My Journey – From a net of ‘CORRUPT’ minds to the straight path

Bismillah! Al Hamdulillah!

From a community of ‘corrupt minds’ of

“don’t go into deep into religion, you will get confused”,

“if you believe, only then religion is true, if you don’t believe,  then there’s no truth“,

“By reading in Arabic you at least get reward  brother but reading translation is what making Muslims atheist“,

“Are these Ulama wrong? They study Shariah for 40 yrs, you think you know better than them?”,

“Our Shariah is set, our scholars already set rules for, you just need to follow them”

“This is the problem,  by studying few hadith here n there you think you can question them who studied 100,000s of hadith in their entire life?”

from all these blockade and darkness of minds to the light of the ONE who says, “Do you not THINK?”

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