Evolution: A mockery to human intellect – Part 1. None other go against their very NATURE but humans.


How’s your morning?
– Sleepy.

Couldn’t you sleep well last night?
– Going to sleep now. Enjoyed the night, enjoyed the life. How about you?

Slept the night, started the day for work. Al Hamdulillah. So, you treat the night as day and the day as night!
– Yes, it is, it’s fun. You got to enjoy yourself. You live only once.


You are going against the nature of yourself. Night is meant for Sleeping.
– Yea….h, I think I can make my choice. It’s my life, I own it.

Do you consider yourself as one of the animal species or distinctively human?
– What do you mean?

Do you BELIEVE human evolved from animal?
– What does it have to do with making a choice being human?

It has the most SIGNIFICANT relation with that.
– How’s that?


Well, if you believe in evolution and also believe in your choice than it’s a intellectual contradiction.
– What? What do you mean? Can you please explain?

Look at the animal kingdom. Do you find any animal going against its NATURE? Would you find any animal choose not to sleep when it is a time for them to sleep?
– Not usually.

That’s the natural way for them, right? They don’t go against their natural behavior. Then how come you choose to go against your nature while BELIEVING you are one of their kind and you evolve from them?
– I got your point. Logically you are right. yeah, it doesn’t make sense.


It comes so easy to human reasoning, it’s just that simple. If evolution were true then you would not even have the option of choosing to challenge the nature’s way.
It’s Simple Math!

Human evolution can’t go with human rationality and reasoning.
Evolution is a mockery, disgust and insult to human reasoning and intellect.

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