Get a TOTAL PICTURE of your DEEN and KNOW where you STAND

Bismillah! Al-Hamdulillah!

You are reading an Ayah of the Quran or reading a Hadith or listening to a lecture, you are learning something.

You remain focused on whatever you learned today.
Tomorrow new things add up because you are learning continuously.

Therefore what happens?
You concentrate more on what you learned today and consequently, you give less concentration on the lessons of the previous days.

And soon your focus on that previous lessons gets faded away as you have to focus on new things every day.
It happens to all of us, right?

So, what do you do?
How can you REMAIN focus on ALL the things and all the issues ALL the time?
To do that you have to know how do you usually remain focus on something.
by acquiring full knowledge of it,
by keeping attachment with it,
and most significantly by having a TOTAL PICTURE in our mind about it
and BE ON it.

And this is where this site comes!
Your entire Deen, your entire PATH towards Jannah is in one page.

You see it as a tree, as a whole and then you can zoom on a trunk, on a branch and then on a leaf.
If you keep this practice for few days then, sometime later you will look at the whole tree, you would know which trunk got what, you would know which branch got what and you would know which leaf got what.

What’s the benefit?
Endless, can’t possibly describe.
But the most important one could be, you can make a checklist of
where you LACK and
where you NEED TO WORK on yourself.

So, please come back to browse the ‘Mapping My Journey – Towards Jannah’ in the Home Page often to regain your focus on your path, In Shaa Allah!

May Allah, An-Naseer help us in our journey towards Jannah!
May Allah, Al-Muqallib keep our Qalb firm on Deen.
May Allah, Al-Mu’tee give us beneficial knowledge.

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