Evolution – A mockery to human intellect – Part 3: Billion zeros won’t make 1 in billions of years.

If you add billion zeros would they ever make 1?


Application of Humane Logic:
Put billions of lifeless objects together. Give it a billion years of time.

But chemical reaction happens.

They still remain lifeless. Do you know any chemical that produce life?


But they give you a BLANK but explosive words (http://www.livescience.com/32983-what-are-ingredients-life.html) to explain that there were 6 chemicals, Carbon, Hydrozen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Sulphur, Phosphorus which are responsible to KICK-OFF life.
That “kick-off” is what you got as SCIENTIFIC (?!) explanation of creation of life from all those lifeless chemicals.
What a mockery!

Billion lifeless objects in billions of years time won’t make a life.

Humane Reasoning:
Theory of Evolution is just a mockery, disgust and insult to human reasoning and intellect.
It’s hypnotizing through words.
It’s just that simple.

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