O Muslims, How come you don’t take shaitan as your enemy when he put most of mankind on the path to Jahannam?

Bismillah! Al Hamdulillah!

How did Allah Al Mighty himself deal with shaitan?
SubhanAllah! Allah Ar-Rahman Ar Raheem, He gave us easy remedies to ward off shaitan but how did He Himself deal with shaitan?
Sura Mulk 67:5.
He uses blazing stars to throw at the shaitan.
Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar.

O Muslim, don’t you realise the power of shaitan?
He has the power to manipulate Allah’s Ohee (revelation) to His messengers!
La Hawla Wa La Quwata Illa Billah!
Yet, you believe everything that comes out from the mouth of your Ulema!

O Muslims, yet you do not take shaitan seriously?
Didn’t shaitan pave the path of billions of human to fire?
Don’t you Muslim already see the power of shaitan?

Do you not see that how shaitan dealt with the kuffar?
Aren’t there Kuffar who devoutly and sincerely worship their ‘God’ and sincerely believe that they will go to ‘heaven’?
What do you think, who keeps them in contention in whatever worship they are doing or whatever way they are worshiping their ‘God’?
Isn’t it shaitan who keeps them feel peace in their heart?

So, what’s wrong with you? How do you judge?
Why don’t you take shaitan seriously?

Isn’t the world already taken over by shaitan?
Isn’t the world’s affairs already run by shaitan?
What is United Nations? How does it set the rules and regulations of the world?
Who is America? Aren’t they Sons of Adam? Aren’t these nothing but the work of shaitan on the sons of Adam alaihi wa sallam?

What is the monetary standard that this world runs by?
And that you Muslims are part of it? Isn’t it by shaitan?
Isn’t it shaitan who put Riba for you to breath in?

Who puts all these ‘Muslims’ government around the world to compromise with other than Allah’s law in their judicial systems?
Do you not understand the power of shaitan?

Who put Music that run through the blood of Muslims?
Don’t you yet understand the power of shaitan?

Who put entire Muslim women to be disobedient to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala?
Find any Muslim women today even who wear Niqab but she is fully obedient to her righteous husband?
Didn’t Kuffar’s (and which is ultimately from shaitan) has set her mind to the philosophy of ‘equality’?
Find a Muslim women today who prays Tahajjud and wear even Burqa and Niqab but she will accept another woman generously as the wife of her husband without any question, without any fitnah in the family?

So how many more examples you want in order for you to understand that how shaitan has wrapped his entire human subjects? (Al-Quran 36:60-62)
If it is not straight Jahannam like kuffars but no Muslim you will find there who might escape the punishment of Qabr or the punishment on Qiyamah (Yeah Rabb! save us from your punishment and guide us) only because they took all those Kuffar’s systems easily in their life, even if it is a scholar who produces 10 hours of Lectures on Tafsir of Sura Fatiha?

He is a scholar, he is an Imam of the Masajid, he is the organiser of the Masajid, he is the Khatib of the Jumma, he is the lecturer of thousands of videos, he is doing Tafsir of Quran and Sharr of Hadith, he is doing the Seerah of Rasulullah Salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam,
But he is living under the law of taghut of which he is subject to and he took it easily.
He has the bank card in his wallet and he took it easily.
His womenfolk, if not showing her face to the non-mahram but giving her voice to others for unnecessary social reasons and he took it easily.

You tell me, do you not yet understand the power of shaitan?
Or tell me, why Allah, the Al Mighty, The Creator has put such organs like brain and heart into human being?
Don’t you think?

But you are not serious the easy solutions Allah gave you to ward off shaitan.

You eat, you let shaitan eat with you.
You keep your food uncovered, you let shaitan eat your food.
You drink, you let shaitan drink with you.
You keep your water uncovered, you let shaitan drink your water.
You enter into your home without making Dua and giving Salam, you invite shaitan as guest to eat your food and drink.
You go to your wife, you don’t make dua, nor you do wudu, you let shaitan enter your wife with you..
You open your mouth for yawning and not covering it, you let shaitan go inside your body and run into your blood.
You over sleep, you let shaitan urinate in your ear.
You make shaitan your brother by wasting water while you are bathing, while you are making wudu, washing the dishes, wasting your money to eat unnecessary food and drinks, buying unnecessary cloths and what not and you have no idea much time you waste.
You don’t go to the Masajid, you let shaitan wrap you.
You go to the Masajid and then you let the bell of shaitan ring (mobile ringtone), such filth you carry to the house of Allah and Allah knows if that pushes the Malaikah of Rahma to go away.
You don’t stop having bad suspicion about your brother, you let shaitan whisper to you.
You sneeze and don’t say ‘Al Hamdulillah’, you make shaitan laugh at you.
You don’t know what you recite in Salah, you let shaitan remind you of all of your affairs.
You don’t know how Allah will allow you to concentrate on Salah, you let shaitan to destroy your Salah.
And thus you take shaitan easily.
And that’s how you let shaitan overpower you, that even the word of Allah doesn’t make an impact on you.

And Allah knows best.
O Allah, save us from shaitan and protect us from the plot of shaitan and his associates among human.
O Allah, guide Muslim and Scholars of Muslims and save us from Jahannam and punishment of grave and Qiyamah.

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