Mindfulness of Allah – the Key to Jannah! An Analogy

Bismillah! Al Hamdulillah!

Background – A Simple Math:

Summary: Have Taqwa – Be Guided – Jannah is for you!

You want to go to Jannah In Shaa Allah.
But what’s the first thing you need to go to Jannah?
The guidance from Allah, Al-Hadi. (Saheeh Muslim 6572)
Then how do you get the guidance from Allah?
Who Allah, Al-Hadee guides?
Muttaqi (Al-Quran 2:2)

Who is Muttaqi? What could make you a Muttaqi?
How do you achieve the status of a Muttaqi?
What are the acts that help you to achieve it?
The path is long but as usual we will devise a easy way (a daily simple practice) to achieve it, In Shaa Allah.

You already know about TAQWA, achieving which makes one a Muttaqi, right?
You can widely divide it in 4 categories. Most of the translations mention it as ‘consciousness’ and scholars compared it to a bird which is flying on a hope to its Rabb while its one wing consists of love for Allah and the other is having fear of Allah. You know this. So we get the following as to how we understand the Taqwa:

A. Mindfulness of Allah.
B. Love for Allah.
C. Fear of Allah
D. Hope from Allah.

Understanding ‘Mindfulness of Allah’ – An Analogy:

Summary: Please read it mindfully.
What is this Mindfulness?
SubhanAllah! The Mindfulness itself is twined with Love for Allah, Al-Wadud.
How’s that?
You are always mindful of what you love, aren’t you!
You remain mindful of that which you are passionate about, don’t you!
It’s just that simple!

And they say, ‘Mindfulness is the key to success in everything in life’.
I myself had a mindset that anything in the world you can master on, if you just be mindful about it.
You can achieve any skill in the world only by giving 8 hours time a day for a year.
You eat it,
you drink it,
you talk about it,
you walk on it,
you sleep on it.
That’s called mindfulness.
You know what I meant. But let me give you,

A practical example:

When you are newly married but apart from each other (Intentionally I avoid an example of Zina relation, and by ‘Zina’, I mean, just looking to a Non-Mahram as a minimum thing), how often the thought of your spouse comes into your mind?
Do you not engross in the thoughts of your spouse while you are busy at work, walking, transporting, eating or even before sleeping?
Thing is, when you’re in love, whatever you do, the loved ones come to your mind, isn’t it?
Then, if you are a creative person, amidst your regular work you keep thinking and your creativity flourishes. Engaging in other types of work cannot stop you from your creative thinking. SubhanAllah, this is human mind.
If you are the one who is engrossed so much in your regular work, you keep thinking about it while you are eating and even while you are having a good time with your family, don’t you?
That’s what the mindfulness is about.

How would you achieve the same Mindfulness for Allah?

To Refresh, what’s the condition to be mindful of anything?
Love and Passion!
So, how would you develop LOVE for Allah in your heart in the first place?
And how would you put the ‘PASSION for Allah’ in your heart?
Simply it is knowing about Allah, Al-Azeem and knowing the things that amazed you is how you become passionate about Allah, the Most Magnificent .

Is there any practice that will help you to achieve ultimate Mindfulness of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala?
Our job is to devise two simple practices that will eventually turn into acquiring –
(1) Knowledge of Allah and
(2) Developing Love and Passion for Allah.
(3) Hope from Allah.
And ultimately these practices will turn into ‘Mindfulness of Allah’ Tabaraka Wa Ta’ala, In Shaa Allah!.

Now, how about achieving 3 things in one act? You can call it ‘3 in 1’.
You will see how, just by doing only one act can help you achieve three things (Mindfulness, Love and Hope). SubhanAllah!
In Shaa Allah we will describe that in the future articles.
May Allah help us.
May Allah help us achieving the mindfulness of Allah!
May Allah help us become passionate about His rememberance

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