If you are a ‘Believer’ in a CREATOR, What’s your ENORMOUS BRAIN created for?

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Be SURE that you are SOMEHOW a ‘BELIEVER’, in the least degree.

Often you will find that a THOUGHTFUL person has a philosophy by which he runs his life around. This write up is for all of those people out there.

By whatever philosophy you live your life, if there is a Creator in your mind in the least degree, then you are a ‘believer’. You may belong to ANY RELIGION or ANY SECTS of any religion or You may not belong to any religion but somehow you believe that there is a power, there is SUPREME BEING then, this is for you. Furthermore, if you are a FUNDAMENTAL ‘believer’ of your ‘religion’ or IF you are a RATIONAL ‘Believer’ of your ‘religion’ or IF you are a MODERN ‘believer’ of your ‘religion’ or if you just ‘believer’ By BORN, whatever level of a religious person you are, then this is for you and these statements apply to you and so this is directed towards you. If you cannot relate with these statements that you just read, then respectfully speaking, there is no need for you to continue reading this further and you may stop here.

The Proposal:

Alright, so you’re certain that you have been created and that a creator exists somewhere out there? If that’s the case, and if you believe you are a CREATION then every part of your body – your hands, legs, eyes, heart – has been created by the Creator, right? To a believer, this point must be engraved in their mind. It must not be weak or unstable. Otherwise, the point I’m about to make will not make any sense.

Are you a THOUGHTFUL person?

First of all, you must be a thoughtful person, willing to have an open mind and think about the world around you. As a fact of the matter, most of the human being is more or less thoughtful but the only thing is that not everybody is thoughtful in everything!  So, do you think you are one of the thoughtful people! As being thoughtful is the first criterion to understand the point I am going to make. Therefore, I am emphasizing this to bring your attention and increase your thoughtfulness in this ONE point!

Is your BODY MADE by your CREATOR?

Do you believe that ‘God’ made you? Or Do you believe that a supreme being made you, the same supreme being who kept everything in the universe in balance? Did you really think about it?

I am asking again, do you believe that ‘God’ has put you in your mother’s womb? And then ‘GOD’ has made you a baby, and then a child, a boy or a girl, a teenager and then a man or a woman? Is that ‘God’ who brought you up, really? Is that ‘God’ who gave you these eyes now you reading with? This brain that you thinking now? Did ‘God’ give you these things?

Look at your skin, your finger, your nails, you believe ‘God’ has made them? Give it a thought, just look at your body and give it a thought for 5 minute or 15 minutes, or an hour, do not let any other thought come and distract you from it. Think, is that ‘GOD’ who made you in this shape? Touch your body, touch your hand, touch your feet, look at them, you own them now, right? Do you? These are your part of existence, these are what makes you who you are, these belong to you, But are you the owner of these, Are you the creator of these? Have you created your body parts? Or are these things created by ‘God’? If ‘God’ created them, who owns them? You or ‘God’? You or your Creator?


If ‘God’ has a purpose of creating us then all these organs were created collectively for that purpose, isn’t it? You see, logically everyone can understand that if someone creates something he has a purpose of doing it, right? So, without even going to the religious books and religious ideas of ‘God’s purpose of creation of human being, logically anyone can conclude that there is a purpose!

But even all the religions say that ‘God’ has a purpose of creating human beings, a believer even who is the most unattached person with religion would say mockingly that ‘God’ has created us for his “PLEASURE”. Truly that ‘pleasure’ is what termed especially in the religious books as worshipping ‘God’. We can put the references from all the different religious books later. But for now, we are here that we are a creation!

Why you create something?

Now, Imagine you create something, say a robot, in fact, scientist already created robots. What are the components of a robot? Same as human beings, hands, legs, face, eyes, etc. at least we can see the external organs. Just also think of electronic dolls that kids play with today, they are also kind of robots.

They walk, they were given eyes, hands, legs and some kind of capacity was given to them (electrical motor) which runs by a power source (battery) and with the power of that battery they are able to move their hands, legs, so they walk, right?

So, we can say, this is our creation. We created these small machines and their some functions are like the functions of the human being, at least that’s what we are trying and improving every day!

Easy part right? Are you thinking why I am discussing this easy-to-understand-by-kids stuff with you in a kids language? Just have little patience and keep on focusing on me while I am going to take you to my point.

Why would you give a TAIL or a BRAIN to a robot?

Now, if we decide to put a “TAIL” to robots, unlike human structure, what you think we would do it for? (some people I heard really have fun thinking that what if we human had a tail as animals do) So that it can use it’s tail, right? So, if we set a “tail” in a robot, we will also program it for its purpose and for its functions as to how and when and why it will use its tail, right?

Now, think the same for the brain. Though robotics are improving day by day if we are capable of ‘giving a brain to a robot’, what you think we would do it for? (I know robot has chips that worked like a brain but these are mathematical functions and programs set into them, so, you can understand I think what I mean by saying ‘giving a brain to a robot’) So that it can use its brain by itself to think freely without being programmed, right? But at least when we make a robot now, we set a program in its chips and program it for what purpose and when for which functions it will use it, right?

Imagine all the scientists of the world are trying to improve the robotics and we are waiting to see that one day they will be able to put brains to robots so that robots can use their brains freely on their own, that will be a scientific ultimate achievement and achievement of human capability, right? (Actually, improvement of robotics are happening as such) So, why we would do that? To set a robot for our use, isn’t it, simple logic, simple understanding.

Did you NOTICE, the CAPABILITY of all the ORGANS of OUR BODY is LIMITED, but ONE?

Now, think of us, human beings, our Creator has given us 100s of organs in our body and he sets the capability of those organs so they function accordingly to their capacity, right? Now, what’s the capacity of our eyes? Limited, isn’t it? What’s the capacity of our hands, limited! Now, what’s the capacity of our legs, veins, muscles, bones, etc.? Limited! Just go by one after another organ of your body, all of those organs have got particular functions and all of them has got LIMITATIONS in their CAPABILITY.

But the ONLY ORGAN in our body had NO LIMITATIONS as far as capacity is concerned. Can you understand what is that ORGAN? You already know the answer, right? It is our BRAIN. Huge, Enormous, Unlimited, isn’t it! See now, with our entire advancement and all-out achievement we are putting into the effort to make a brain for a robot that could work for us on its own but our Creator already gave us that brain.


Leave all these theoretical ideas about scientist which does not attach you personally. I earnestly ask you to relate this to you personally. Remember the more you can get close to the imagination the more you can attach with something. So, think of yourself a maker, give it sometimes, close your eyes and try to make something yourself and try to give every organ to it and have it worked.

You will give each and every organ by keeping some expectation in your mind about that organ. So, if you are able to give a brain to that thing you will have a lot of expectation out of that organ. Now ask yourself, what will it be? Obviously, it will be for your service. So, think now, put yourself in a creator shoe for the reason of understanding your creator better. Give that creation one by one each organ and think why HE would give such organ to HIS creation?

Why your CREATOR gave you that BRAIN

Finally, here is the POINT that I tried to bring you in today. I want you to THINK about this question. Why the CREATOR you believe in gave us that enormous BRAIN? Isn’t HE gave that for HIS purpose? Isn’t HE created that organ for HIS purpose? If our entire self is created by the Creator for HIS purpose and for HIS cause, isn’t the brain also created to use FOR HIM?

Now look at you, look at us, what we are doing with that brain? Think of a day of yours from opening your eyes from sleep to closing your eye for sleeping, how do you use your brain, what for? Did you use it for your creator? Did you use it to THINK about HIM? Simple question, simple thought!

That’s the summary of this long talk just to put this simple question. If you Believe you are a Creation of ‘God’, If you believe ‘God’ has created you for HIS purpose. Then your brain also HE created for HIS purpose. To use that brain for HIM. To think about HIM. Ask yourself, what are you doing with this brain?

How much of your time did you allocate for your Creator?

If you are a working person, student, homemaker, retired or doing whatever you do, busy going to work, or school, homework or doing household stuff, hanging out with family, friends, reading, having fun, TV, movies, games entertainment, travelling, camping, vacation, surfing net, watching youtube, eating, sleeping, toileting, bathing, what not! EVEN IF you are a very much a PRACTICING and RELIGIOUS person, ask yourself, of 24 hours a day, how many minutes you use your brain to THINK about your Creator, being a ‘believer’!

Maybe you are a good religious person, maybe you do your religious rituals, maybe you do your religious practice regularly, but do you really THINK about your CREATOR? Now, if you do not understand what I meant by “THINK about your creator” then let me make it simple to you. When you newly married, you think about your spouse very often even if you are busy at work, or walking, transporting, eating, before sleeping. Whatever you do, the loved ones come to your mind. If you are a creative person, amidst your regular work you THINK and create, if you are so much engrossed in work, you keep thinking about it while even you eating. Do you understand now what I mean when I say “Do you THINK about your creator?” even if you are a person who does religious practices and worship regularly? Apart from your regular worshipping practices, do you give it a THOUGHT about your creator?

Ask yourself this question. You are a ‘believer’ in ‘God’ and that ‘God’ gave you the brains for HIS purpose, how are you using it for HIM? How many hours or even minutes you THINK about your CREATOR?

What to THINK?

Maybe I made it too long, but I had a wide range of readers to cover but did I make my point? If you agree then the question may arise, “What do I think about my Creator?” Well, Nobody needs not to tell you what to think, it’s your job, just give your creator sometimes of your thoughts, you will see what happens! But to give you little to begin with, watch documentaries about space, universe, earth, human body, life of animal, insect etc about all the CREATIONS of  your CREATOR and be amazed how you creator made these work, be amazed by his POWER and MIGHT, HIS GREATNESS, HIS PERFECTNESS in making those creations. Follow the scientist’s explanations but beware of the difference between scientific FACTS, scientific THEORIES and ASSUMPTIONS and scientists personal views. Even if you watched these before, now see them with a new perspective. The CREATOR that you believe in will BLOW your MIND.

But along the way, I might give you some very crucial points once you SET YOUR MIND for YOUR CREATOR.

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