How to BEG Allah for the understanding of the Quran?

Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah Rahimullah said,

“Sometimes I would come across a hundred different explanations for a single verse and I would ask Allah to allow me to understand them.

I would say,
‘O teacher of Adam and Ibraheem, teach me’

I would go to an abandoned Masjid, rub my face in dirt and ask Allah saying, ‘O teacher of Ibraheem, teach me!’

Reference: Tafsir Surat al-Ikhlas, page 6..

What do you see here? Let’s do a Critical Reasoning.

He had ‘come across’ different explanations:
Does it mean he came across of explanations from his own self or from others too? I think this ‘hundred’ here used as an expression, not exactly as a number. But what we can understand that it’s too many. So, where he got those different explanations from?

If it is from himself, he has to think about it for many days! SubhanAllah what a Baraka they get of their time! And I think he got many explanations from many different scholars too!

What does it mean? After knowing an explanation from a teacher yet he wanted to understand it properly and more precisely, so he kept thinking.

And then if all of these explanations he ‘came across’ from his own mind then he must have been kept thinking and thinking and he found new explanations.

Then why did he beg Allah so much? Was he confused of all different understanding or was he scared? Did he then ran from one teacher to another to get more confused! No! he got what he got, maybe from others and maybe from himself combined. And yet he kept thinking. He didn’t take those explanations as CERTAIN knowledge and sealed his brain off. He kept thinking and thinking for how many days, only Allah knows and then see how he begged Allah for precise understanding! SubhanAllah!

And for us? SubhanAllah! How many ways they put a restriction on today’s students! You are taught a Tafsir and that’s the explanation you have to swallow, you have no scope to think any other ways! ‘You can’t think about it yourself!’ There’s no encouragement for thinking and contemplating on the Quran.

The teaching method suppose to encourage the students to open their minds for thinking but unfortunately the method itself put the seal on to the mind of the students that ‘You can’t think it yourself’, ‘You have to take from Ulema’ So, they pour unto them a ‘packaged’ understanding of the Quran and seal their brain off, thus produce a bunch of sheep from the ‘Islmaic’ Universities. Therefore, the sheep got the mindset that ‘We don’t have the Akl to think, thinking on the Quran! It’s for Ulema’! La Hawla Wa La Quwata Illa Billah!

And the result! An Ayah of the Quran doesn’t impact on the Muslims now! He has to get it from his Ulema! The mind is sealed, the thinking is blocked and the Ummah is ruined!

May Allah guide me and guide Muslims! May Allah Ta Baraka Ta’ala give us proper understanding of the Deen.

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