Know the falsehood and injustice that is rooted as a festivity and entertainment

Bismillah! Al Hamdulillah!

What is the natural place for animal to live? In it’s natural place! In the wilderness!
What is the natural place for fish to live in? Water, ocean! Imagine, you human are kept in a zoo by a more intelligent species. What would you call it? Oppression, injustice!

Then what you are doing to those species? Don’t you have even the sense of justice! Since your childhood you are taught about zoos, so you took it easy! Now, they make you to go enjoy and amuse yourself looking at their oppression and injustice to other species, those who have senses like we human do and they made sweet term like “learning”, “excursions”, “education tour” etc. And you have no idea what a falsehood you support and witness unknowingly. But Know that you become one of those wrongdoer who are witnessing an injustice but doing nothing. And know that every action has a consequence.

O Mankind, You took everything so easy because you see them since your birth! Since your birth you see the sun is giving light, so you took it easy! Since your birth your breathing air, so you took it easy. Since your birth you drink the water so you took it for granted! But know that the entire universe that we know, doesn’t have air (breathable), doesn’t have a drop of water! So do not take it easy that you have air and water in only one planet in the entire known universe. Think, o Mankind think! There is a creator! And He will ask you for all these favours! And know that ungratefulness has a price.

Whoever has been running the affairs of this world whether they believe in a ‘God’ or not, they changed the world, the rules, the laws that our creator has sanctioned for us. They changed the world that our creator has bestowed us to live in. The falsehood is everywhere and in everything around us, do not take this easy! Don’t take the falsehood of this world so easy! Be aware and do your part even if it is very little. And if you can’t do anything at all then make your heart and mind aware that it is wrong and hate the wrongdoers because, to be able to hate the wrong is also a form of justice. Practice that justice in your heart.

Then whatever ‘religion’ you belong to, know that they either change the message from the ‘God’ or they practice the ‘religion’ other than the way ‘God’ taught through His messengers (Read your own books to know how the messengers, you believe in brought you those books, themselves worshiped ‘God’).

If you are a human, your creator gave you a brain! Use it, o my fellow human being! Don’t be unjust! O Muslim, do not go to witness the oppression, do not go to the Zoos and do not keep fish in the aquariums in your homes nor you go to visit aquariums. Allah, the Most Just will ask you for witnessing these oppressions and doing nothing but enjoying! This is not what Allah, the best of the Creator, created those animals for!

But yes, some may argue that everything Allah created to serve human being! I understand, I believe and I agree with that. But that has to be within the limit and for the use of scientific research only but not for amusement! And Allah, the All Knower, knows best!

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