La Sharika Lahu – Understanding Allah’s Right! Understanding Allah’s Authority!

Bismillah! Al-Hamdulillah!

The Basic Message to the Humanity from their Creator

There’s a reason behind the creation of the universe.
There’s a reason of creating the human being.

It is for the testing who is more obedient to Him.
And they were ONE Nation, they had ONE ‘Religion’, that was Islam and they were Muslim. (Al-Quran 2:213, 10.19)
But then they become sects and groups. Yet He sent messengers to all nations from among themselves.
The message was, “Worship me and Reject Taghut” (Al-Quranul Hakeem 16:36)
Whoever obeyed this message was called Muslim (Al-Quranul Kareem 3:52, 3:64) which is, someone who submits to the command of the creator, someone who chooses to obey.

But it didn’t take long for people to take their Scholars as their Rabb. (By obeying and following them against Allah’s clear command while they make Halal what Allah made Haram and vice versa) (Al-Quranul Majeed 9:31, 6:121) (Tirmidhi 3095)

La Sharika Lahu – He doen’t SHARE His Authority

And the Creator of Human being is the most stricter than you can ever imagine.
He says He doesn’t SHARE his authority with anyone. (Al-Quranul Kareem 18:26)
When it comes to His Authority, His tolerance level is absolutely Zero.
When it comes to His Right, He is stricter than you can ever imagine.
And when it comes to the punishment for breaching His Right and breaching His Authority, He is more severe than you can ever imagine.
A strict king might, in a special case, compel to compromise in regards to his authority and rights but for our Creator, there’s no such thing as ‘special’

Then their’s something called Ghira (Jealousy).
Our creator got Jealousy in a level you can possibly ever imagine. (Saheeh Muslim 1499/3572)
We human have got jealousy too but in compulsion many human compromises.
With many human being, jealousy is extreme.
For anything in the world they won’t tolerate someone sleeping with his/her spouse but again for many, if a billionaire offers a million dollars for a night, he/she might fall into it and compromise his/her jealousy.
But our creator is the extremist of the extreme.
His tolerance is zero in case of his RIGHTS and in His AUTHORITY. (Saheeh Muslim 3764/1499, Darussalam Publ)

Understanding Allah’s Right! Understanding Allah’s Authority

So what is His RIGHT? What is His AUTHORITY?
His right is that Worship belongs to Him. (Al-Quran 18:15)
His authority is that LAW belongs to Him. (Al-Quran 12:67, 5:44)
His right is that His Best creation, the human being gives absolutely NO SHARE of those authorities to anyone. (Al-Quranul Hakeem 6:19)

And how are they implemented?
That human Worship ONLY Him, nothing else. (Al-Quran 18:110)
And that they follow NO OTHER LAW wherever He prescribed law for them. (Al-Quranul Majeed 60:4, 4:60, 12:40)
His STRICTNESS in regards to His Authority is as such that it is not enough that you worship Him alone but you MUST do it in the WAY He taught you. (Al-Quran 7:3)
No other ways will be accepted. Again the level of tolerance is zero. (Saheeh Al-Bukhari 7048-7051)

In your practical life, you might find a strict boss who wants the job done, whatever way you do, as long as you produce the effective results it’s okay.
But in the case of our Creator, it MUST be in His Ways. (Al Quran 2:238-239)
So now, you get the following:

Worship Him ALONE is His Authority.
Worship in His WAYS is His Authority.
And obey His LAW is His Authority.
There’s even a decimal point of compromise in these three will not be tolerated. It is ABSOLUTE ZERO.

What could make you understand?

Did you get it?
Did you comprehend this?
If not yet then let me put forward a real-life case in front of you.

Who does the patent of Coca Cola belong to?
Does someone hold the Authority of the Brand Coca Cola?
Does someone hold the Authority of the Coca Cola Logo?
Then, can anyone, any other businesses use the same Logo or even its Color?
No way!
Nobody has the right to use the Coca Cola sign.
As if the designer of Coca Cola Logo saying, ‘This is my design, this belongs to me, only to me, none else! Do not even try to use it, we won’t accept it, we won’t tolerate it”

And my Rabb is stricter when it comes to His patent, His Creations.
Therefore, He threatens him with fire, the one who draws a picture of His Creation. (Saheeh Muslim 3/1871)
Did you get that?
He is so serious about His Authority that He puts a person in the fire for just drawing a living Creation that He created.
It doesn’t end there, he will be kept punishing, on the Qiyamah, until he is able to put life on his drawn creature.
As if the Creator says, “This is My design! How dare you even try to design something that I Created?”
Can you imagine this?
Did you really get the message?
As if He is saying “Don’t dare to be equal with Me even by drawing a Creation I Created”

This is what La Shaika Lahu stands for.
And you think because someone says ‘La Ilaha Illa Allah’ while he enacts a Law against His law, is a Muslim?
O Muslim, O Muslim ‘Scholars’, you better realise this.
Zoom out yourself, Use the organ Allah gave you and made you the best Creation.

And Allah, Al-A’aleem knows best.
May Allah, Al-Hadee guide Muslims.
May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala save Muslims from being Mushrikun by obeying the Law other than Allah’s Law.

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