Muslim today; Islam in Rituals but the Deen, the System of Life is of the Kuffar’s

Who were the ‘Jaheel Arabs’?

Those who believed in Allah (Al-Quran 29:63) as their Rabb, Allahu Akbar!

Then why they were called Mushrikun?

Only because they asked help through somebody or something else. That’s how entire system of Idolatry took roots, the basic was that they thought they could not ask Allah directly because they are sinful and ‘Allah’ to them was so ‘holy’, therefore they introduced idol as a mediator between them and Allah. And just for that reason they are called Mushrikun.

Then why they were called the ‘Jaheel Arabs’?

Because they had a System of Life made by themselves or by their forefathers.
The root causes were actually the absence of a system from their Rabb.
The reason of them being called ‘Jaheel’ was because, popularly in the Muslim minds,

that they used to bury their daughters alive,
their tribal bonding above justice and morality,
and a ramphant adultererous social system within the families.

But the Muslim were failed to define this properly in order for them to understand that it was a System of the Society, they or their forefathers developed, which they thought was better for them. It was surely worked for them, at least for those who made it.

So, basically, the reason they were called ‘Jahil’ was nothing other than having a System of Life they had in absence of guidance from their Rabb, Allah, to whom they believed in.

Then their Rabb sent a Messenger to the Jaheel Mushrikun

For the ‘Jahili Arabs’, their Rabb sent them a messenger, (Al-Quran 62:2)
who not only showed them how to worship their Rabb
but taught them about their personal life, family life, social culture, sale, trade, business, education, state system, leadership, judicial system etc. the entire System of Life.

Their Rasul set a Deen, The Way of Life for them

The messenger from their Rabb taught them
how to sleep, when to sleep,
how to eat, how much to eat,
how to drink, how much to drink,
how to dress, what not to dress,
how to marry, when to marrywho to marry,
when to feel pride and when not to,
when to feel jealous and when not to,
how to raise their children, how to educate their children, how to go out, when to bring children home, when not to take children out,
how to maintain the family, how to maintain modesty,
how to talk, how to greet others,
how to associate with the neighbours, how to maintain social relations,
who to maintain the relation with, who to keep away from,
how to sale, how to trade, how to do business,
how to build a state, how to do politics, how to elect their ruler
and what not!

The Arab Jaheel left their Social Culture to the Deen, the System of Allah 

What not were taught to those Quraish .
So, they changed their forefather’s system to the Deen, System of their Rabb and then only after that they called themselves Muslims. Once they pronounced “La Ilaha Illa Allah”, they did not follow their previous social culture, their forefather’s system, they did everything according to what their Rasul, Salla Allahu Alaihi Wa Sallam taught them.

They did not pronounce “La Ilaha Illa Allah” and just did rituals of worship (Salat, Hajj, Fasting, Zakat) and then went back to the system of their forefathers as they were doing before in their daily life. They just did not come to Islam and limited themselves knowing which food is Halal which is not, they just did not limit themselves knowing that having a beard for men and Hijab for women is the next thing to do and then went to their previous lifestyle. No. they did not. That was not Islam for them. They did follow every system their Messenger taught them.

That’s how the Jaheel Arabs, the Mushrikun turned themselves to Islam and they were then called Muslims.

The Jaheel, the Mushrikun of today yet they call themselves Muslim

But today, those who called themselves Muslim, they do rituals of Islam, they pray, they fast, they do the ‘Five Pillars’, they do iftar and made a party out of it, they celebrate Eid, they go for the Hajj, they give charity, they do Nikah but their MIND-SET is of the Kuffar’s.

In their lifestyle, in the life practice, in their daily life, in their social life, in their economic and financial matter, in their judicial system, in their state life, they follow every other systems and rule but not the system taught by their Rasul Sallillahu Alaihi WaSallam. Nujubillah.

May Allah protect Muslims from these crimes. Take 10 countries of the Muslim world as a sample and visit them. Look at the people who called themselves Muslim. You will find as if each of these people received a different Messenger from their Rabb.

Today, Muslims follow the social systems developed by their forefathers, they follow their own social culture and they follow what they learned from their Kuffar friends.
As Rasulullah Sallillahu Alaihi WaSallam said that you will follow them foot by foot, inch by inch and when they enter into a hole of a lizard you will follow them into that hole too. Sadaka Rasulullah.

Isn’t it the picture today? Most of the things these Muslims (!) do in their daily life does not have a relation of what Allah, the Most Merciful taught them through his Rasul.
Aren’t they like Quraish of that time before they became Muslim?
Rather they are worse.

They are worse than the Arab Mushrikun, they are worse than the Arab “Jaheel”.

Today’s Muslims are worse ‘Jaheel’,  worse ‘Mushrikun’ than those Arab Jaheel and Arab Mushrikun, because Arab’s did not have a guideline, a manual, a constitution in front of them but today’s Muslim have the guideline, the manual of life, constitution from their Rabb, in their fingertips!

And Allah knows best.
May Allah guide them to the Deen of Allah. May Allah guide us. Ameen.
May Allah guide Muslims to submit to their Rabb entirely, whole-heartedly.
May Allah accept from us. Ameen.

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