Mankind at LOSS – There’s a NEW AUTHORITY

You are recruited to a company and the management gave you the following conditions:

(1) You work only with us. If you go for a second job you will be fired.

(2) You work as the WAY we train you and command you, if you try doing it in YOUR way or other than OUR way, you will be fired.

You think this is already extreme but you have no idea what really extreme is. His extreme is beyond your level of imagination of extremism. Let me get you this, the authority gives you further condition,

(3) If you add anything extra of what we commanded you to do, you will be fired.

And up to this, you might understand that an authority can set this criteria and following that would be no problem.

But what if the authority also says that

(4) We gave you the logistics and the tools to work, you have to work with those logistics, these are our trademark, our patent, do not even draw a picture of these logistics, you will be fired.

You are definitely now frustrated, what an organisation it is! What an authoritative attitude that is!

What would be your idea about the AUTHORITY of this organisation? More than like a defense organisation, right? No question asked. Just follow like a machine.

But you are far away from imagining how strict this authority could be.

The management says,

(5) Apart from our unique work ethics, we have also set RULES and LAWS, there is an absolute ZERO tolerance for breaching our laws.

You might think, alright, that’s understandable, nobody allows breaching of their laws. You breach legislation of a country, you go to jail, you breach a policy of an organisation you get fired. These are simple things to understand.

Now, the question to you, can such a company impose such strict law when it doesn’t have a established law in the first place?

Nop! You impose such strict law only when you have a well-established law, super tested law, only when you have strict laws in operation.

So you knew how was the strictness of the authority and you have been working for the organisation, you got used to the rules and regulations.

But then suddenly you noticed that the law is not coming from the organisation at all, someone else has inserted laws other than what was used to be the organisation’s law that you used to work for.

Would you think the same authority exist anymore?

It’s all gone!
It’s a simple math!

Most of the Muslims today living as Mushrikun by obeying laws other than the law given by Allah, (Al-Quran 12:106) obeying OTHER authority other than the ONLY AUTHORITY, Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala.

So, in the Quranic Language, this new authority is called TAGHUT (Quran 4:60)

Other Authority = Other ILAHA

And you became Muslim only after you REJECT OTHER ILAHA., rejecting TAGHUT (Quran 16:36)
That’s what ISLAM stands on.
That’s the basic you need to claim your Jannah.

La Ilaha Illa Allah.

How dare you claim yourself a Muslim when you know that your Rabb, possess such pride in His authority that even He doesn’t allow you to draw a picture of His living creation, SubhanAllah!
And you take a Taghut as your authority? Why do you think he made Jahannam for?

May Allah guide you and open your heart!
What a shame you have to go to Jahannam, the same place where a kafir goes!
What a shame your such devotion in worshipping in your whole life won’t benefit you!
And Allah knows best

May Allah guide you and me towards Tawheed! May Allah save you and me from Jahannam!

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