‘Life is beautiful’, Really?

How’s life?
> Beautiful.

Are you kidding me?
> No I am not.

Didn’t you go to toilet today?
> What do you mean?

Have you had your vowel cleared this morning?
> Yes, I did.

Still you think life is beautiful?
> You mean biologically?

Of course, what’s the main component of life? It’s your biological body in the first place.
> Yes, that part is nasty man! Wish I didn’t have that part in life.

Now you got the point.
What do you think now about your life?
Wouldn’t it be proper had you not to go to toilet?

> Of course! But what we can do?
   We didn’t choose this process, we didn’t design our body.

Exactly! But I can give you a good news
> What’s that?

What about having a life, having a body which
doesn’t sweat,
doesn’t get tired,
doesn’t need rest,
doesn’t sleep,
doesn’t have a bad smell in your mouth when you woke up and
doesn’t have to urinate,
doesn’t have to carry the filth in your stomach and finally,
doesn’t have to discharge the nasty thing.

> That’s a dream, that’s fantasy.

No, that’s paradise.
That’s really what paradise is about.
It’s absolute beauty, absolute purity.
And you can choose to have that life.
> I got your point.
But I don’t have belief.

Why not?
What makes you not to believe?
> Well……

Note: This is Just a Dawah TRIGGER as to how to bring the discussion of Allah in any occassion.

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