For the good HEARTS – A MESSAGE to those human beings yet having some purity left in ‘the flesh’ called heart

~:~ You might not have an open mind, and that’s okay. In reality, there’s nothing called an ‘open mind’, it’s just a fantasy.

~:~ You might not be a thoughtful person, and that’s not a problem. It doesn’t take much intellect to achieve a good heart.

~:~ You might not be a creative person. And you don’t need much of it.

~:~ But all you need is to have the POWER of NEGATION. The power to negate ARROGANCE. You just need to be DEVOID of ARROGANCE in order to acquire a GOOD HEART.

~:~ It doesn’t matter even if you are a most generous, kind-hearted, well mannered or the most humanitarian person. In the end, nothing would benefit you if you have just one bad characteristic: ARROGANCE.

~:~ A good heart is one that is devoid of arrogance!

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