Mapping My Journey to Jannat Al-Firdous In Shaa Allah


Your Story:

O Mankind,
Your Creator created you and equipped you with a device called the brain and its associated organs, unlike that which He gave to His other creations. And honoured you, raised you above all other creations.
And He gave you eternal life and put you in Al-Jannah – The Paradise.
Then you were placed on this Earth for some time to test your obedience.

And He laid down a path for you back to Jannah.
And He gave you a map narrating every hurdle in detail in that path which you need to be aware of and protect yourself from on your way back to Jannah to live eternally.

He informed you that you have an enemy within yourself, the NAFS – your desire
He informed you that you have an unseen enemy, the shaitan – among the Jinns
He informed you that you have a seen enemy, shaitan – among the Humans
He informed you of your enemy, the kuffar, who will not believe in the creator and those who will not follow the CORRECT guidelines of your creator.

And then He informed you of the hurdle of life (only around 80 years).
He informed you about the hurdle of the moment of death.
He informed you about the hurdle of the grave (the space of time is unknown).
He informed you about the hurdle of the Resurrection (the space of time is unknown).
He informed you about the hurdle of the Day of Judgement (50,000 years long).

And then he warned you about the greatest hurdle of all, Jahannam, Hell (eternal).
And He laid down exactly how to overcome all those hurdles and make your way back to Jannah.

He detailed everything which, if you do, will make Him LOVE you and that which will make Him HATE you.
He warned you of everything which, if you do, will earn His WRATH and enter you in the FIRE.
And He detailed everything which, if you follow, will earn His Blessing, Mercy and His Forgiveness.

O Mankind,
But you only have this tiny lifespan to work to overcome all those hurdles of the journey which will last for a long long time.
But what are you doing? Why do you only care about ONE hurdle which consists of the smallest unit of your entire journey and forget about the other parts of the journey which are unimaginably longer? How are you so deluded and comfortable in this tiny space of your entire Journey?

If you think this is about you, if you think this connects you, then this blog is designed to give you the whole picture of your journey In Shaa Allah, Bi Iznillah, so that you can find your status as to where you stand, what you lack and what you need to work on. I recommend you browse through the MAP and get your heart involved in it.

May Allah Subhanahu make us understand and May Allah guide us and May Allah, the perpetual forgiver forgive us and allow us to enter into Jannah, the Paradise, our original home. Ameen.

Not acquiring knowledge only but remaining focused is the KEY

Ever wonder why can’t you remain FOCUS on the path of Allah?
On the other hand, did you notice how much you remain focus when you are on a journey? Do you know why?

Not only because you have to maintain timely appearance but because you have COLLECTED all the INFOrmation about ALL the events of the journey, therefore your mind carries the PICTURES of ALL the EVENTS of that journey at ANY point of TIME.

Then what about the journey towards Jannah? Do you have ALL the PICTURES of ALL the EVENTS in your mind ALL the TIME? How then you think you would be able to remain focus on JANNAH?

This is the site aims to give you that PICTURE about your journey towards Jannah. But don’t rush, you need to BE BACK several times and browse through ‘The MAP’ to get all the PICTURES at any point of time so as to remain FOCUSed on the EVENTS and find where you STAND in YOUR Journey!

GET a TOTAL PICTURE of your DEEN and KNOW where you STAND

You are reading an Ayah of the Quran or reading a Hadith or listening to a lecture, you are learning something.

You remain focused on whatever you learned today. Tomorrow new things add up because you are learning continuously.
Therefore what happens? You concentrate more on what you learned today and consequently, you give less concentration on the lessons of the previous days.
And soon your focus on that previous ones gets faded away when you have to focus on new things every day. It happens to all of us, right?

So, what do you do? How can you REMAIN focus on ALL the things and issues ALL the time? To do that you have to know how usually you remain focus on something. Simply, by acquiring full knowledge of it, by keeping attachment with it and most significantly by having a TOTAL PICTURE in our mind about it and BE ON it.

And this is where this site comes! Your entire deen, your entire PATH towards Jannah is on one page.

You see it as a tree, as a whole and then you can zoom on a trunk, on a branch and then on a leaf. If you keep this practice for few days then sometime later you will look at the whole tree, you would know which trunk got what, you would know which branch got what and you would know which leaf got what.

What’s the benefit? Endless, can’t possibly describe. But the most important one could be, you can make a checklist of WHERE YOU STAND, where you LACK and where you NEED TO WORK on yourself.

Where do you FIT in which you learned today?

You learned something of Deen today.

But do you know where does it fit in the map of your journey? Exactly how significant it is in the different stages of your journey?

It surely seems important what you learned today but are you giving it the optimum importance it should deserve? Are you keeping yourself busy with less priority ones leaving the most priority ones by going back to your traditions?
You only know it when you put all these things together in the map of the entire journey in front of you.

That’s what it is for ‘MAPPING My JOURNEY towards Jannat Al-Firdous, In Shaa Allah.’

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