Isn’t PRESENT TIME the most important Time?

A Reflection
How old are you now? 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 or 70 years old? Did you recently have a birthday pass by? Do you remember this day 10 years ago? Doesn’t it feel very recent? Doesn’t it feel like it just happened?

Flashback on Your Life
What about 20 years back? How do you feel about an incident that happened 20 years ago? Just think about it for a second. Go back to your childhood and to when you were in school. FEEL the distance of time. Doesn’t it feel like it just happened? See how time goes by! You were a child just yesterday and you were in school not too long ago! Now here you are today! You may wish to go back and turn few things around so your life could have gone in a different direction. But no! You are what you are now – at your PRESENT TIME. You can’t change it. You have to deal with it now.

The Future is Now
Let’s go forward in time. Mark a day on your calendar and plan an event. Mark it and watch that day come by and leave. Mark it for a month, and it will come by and leave. Mark a day 1 year from now, and it will come by and leave. Mark it for 4 years from now (such as the World Cup). You might think it is distant, but it will definitely come and you will watch it pass by, just as it did before. Then, mark a day even after 10 years and you will watch it pass by – if you live until then. Then what?

The ‘Present Day’
A day will come and you will die. Just like any other day you planned, this day will come, and it is the ONLY day that is CERTAIN to come. That is the only certainty of life. DEATH. You have to face that day! That will be your PRESENT DAY for sure! That ‘present day’ will be the MOST IMPORTANT PRESENT TIME in your life. But you won’t be able to react on that day. This is the only day where you won’t be able to deal with it as it comes. While living, you deal with any present day as it comes, and you deal with any events that occur. But the “present day” of death won’t give you a chance. You have to just face it and accept it as it comes. Can you feel it? Do you really realise that this day will come? That PRESENT DAY will come?

A Travel Plan
You see, when you plan for travel, how much preparation do you make? Think about all the precautions you take before beginning your travel. You think of all the incidents you’ll have to face – from first aid for insect bites to travel insurance for any big mishaps. You prepare for any foreseeing events as much you can, right?

The Journey
Then what about the CERTAIN travel of DEATH? While you don’t even know for sure what you will have to go through, how can you remain so careless? Remember that you give a benefit of the doubt for many worldly things as a matter of good judgment. Why not then leave the arrogance behind for just a little while and give the “Day of Judgment”, ‘Hell Fire’ and ‘paradise’ a benefit of the doubt?

The Logistics For The Journey
Why do people get funeral insurance for their time of death? To get a peace of mind, right? So then how come people don’t want to get peace of mind for the unseen events after death? Think of it logically. There’s no philosophy in the world which gives you CERTAIN knowledge about life after death. So then why don’t you THINK? See, if a believer finds that there is no ‘Hereafter’ he won’t lose anything but if you find ‘Hell’ is true then what will you lose, can you imagine that? The burning fire!

There is No Time!
Do you think you’ll get another 10 years to think about that? Do you really have CERTAIN knowledge about your moment and time of death? Are you sure you will live until old age? Are you sure you will not die tomorrow? Maybe you think you will live till you’re at least 80 years old. Perhaps this is because there aren’t any cyclones, tornados, tsunamis, deadly floods, earthquakes or fires where you live. But even a child of 7 years suddenly dies in a country like Australia by the fallen trunk of a tree. A teenager goes missing on the shore of Australian beaches. A road accident or plane crash happens every day. Do these people who die in such fatal incidents know they will die the next day? Why do you think it won’t happen to you? Do you have any certainty about that?

Isn’t Your Life Like a Sand Timer?
Your Creator has already put the sand on the upper part, and only HE knows how much sand will keep dropping till the day you die. And the irony is that you don’t even know how much sand is left on the upper part. Doesn’t that scare you? When will the last grain of sand drop? When is the death?

The Certain Knowledge
So the Question is, what do you know about that day? What information do you have about that CERTAIN DAY? If you do not believe in a God, I assume you have some other philosophy that you live by. What CERTAIN KNOWLEDGE does your philosophy give
you about death? Does it even give you CERTAIN KNOWLEDGE about anything related
to death? No.

Then why not look at the scriptures of people who claim it’s from God? What do they have to say about what happens after death?

However, before going to the ‘scripture’ to look for certain knowledge about death, the question is how or why can those books give you that certain knowledge? And the answer to that is, IF we, humans, are the creation of a creator, and those books came from the same creator, then they have to have the information related to our life, how it ends, and anything thereafter. Because only the manufacturer of the product knows the lifetime and the maintenance procedure of that product. Therefore, philosophies developed by human minds won’t know the expiry of the human being, let alone their lives, or anything after death. It is only possible by the manufacturer of the human being. Thus, those books which came from the creator CERTAINLY know about death and hereafter not by the books written by any human beings.

So, read. Read the scriptures your people claim came from the Creator of the stars. If it does not
make sense to you then read other’s books. Do not think I only read this book because it is “ours” and that book is “theirs”. If the book really is from your Creator, it must certainly be YOUR book. Certainly, the Creator sent that book for YOU.

So read! What don’t you read? You read the best books that human minds can produce, you read ordinary books, you read ordinary magazines, and you even read advertisements sometimes! So why not read the books people claim came from the Creator of the sky!

I do not want you to be blind and believe whatever those books say. Most of you are thoughtful, and you can question and think, and I believe in your ability to look for the evidence. What evidence do those books have to make you believe what they say is the truth? You need to also give those books a chance to convince you! So, read the books that your own people claim are from God and then keep asking questions. If your book does not satisfy you then check other’s book that other’s claim to have come from God. Continue asking questions and continue thinking.

Only tips I can give you is, IF there is a book from the CREATOR of this amazing and PERFECT universe, that book must also have the PERFECTNESS in it. IF there is a book from the CREATOR who holds the amazing universe with such MIGHT and BALANCE, His book has to have that amazing BALANCE in it. And your CREATOR already gave you that book; you just have to use your BRAIN to find which one it is!

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