Know the hidden criminals disguised as ‘innocent people’, those who are pushing the world to a WW3 – the World Civil War

Bismillah. Al Hamdulillah

Who do you call Innocent?

The hidden criminals, those who push the world to WW3 – the World Civil War?

Facts and Observations:

Someone somewhere has blown up a place, (as an example, bombing in a city) by blowing up himself, a suicidal act to cause terror. That suicidal act was done by the name of Islam and done by a Muslim.

Now, you know all the Muslims around you, can you blame those Muslims for doing this? Can you then hate those Muslims around you for the act done by one Muslim or a group of Muslims?
But newspapers, TV news, talk shows, parliaments go on describing, reporting, comments on such reporting, analyzing the event as:

“Muslim Terrorist”, “Islamic Terrorism”, “Muslims are Terrorists”, “Muslims are violent” “Islam is a cult”, “Islam is the problem” etc. to name a few.

Effects and Consequence:

Many people now dislike all the Muslims around them. They hate, they insult, they assault Muslims who they’ve never even known before. The hatred has reached a level where Muslims living in the western countries do not feel safe any more to send their children and women outside. Just to share an incident of assault from a security camera here:

Place: It could be a university or a shopping mall in the landing area of a staircase.
Person Involved: A female women wearing a Hijab and a group of 4 young men.
Incident: The female was about to step down from the top stairs of a floor.
Four men appeared at the back and one of them suddenly kicked her on the back, which made her roll down from the top of the stairs to the end of the stairs.
Imagine it is you, your daughter, your mother. She had no idea who did it, why they did it, what her fault was.

Question to you:

Was it a crime? Why did those men commit that crime?
Is it ethical or legal to punish a person for the fault of another? Can a law punish a brother for the fault or crime of another brother?
But these people hating or causing harm to all Muslims who they don’t know because of somebody else’s actions or mistakes or faults or crimes. Is it legally right? Is it ethically right?

A simple math:

The person who commanded the act of bombing in a city, he himself did not commit the act but he commanded that action or violence, do you judge him as guilty of crime? Yes!

Then a person did not command for violence but he influenced someone to do a violent act. What does the law say? If his influence can be proved he will be charged guilty of the crime, isn’t it? Yes!

Just as an example to show how far an act can be unjustly related by an UNJUST authority:
A renowned world Daee (Who call people to their creator, Allah) Dr Zakir Naik, his TV channel has been banned to operate in Bangladesh because a man blew up a restaurant there, and had happened to ‘like’ the facebook page of Dr Zakir Naik. That’s what’s called the ‘long hand of Unjust authority’ (I changed it intentionally, appropriately)

Then, those 4 men who committed the crime against the Muslim women, whoever has influenced them, should not those people be also charged for crime too? Yes!

The hidden criminals:

Then who influenced those 4 men?

Aren’t those 4 men influenced by the people in the news reports, talk shows, the books, the magazines, the movies, the articles, the parliamentarians those who are producing and writing hatred against Muslims continuously? Therefore, whoever spread hate against Muslims, are they innocent or guilty of crime?

Therefore, when you read an article or listen to a speaker whether in TV news, Talk shows, in a documentary or in a parliament or in a public address mentioning these words such as  “Islamic Terrorists”, “Islamic Extremism”, “Muslim Terrorists”, you know these people are not the innocent people, they are the criminals.

The hidden agenda:

Thus, these people and media (whoever applicable) continuously working to unjustly shaping the minds of an entire population of the world against an entire community of the Muslims (1/5 of the entire human population of the world, in fact) as evil and violent. Therefore, they are obviously responsible for impacting and influencing the minds of the common people because they (the common people) are exposed to the same falsified and distorted presentation of information which are repeatedly used (by so-called ‘innocent people’; actually criminals) to produce hatred against all Muslims.

What is a false presentation of information or incident?

Describing an event or a crime specifying an act of a Muslim when it is not confirmed (you find many examples when it was described as believed to be a Muslim’s act but later it was found a wrong acquisition to Muslims)

What is a distorted presentation of information or incident?

When a crime is committed by a Christian or a Hindu or a Buddhist or a person belonging to any other religion, they report it as ‘gunman’ or ‘this’ and ‘that’ but they do not mention his religion. But same incident (which is even not done by the name of Islam) when done by someone who belongs to Islam, they mention it as ‘Muslim’ or ‘Islamic’

So, now you know, the newspaper, the reporter or whoever does this, he/she has done it intentionally to influence the mind of people to grow hatred against Islam and Muslims and that is a clear crime and that person or organization is guilty of a crime, they are not as innocent as they claim.

Though these acts are sweetly called “yellow journalism” but you now know these are actually the acts of crime and they are criminals.

How would it impact you?

O Human being, who have consciousness! Understand the impact. A group of people implanting and spreading hatred against the globe of people. What do you think, the impact would be? Will the world remain the same? If you hate someone what they do in reaction? It returns with hatred. The earth is becoming a battlefield very soon. It will not be called a world war as you knew it because in WW1 and WW2 it was country against a country or a group of countries against another group of countries. Rather this war would be everywhere, each country would be a place of civil war, it would be global civil war. You won’t know who is your enemy. So, act now! Right now! Save you and your generations from devastation!

Critical relevant information:

Now, what is Islam?
It is an entire system of life for all human being and this system works only under the framework of a state called Khilafah, an Islamic State. Islam without Khilafah is not an entire Islam nor a Muslim without Khilafah is representing the true Islam. In that context not a single Muslim today, irrespective of being whatever scholar he is or whatever king he is in a Muslim country, does not represent true Islam, it is only partial.

Let me make it easy to understand. Imagine a combination of organisations which operate to maintain a business, an industry, a Government, Judicial system, Education, Economical system, Charity Organisations, humanitarian organisation, welfare organisation etc. Islam is like a framework of a state, Islam means a structure like a state, which is called Khilafah, an Islamic State.  Therefore, in the true sense of Islam, Islam does not exist today. Whatever you know, whatever you hear about Islam is only a part of Islam. And Allah knows best.

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