Know the Corrupt Minds – A Surgical Report

The Premise:

Let me put a Filter for you. Before you access to this site, make sure you are the one passing through 2 filters. Check yourself in this filter and then know yourself if you are worthy for the next filter. You can come from any religion or non religion or any philosophy of life.

Filter No. 1:
This is for those, who firmly believe that there is a creator. Without this firm conviction, nothing will make sense to you. So better you determine, do you really believe there is a creator? You have to firmly stand on this premise. A lightest confusion has no room for the next filter.

Filter No. 2:
Then if you do, here is a second filter for you. Do you believe your creator has a guideline for your life? Make sure you firmly believe that. Make sure you are really convinced about that. With half conviction will take you no where. With confuse state of mind I have nothing to benefit you.

An Analogy:

So, I believe you are honest with yourself and surely you passed the two filters successfully. So, let’s start the conversation.

You bought a machine and it has a manual from the manufacturer with it for how to use it.
It has warning what not to do with it.
And then it has instructions how to fix it in case of malfunctions.
How simply you follow it and you don’t question about it.

Now, if you do not use the machine as per the guideline of the manual, what happens?

(1). it won’t give you optimum performance.
If you do not follow the warnings of the manual,
(2). the machine malfunctions. No doubt about it, right?
And then if you do not use the instructions of the manual as to how to fix it,
(3). the machine gets out of order totally.
It is thrown to the junkyard or taking to the recycle factory.  It’s just that easy to understand, isn’t it?

The Manual of the Human Being:

But then, you, a human (product/machine) of a creator (manufacturer), you already have no doubt about it. (you passed filter 1)

And your creator (manufacturer) gave you a manual (the scripture), you already firmly believe came from your creator (you passed through filter 2)

Then here are my questions for you,

Do you use the guideline of that manual of yours to run your life?
If not, then you know the logical result of this, don’t you?

The Disobedience:

You won’t be abe to perform as per your potential.
Look at the machine example (1) above “It won’t give you optimum performance.”
For you it means, very mildly putting (I am very much concerned to cause no harm to your EGO), you cannot live your life to the potential you have.

Then did you follow the warning of your manual?

The Corruption:

Look at the machine example (2) again. the machine malfunctions.
For you, human, the word ‘malfunction’ makes you feel inhumane so, I replace it with the word ‘corruption’, therefore, the logical obvious result is, your heart and minds gets corrupted.

Look at your life, no peace in yourself, not in your family life, nowhere, not in the entire world. It all happens because your heart and mind gets so corrupted and your contributions to the family, society and to the environment makes the world so unlivable now.

Out of Order:

Then when your heart and mind gets so corrupted, did you look into the manual as to how to fix it?
Look at the machine example (3) above, what happens if you don’t do it in case of a machine?
(3). the machine gets out of order totally.
It is thrown to the junkyard or taking to the recycle factory.

For you, human, what do you think is happening with you?
How I replace the phrase “Out of Order” with you being human while you still have breath, feeding your stomach with McDonalds, BBQs and coffees, feeding your desire with extravagant cloths, fashions, golds, cars, houses from Bank loans, filling your minds with politics, olympics, world cups, movies and whatnot?

You seem are doing fine though logically you are ‘out of order’.
Not only that, on top of these ‘out of order’ state activities, your corrupt mind produces questions about your creator that has no relation with you thus does no benefit you other than boasting your ego.
Your corrupt mind invent ideas and philosophies that demean the supreme majesty of your Creator.

The Junkyard:

So, how do you think you are you doing these activities if your state is logically ‘out of order’?
How come you are not taken to the ‘Junkyard’? or to the ‘recycle factory’?

The answer is, you are really human, you are not a machine.
You are the best creation of that Creator you believe in.
You are made to give most honor status by your Creator.

Only your Creator does not take you to the ‘junkyard’ right now because He is the Most Kind, He is the most merciful. He gave you time until you have your last breath, to see if you can cure your corruption and live up to your potential as ‘human’ and if you don’t do it then of course there will be ‘recycle’ of you and that would be in the hell fire.
Actually, in reality the recycle process of your Creator is called, The Resurrection and the ‘junkyard’ of your Creator is called ‘Hell’

And your Cretaor warned you in the manual (Al-Quranul Kareem) that He sent for you:

We have certainly created man in the best of stature
Then We return him to the lowest of the low,
Except for those who believe and do righteous deeds, for they will have a reward uninterrupted.
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