If RACISM is a disease, so is NATIONALISM. If nationalism is a disease so is ‘SENSE of BELONGING’

‘Sense of belonging’: A disease in disguise:

‘Sense of belonging’, one of the most harmful nature of your’s that may cause your ultimate destruction. What is that ultimate destruction? Superiority, tribalism, nationalism, and racism. All these destructive psychological mindsets originate from an apparently innocent term ‘sense of belonging’ which you popularly express as “I belong here”, “This is mine”, “This is our pride”, “This is our heritage”. But in reality, you use these terms only to feel, think and to show pride and ego for having done something or being a part of something.


Please do not confuse it with ‘right’ of belonging, which is physical and legal in the eyes of law (if you occupy a land for more than 12 years law says that you establish a legal right on that to some extent.)

What is it?

The ‘sense of belonging’ is a psychological state of mind though it disguises itself as a ‘natural’ human characteristic. In reality, it is imposed and earned, habitually and forcefully. And that is one of the underlying problems.
What makes it deeply rooted in you is that you view it as something natural. But no! Your parents, your family, your society, and the masterminds who you leased your country to design your ‘way of life’ has set societal and educational institutions, national days, national programs to put you in the practice of some ‘way of life’ which by time, from childhood to adulthood, got planted in you as your ‘family value’ or ‘social custom’ or ‘religious rituals’. Practically, you developed certain habits which turned into a ‘sense of belonging’ in your mind without you noticing how it impacts your understanding of right and wrong, justice and injustice.

The impact is massive:

What is more destructive than this that you choose the side of your brother against justice because your brother is your family? You stand by the side of your brother even if he causes injustice to others. This is just one of the direct harms that manifest and result from the ‘sense of belonging’. You choose your attachment over your sense of justice. Have you noticed it?


The level of this disease culminates further when your love for your nation causes you to support and choose your nation against an oppression, corruption, and injustice it does to another nation. It totally eliminates the sense of justice from you. Did you ever look at the love for your country from this perspective?


Therefore, you dislike any other ‘way of life’, you dislike people with a different ‘way of life’ and it doesn’t just stay at that level. It grows to such a level that it doesn’t matter anymore whether it is right or wrong but you stand and voice against any other ‘way of life’ because you feel your “Australian way of life”, your “Australian value” is threatened. (I put ‘Australia’ as an example, but you can put the name of your country, in place of ‘Australia’, wherever you think you might ‘belong to’)

The practice of this disease:

You love sports, you support a team. You become a supporter of your team over justice, you become a ‘brother’ to your brother over justice, your national identity becomes greater over justice. You become so nationalistic that you blindly support your country even it is oppressing another nation. Thus, you become a racist just because this disease is implanted in your heart and mind so deeply.
But you call it love for your team, love for your nation, love for your land. Actually not you, the masterminds you let regulate you, administer you, force this ISM into your heart and mind only to serve their purpose and collective goal. Only the mindful ones notice this. And the rest of you act like sheep, engage in those ISM by the form and shape of ‘loving the team’, ‘loving the country’, ‘loving the flag’ so much so that you put your own life less worth than those ISM.
And in the case of sports, you nurture this so openly that you think it’s a pride to support your team even your team player is in clear foul against the opponent. Undoubtedly these sports are one of the events that happen in your everyday life and you nurture this disease so dearly that this ‘sense of belonging’ turns into racism. You call it ‘fun and entertainment’, ‘sport’ and ‘rule of the game’. But what it does to your heart is that it implants the disease of racism more and more deeply, without you even noticing it.

And the ultimate destruction

And then there is religious belonging, which could result in your ultimate destruction. You belong to a particular religion (including Buddhism, Atheism, and Communism, as they are religions too but most people do not understand that) and you are engrossed in the rituals of your religion, so much so that you even look at another sect of your own religion as a matter of ‘alien’, let alone other religions.
You never think:
“What if I was born in another sect of my own religion?”
“Why are their ways different to ours?”
“What is the origin of all those ‘religious’ ways?”
“Does the ‘book’ I believe was ‘revealed’ or ‘inspired’ by ‘God’ allow people to think whatever they want to think about ‘God’?
“Does the ‘book’ I believe was ‘revealed’ or ‘inspired’ by ‘God’ allow people to worship ‘God’ in whatever way they desire?”
“Are all these IDEAS about ‘God’ and different WAYS of WORSHIP acceptable to ‘God’?”
“What does the book say about all these sects?”
And these questions are just about your own religion.
And then what about other religions? And then what about other religious books? Where did they come from? Did you ever question yourself, “What if I was born in one of those religious families?”
No, you do not ask those questions. Rather, you do not even bother once in your lifetime to read your own religious book with your own understanding. Because the priests, the gurus, the monks and the scholars made it almost illegal for ‘ordinary’ people like you to read the book from ‘God’ and understand it yourself, which was supposed to be sent for you. And then they imprinted those falsehoods in your mind that ‘whatever you believe doesn’t matter, just be good and give goodness to others’.
And that’s just only about those of you who are serious about your religion and practice it. Then what about those of you who have no connection with your religious practices at all?
But yet the ‘sense of belonging’ is so apparent in both these categories so deeply that instead of questioning and inquiring, it produces dislikes, disgust and hatred towards other sects and other religions even though you were never serious about your own religion. That’s what the disease of ‘sense of belonging’ makes you do. You become the most unjust to ‘God’ by believing whatever your heart desires to think about ‘God’ or whatever ways suits you to worship ‘God’.

The MASTERMINDS that plants the disease in you:

So who is to blame? The family, the society, the nation or those who purposely plant this seed of disease in you?
Let’s not be unjust by putting the family to blame. Every family or society has the right to teach their children their values, customs, rituals and there’s no problem with that, nor should they be blamed for it. But when a child gets into adulthood, he should always use his brain to think and question and choose.
But it is the problem when the nation or state gets involved in that. How and why?

A STRUCTURED mechanism that plants the SEED of INJUSTICE to Human being:

A child goes to school and the nation-state put him on the national anthem, that’s the start of planting the disease of ‘the sense of belonging’, the disease of nationalism planted there at that moment and age into a child’s heart and mind.
The craze of Sports (actually the disease) is set and patronize on a clear purpose to distract you away from the problems and corruptions of those who manage the affairs of a country, like a corrupt mother of a child who puts her child in mobile games so that she continues her flirting undisturbed.
That’s what those in the state who set this disease is doing. Those who want people not to disturb them in their corruption oppression, injustice and do not get time to question their inabilities.

What’s in it for you?

Now, what’s the point of this discussion? Well, you might agree with me in a few things and disagree on a few other things. But at least it is expected that a great deal of injustice in you can attribute to those practices mentioned. But then what’s your part here? What can you do?
Well, at least know that we humans belong to our Creator, not to our land-mass based nation states that they made us believe and die for.
Share, if there's benefit in it. Dawah benefits YOU!
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