Is it really a question or your EGO?

I meet people, who I talk to them about their creator and invite them to obey their creator but then they come up with questions.
Among them are, surprisingly, believers in a creator and they belong to all religions they born in.

If he is Muslim and if you ask him, do you not believe in Allah, the creator of Mankind? He will, of course, say,  “Yes, there is no doubt”.
Then if you ask him, why don’t you obey Allah, the Most High?
He will start bringing some questions he has and ridiculously most of those questions have nothing to do as far his own benefit is concerned. These are just philosophical questions he developed because throughout his entire life his mind was fed by the philosophy of so-called humanitarian egoists and arrogant ones that they called ‘best minds of the world’.

And then while you start giving a reply to those questions, they actually do not listen to you. They have these questions not to know the answers as these questions are not from ‘out of curiosity’ that they have.
Rather they have already made up their mind about the answers to these questions.
They have already established views about the topic they have questions about. But then why the questions?

These questions are from those who think that they had an idea which is so great, why somebody is not recognizing his great idea? Or he has a great mind, so somebody should recognize his great mind. It is nothing but all about their EGO. They serve their ego only.

But is it really questions that prevent them not following and obeying their creator? No, it’s not.
You rather ask them, “Since you believe in a creator but need to get answers of your questions before you fully submit, do you expect your creator should come down to answer your questions so that you will start obeying Him?
Or do you expect Him to send an angel to you with the answers of your questions?
What you thought? What you expected?
Do you feel yourself such important that, “Why doesn’t somebody know the answers of the questions I have?”
“Why don’t Islam is not mature enough, not scientific enough to answer these questions, to solve these problems?”
Are these your thoughts? But you are a believer in a creator, really? Are you? No, you are not.

Let me give you an example. When I tried to talk about Allah to, I would say, a born Muslim (he is Muslim because he born in a Muslim family) he asked me “Why Allah mention about hellfire, so much in the Quran?”
“How come a creator of this enormous universe threats his tinniest creature of putting in the fire?”

I replied, “To answer this question, let me ask you 3 question first.”
“Do you believe in Allah? He said, yes!
Then I asked, Then after you had this question, what was your action? Did you try to find the answer?
Or Are you waiting for Allah, the All encompassing, to send an angel to you to answer this question?
Or Are you waiting to submit to Allah, the Most High, after knowing the answer to this question?
Or have you thought that it is the responsibility of those who follow Allah, the Most Exalted, to give you an answer?
Or do you make them responsible why they should not come to you with an answer to this question?

Tell me, is this the question that prevents you not to submit to Allah? No, it’s not!.
You just want to follow your desire, you don’t want to be submissive, you don’t want to be grateful!
So remain in your ungratefulness, remain in your arrogance and remain following your desire!

Meanwhile, I have got people who really have genuine questions that bother them even though they are believers, things often confuses them as because they are exposed to the filth of the world delivered to them day and night in front of their very eyes by the corrupt minds.
Maybe many of them will find the solace in their heart and submit to their creator and obey them fully.
And I pray to Allah, Al-Wahhab to grant me wisdom to place words of clarity before you.
And I ask Allah to guide you.

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