Know the Falsehood in the CONSTITUTIONS of the world nations – which makes a human to become a CONSCIOUSLESS insect, the worst of the living creatures

Bismillah! Al Hamdulillah!

Dignity being Human

You are a human being and you are the best living creature in the entire universe, you know.
Why are you the best?
What makes you the best?
It is consciousness.
You have a sense of understanding of the right and the wrong.
You have a sense of morality and justice.
Thus you have humanity.
That’s what gives you dignity being human.

But there is corruption:

So, when someone goes out of consciousness,
when right or wrong doesn’t affect someone anymore,
when someone does not have the sense of morality,
and when someone does not have the sense of justice,
you call him immoral,
you call him unjust,
you call him corrupt.

And yes, many human beings sometimes put their consciousness behind in order to achieve something immorally, illegally. They follow their desires and greed, but that mostly rests on the individuals.


But there are many who hold their consciousness tight. You stand, you voice for the good and you forbid the evil.
Is there any parent who would raise their children to be immoral, to be corrupt?
Is there any parent who would teach their children injustice?
And is there any parent who would intend for their children to choose a profession in which they have to earn money through corruption, doing an illegal thing?
You won’t find any.
Every parent teaches their children morality at their best.

Then, would you generally find a profession or a job or a business that gives no regard to your consciousness?
Would you generally find a person choosing a job or a profession or a business where he has to be consciousless like an animal as a way to earn money, except a corrupt person?

Open your eyes and bring your GOOD heart:

Then look at the professions, jobs, businesses that people regard as lucrative, noble, highly prestigious and highly paid and so on.
Look at the organizations that a govt operates to serve the people, to manage the affairs of a country.
There are many types of organizations such as service, welfare, business, commercial, defence, health, judicial, education and so on.
Do any of these organisations managed by a government forces its employees to be immoral, to be unjust? Do any of these organisations managed by a government forces its employees not to give a damn what is right and what is wrong?
Do any of these organisations managed by a government forces its employees to disregard and dissolve his consciousness and become like a consciousless animal?
No! You won’t find any but only ONE!
And how are government departments administered and operated, under which law? It is the constitution of a country that sets the law and regulations of all the government departments.

A DISGUISED corruptor that corrupt human to be consciousless like an insect:

Look at the corruption in the constitution that governs State forces.
A human has to sell his soul to his country to become a soldier.
Therefore, he has to kill an innocent person, knowingly, because that’s an order from his commander!

A soldier of a nation-state doesn’t remain a human being as because,
he has no senses anymore,
he has no consciousness,
he has no understanding of justice
and he has no sense of understanding of the right and the wrong.
It’s not that he doesn’t have those senses but they are of no use to him in the face of a command from his commander.

So, when and how does this happen?
It is when you sign to serve your country, for a lucrative, for a prestigious defence job.
It’s not like any other job that earns you honour, respect, pride, status, money but it is a job that makes you a slave to the order of your commander in disguise of a dignified term called ‘discipline’.
It is a job that doesn’t let you remain human,
It is a job that doesn’t let you use your consciousness.
It is a job that makes you a conscious-less animal, like a hunting dog.
That’s the level it takes a human being to, have you noticed that?

This is nothing but a corruption of the human mind and soul,
an utmost falsehood,
an organized slavery in a civilized world which buys the soul of a human being and makes it a slave.
And the whole thing is enacted and supported by the constitution of the nations of the entire world!

The Falsehood

To cover up this organised slavery to the civilised people they invented many sweet terms such as ‘discipline’, ‘serving the nation’ etc.
And how did they do it?
By nursing a vicious falsehood, called ‘nationalism’.
So they pump this falsehood into the hearts and minds of conscious human beings which makes them and takes them to the level of an animal.

Can you imagine any soldier in the world stands against an order or disobey an order from his general?
I wonder, what organised slavery practised by all the nations of the world!
The process of making a human into a machine and dehumanizing starts with the ‘commando training’ in the first place.
While they already processed most of the soldier’s mind as a machine,
yet there are few who get consciousness in the face of injustice that his state, his nation, his forces do to others.
But he just cannot do anything.
He already sold his soul to serve his country,
he sold his humanity,
and he sold his consciousness to become to the level of an animal by signing the papers in the first place. He cannot practice those human qualities anymore.

And, the result?

The utmost destruction! Therefore, finally, we hear the news when they were out of the slavery machine of ‘discipline’ of the ranks,
when they return homes
and when their consciousness returns,
many of those soldiers ended up in suicide, taking their own lives.

And the News:

This is the news headline of

Soldier suicide: Number of veterans taking own lives more than triples Afghanistan combat toll

What this means is, the number of Australian soldiers that took their own lives after returning home was triple than the number of soldiers died in the battle in Afganistan.

Did you get it what you just read?
And you find in the report:

’20 US veterans committing suicide every day’ who returned from the battle of Afganistan and Iraq.

The corruptor’s invention of the False Motivation:

I wonder what makes people so blind that one thinks to do this job
or a family who thinks to send their children to serve in an organisation which takes away their dignity being human.
The only answer is the false motivations of the corruptor by sweet words such as dignity, pride, social status, money, ‘discipline’, ‘serving the nation’, ‘nationalism’ ‘national hero’, ‘Lest we Forget’ and so on.

And the solution: why a soldier wants to be a Muslim:

Because only one constitution that gives you a right to REMAIN HUMAN is the Islamic constitution.
Know about Islam.
Know the right of a soldier of the Muslim State, Khilafah State or Islamic State that is governed by the constitution from the Creator of this universe.

According to that constitution,
a soldier obeys the command of his general only in righteousness, not in evil, not in wrong, not in injustice.
(Sahih Bukhari 7144)

SubhanAllah! You have the right to disobey your commander in evil order.
(Sahih Muslim 1839)

Can you imagine that?
Can you understand the implication of this as a soldier?
If you are a fighter and love fighting then, Islam gives you the constitution to fight and remain human,
whereas any other constitution made by men will take your soul as a soldier and won’t let you remain human.

Not only that, you might want to take revenge on your enemy sometimes or retaliate on your enemy, yet your Creator command you to remain JUST! (Al-Quran 5:8)
This is Islam.
Guidance for humanity in every aspects of life.
Al Hamdulillah!
Al Hamdulillahi Kaseera!

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