? Since you lack understanding between the right and the wrong, you lack the strength to stand for the right and oppose the wrong. You lost the courage to fight for the truth and hate the falsehood. Because they taught you to ‘respect’ the falsehood. A big shift in mindset that changed your generations.

And the SHIELD that thrown away:

And then It was so easy for them NOT to BOTHER about the SHIELD anymore. In fact, why you need a shield for? To fight the falsehood! To fight and protect yourself from your enemy! But when the enemy becomes your friend, when the enemy becomes your teacher, when you were taught to respect your enemies, what do you do?

Therefore, they abandoned the shield and stored it in the pile of the storage and it became like a JUNK. (The junk which even legalised gay marriage! Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajiun)

Thereafter, the next generations found it (the shield, the Khilafah) an obsolete thing to store in the house anymore. Therefore, whole-heartedly they threw it away into the ocean. (The Taghut, The Kafir, Kemal Ataturk)

Now, remember the advice of the father? How many were they? Three? Did you see what happened to the first two pieces of advice? What about the third advice? What happened to that one?

The MAP that Abandoned by the regular Muslims:

The Map? Let’s see what happened to that. As it is a map of a treasure, obviously it was written in a language that you don’t speak and you don’t know. Therefore, to understand the map, what is expected of you? You had to LEARN the language to UNDERSTAND it. But do you know what happened? They started reading it every morning like parrots without understanding it and they keep it with the utmost care, they give it high regard as because it is a map but ironically they didn’t know what was written there. Had they read the map with understanding then they would have found all the descriptions and characters of the enemy and how to protect themselves in everyday life.

The MAP that Abandoned by the Ulema:

And the ones, the Ulema who read it with understanding, they too abandoned the Quran. Do you know how did they do it? Do you want to know how did they abandon the Quran even after knowing it? Then read from here.

The obvious Destruction:

So, can you now imagine how miserable these people put themselves into? They totally went out of the instructions of the father. The enemy brain-washed them in the first place, so it now becomes very easy for the enemy to kill them whenever they want, whatever way they want. The irony is that most of them even do not realize that they are killed by enemies. The enemy gives different excuses to kill them and the other brothers (being brain-washed by the enemy) utter the same words that the enemy speaks against their own brothers. May Allah guide back to Deen.

Let’s Summarize your Situation:

You have given a SHIELD against your ENEMY, KHILAFAH and you abolished that

You have given a CLEAR WARNING about your enemy, KUFFAR. But you forgot that.

You send your generations to learn from those enemies to teach them, there is no creator anywhere, Kuffar just explained the causes it happens and they twisted it as if this science itself is the Creator, Allah. So, your generations took science as their ‘God’. As if you are a crocodile given your kids to learn from the FOX.

On the other hand, you make the MAP of the treasure Quran as a map to memorize like a parrot and carry like a donkey.

Then you got your so-called Saheeh ‘Ulema’ who give bayyiah to the Taghut govt. and made the Jihad almost haram.

Now do Simple Math and calculate the Result:

  • You have no Shield, you are already vulnerable.
  • Then you became blind and don’t see your enemy.
  • So you send your generations to learn from that enemy.
  • Since you don’t see the enemy, that’s logical that why would you fight, against who?
  • Then you don’t have an idea what’s in the Map

Know the Impact:

Do you have any doubt about the destruction of your children by the hand of the enemy?
Do you have any doubt that your children are long gone dead?
Yes, for a long time Muslims were living in the Kuffar’s System with the Kuffar’s mindset and they will be continuing so until or unless they come out from Kuffar’s Education System and Kuffar’s environment.
Therefore, your Rabb, Allah today do not recognise you as Muslim anymore though by His abound mercy yet He guides whom He wills.
And Allah knows best.

Know the actions of the Dead:

So what are your dead children doing now? Just to mention a few:

Your children now come out after studying from an ‘Islamic’ university, yet he utters the words of Shirk and Kufr. Therefore, let alone the regular Muslims, we have now a few generations of scholars who have got the mindset of Kuffar’s and they teach and preach Islam in the frame of the Kuffar. They adjust with the Kuffar, they follow the way of the Kuffar and they present an Islam to the Kuffar which are liked by the Kuffars, (Such an Example, The translation of the Quran, ‘The Sublime Quran’ by Laleh Bakhtiar)*.
O Muslims, the ‘Ulema’ of Muslims, did you not put your generations on the path of Jahannam long back?

They abandoned the Quran, as part of it cannot be implemented without authority, without the Khilafah and they say, they don’t need a Khilafah.

They give a lecture on Seerah producing 100 of videos but they compare their living in the Kuffar land with the migration to Abyssinia while they have an entire Quran and an entire Deen in front of them.

They live in the ocean of filth of Riba set by their enemies and they devise ‘Islamic’ finance, Banks, this and that within that Riba.

Their enemies make them swallow the laws against the law of Allah, the only Lawgiver and they practice and preach to engage in that system to overthrow (!) the enemies.

These are the ‘Muslims’ of today, the long-gone dead, earthed and decayed!
Yet they think they are Muslim!

And Allah knows best. May Allah guide me and them. May Allah make me and them Muslim. May Allah save me and them from Jahannam.

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