Imagination – The TOOL to acquire MINDFULNESS

Bismillah! Al Hamdulillah!!

You don’t have an attachment, you’re not mindful:

A Muslim knows what could cause him to enter Jahannam. 
A Muslim knows what could cause him to go through severe punishment in the Qabr, On the day of resurrection and on the Day of Judgement. 
He knows details about the warnings. 
Yet he chooses to disobey his creator, Allah, The Most Great!

Why? What’re the problems?
Doesn’t he believe in Jahannam?
Doesn’t he believe in the punishment of Allah?
Then, why he yet doesn’t obey Allah?
Simply because of one reason, attachment. 
He is not on it, his mind is not on it. he is not mindful about it.
Knowing only the info won’t impact you unless you’re attached to it.
So, what is this attachment then? 
Let’s try to understand it.

Cinema – An Analogy of mindfulness:

Did you watch a movie in a cinema hall? What do they do? 

  • They set a screen.
  • Put lights off. Why? So that your eyes remain focus on the screen. Your eyes don’t have other things to attract you. Meaning, they remove any other things away from your eyes.
  • There’s no other sound or distraction.
  • You sit in mental preparation for 2 hours,
  • You don’t talk to anybody.
  • You don’t let anybody talk to you.
  • and then they start the screen.

Imagine the amount of concentration and preparation even before you start watching whatever you about to watch. Remember how did you react when somebody’s voice disturbs you or somebody walks in front of the screen?
Then, what’s in the screen? How is the thing that you are watching is put in place?
How a lot of modern and most advanced technologies have been used in the making of it?
How much skill, expertise and professionalism have been employed into making that thing?
And then you remain focused for 2 long hours.
The actor drinks, you follow it. The actor walks, you follow the footsteps. The actor pauses, you keep looking at his face, you follow his expressions, his emotions and you get emotional.
You laugh, you cry, you engrossed in the feelings of whatever message they want you to shake you with.
And that’s how they change the culture of the society, they change the mindset of the people. 
That’s how they put what they intend to imprint in your mind. 

This is called attachment. It’s just that simple. 
You get attached even about simple issues when you have utmost preparation to the issue, your own mindfulness coupled with an environment, devoid of external distraction.

Did you read 100s of death in the newspaper or watch in TV news? Does that impact you much? Does that make you emotional much? But the death of one person in the cinema makes you emotional. That’s what attachment is.

A Class Room Analogy:

Let me give you another analogy.
You have a class of students. 
Unless a student pays attention to you, can you make him understand anything?
Then even you find an attentive student but if you set attractive things or events outside, things like, a celebrity walk by, a favourite sport is played on, a musical concert etc. which could pour in the eyes of the student through the window, do you think this attentive student would be able to concentrate in the class? No way!

So again, you need
(1) distraction less environment, noiseless environment,
(2) then your attention to the issue, and then
(3) a continuous focus for sometimes.
Only after that, you get to know something with your heart and mind that could make you attached with it in order for it to have an impact on you.

Now think, what are you doing about your creator?

There’s no environment that helps you think about the issue. 
You live in all kinds of distractions.
Endless entertainment, sports, games, shopping, relationships, food, fitness, this day, that day and whatnot.
And then the environment you live in is totally opposite to what it is needed for remembrance of your Creator.
No mental preparation of yours.
No screen to set to engage in. 
By the way, what’s your screen?
Quran is your screen Being Muslim. 
But you don’t read the Quran. You don’t know the Quran.
And then the ones, those who have the screen open, they watch it closing their eyes (without understanding).
La Hawla Wa La Quwatta IllA Billah! May Allah guide them.

How do you think I say something and you find it making sense to you?
Because already your mind is unstable. 
You need to bring in your focus. You need to understand how unmindful you are about your creator. 
Only then you can move from your state.
Therefore, the first thing is to identify is the severity of the problem and realize your situation that you are UNMINDFUL about your creator.

A Slavery to the masterminds, you call it ‘Entertainment’

Let’s go back to the analogy again.
Why there’s so much preparation in cinema involved in the first place? 
Why do you put so much preparation and concentration in it?
Because it entertains you. You love entertainment. You love the enjoyment. 
But you have no idea with enjoyment you also give them the royalty to shape your minds.
You became a slave to these masters who indoctrinate you with what should be your lifestyle, what will give you the best look, what will earn you prestige and status, what will give you pride.
You became so much slave to these masters.
They have so much power on you that even they make a criminal to be lovable to you, they portray a criminal act as heroism and you love them!
Thus they took out from you the basic morality being human,
the understanding of the right from the wrong,
the love for the truth and hatred to the falsehood, 
An unnoticed process in place towards ending of humanity,
A vicious act of the Masterminds to make a brainless species of human-shaped cattle who would only know to consume.
This is how deep you are into the slavery of these masters without you being realising, only because they put it as ‘entertainment’.

So, this entertainment has multiple impacts on your human aspect.

  1. Dopamine effect, which causes your brain slowly dysfunction and losing your ability to think properly.
  2. Psychological, shaping of morality. 
    But anyway, we are now focusing on a different issue, therefore let’s get back to our focal point.

So, what’s the way out?

You have much preparation and much concentration on the screen because it’s entertainment. 
Is it possible that you will have the same preparation and concentration for your Creator?
What do you think or expect, what could be done to draw the same preparation and concentration to your Creator?
Same sort of entertainment? 
But you’re made human!
You just do not have only one aspect in life that could make you focus.
You were not created only with desires!
You were created responsible and hardworking! (Al-Quran Al Majeed 90:4)
You were created with a heart which fears and gets terrified. (Al-Quran Al-Kareem18:18)
You were created with a heart which loves and aspires. (Al-Quran Al-Hakeem 38:35)

So, what’s in these things that could attract the same concentration from you?
(1) Fear of fire, fear of punishment.
(2) Fear of the end of life, fear of death.
(3) Aspirations of endless entertainment. 

The successful are those with strong IMAGINATION:

But they are not happening right now, though you believe they will happen.
So, how would you live your life focusing on those future events?
How would you make future events as a focal point of your life?
Only by imagination.
Imagining that they are happening right now!
You have to have the imagination to be in those future events.
And you are capable of doing that.
You are created with the ability to imagine. (Al-Quran 6:46)
And that’s what made you the best among all other living creatures. (Al-Quran 95:4)
You can’t blame your creator for putting you in the fire for not being able to do it. (Al Qur’an 17:14)

May Allah, Al-Hadee guide you and me to the imagination and save us from fire.
And remember your RABB said, “Successful are those who believe in Al-Gayeeb“. (Al Qur’an 2:3)
And that’s what he made the first criteria as for those who are successful.
Imagine the Unseen!

And how do you learn to imagine?
That’s for another day! In Shaa Allah!

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