Get married today to experience the greatest human emotions.

Travelling alone, yourself?

Not married yet?

How come, how old are you?

You already missed the best time but still not too late to get married!
Is it?

Yes! and right now! Don’t be late anymore.

You don’t know what you missing every single day!
Well, it has lot of problems too! I guess it has both pros and cons.

It has all kind of emotions that human can experience! In fact one of the greatest things that make us great being human is our emotions. and this marriage is the system or a structure of life that we can experience most of our greatest emotions such as kindness, care, respect, responsibility, tolerance, forgiveness and so on.
That’s true!

Relations other than marriage break up easily in most of the cases when the ‘loving hormone’ is done with by the passing of time which create a vacuum of love and then personality clash breaks in so easily into that vacuum. But in marriage, the ‘love hormone’ replaces with responsibilities, caring, kindness, tolerance and one of the most important and honored of human capabilities, forgiving. You don’t have tolerance at all in extra-marital relations.
Real true!

So, get married soon!
and then give importance to the MOST important question, why you here, who created you! In fact you can start that too immediately, actually right now, right here.
Tell me what you think about our Creator?


The idea here is to let people attract to legal marriage, at least that is also a thing of importance. When I heard a Hadith about Dajjal it said, Rasululullah Sallillahu Alaihi WaSallam said, most of the followers of the Dajjal will be illegitimate children of the Kuffar (Sorry, I can’t give the reference right now, but InShaaAllah will provide later). So, if I cannot attract them towards Allah then at least try to reduce the size of the enemy.

In other terms, Human dignity and values are today in a pit as one of the most oldest and important social institution is broken, the decency of humanity is lost when every other thing encourages people to go for extra-marital relations.

And I jumped here to a specific but sensitive personal topic after a quick understanding of my client. Al Hamdulillah it worked well. I went deep discussion about Tawheed with him from there which in Shaa Allah will come in its proper place.

If you wonder about this post, please read this post to get an understanding of the background of this kind of conversation, In Shaa Allah.

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