Do you have a problem Imagining the SUN on a cloudy day?

Bismillah! Al Hamdulillah!

A practical Analogy: Seeing the Sun on a cloudy day!

Did you happen to experience a cloudy day?
You see it very often, don’t you?
Imagine a day when it is the midday but there’s no Sun, dark cloud covers the horizon.
It makes midday looks like the beginning of a night, isn’t it?

Bring a person who never exposed to the Sun in his life,
he never knew there is a Sun,
he never knew what it looks like,
he never knew the heat, the power, the brightness, he has got no idea whatsoever what it is about the Sun!

Bring that person in such a dark cloudy day and tell him, “There is a Sun, it will come out and this darkness will go away”.
He will wait to see the Sun.
Then, when the entire day is passed, but the darkness didn’t fade rather the night came,
You will tell him, “You will surely see it tomorrow morning”
Well, the glow of the light appeared, the darkness faded, the day begins, but the Sun didn’t appear.
The man looked at you and you shrugged, embarrassed.
The man got patience, he wants to give you time. He liked your enthusiasm!
The second day passed, Sun didn’t show up and the third day passed too!
Tell me, do you think the man still trust your ‘BELIEFS’!

A desperate Dawee 

But now, you get adamant.
You’re determined, he has to believe because you know from your whole existence that it is the truth! Everybody knows it!
So, you get desperate, you bring all the evidence you got!
The photos, the videos, the books what not!
The man was very quiet and couldn’t believe his eyes that yes these seems truth, this person cannot tell a lie and this evidences cannot be false! So he respected your ‘belief’, he too wants to believe it, he is not an arrogant person!
In fact, at that moment he believed that it is the truth!
But at the bottom of his heart, he longed to see it by his OWN EYES!

So, he waits to fulfil his faith and you too. You would feel accomplished if only for once the Sun comes out!
You can prove that you are not a liar!
But guess what happens!
Week passes! You got paled! a month passes, you now became suicidal!
There has been no Sun for weeks and months.

An Atheist’s Mind

I ask you now, will this man ever believe that there is a Sun?
Can you take out this person from the idea that “It is just a myth?”,
Can you take him out from the idea that “This is just man-made belief system, there is no such things call Sun”
What about the evidence then?
“Well, you faked it”.
“The earlier people were so intelligent, they knew incredible things back then, they made it”
“Men had to believe something so they make a myth of Sun and then, to ground their belief in Sun they establish so many things around it. But no matter what, false remains false, I don’t believe it unless I see it in my own eyes”
And that’s the picture of an atheist’s mindset.

And A Muslim’s Mind

But O Muslims, you know the Sun exists.
An atheist doesn’t know what is beyond the cloud but you know what is beyond the cloud, you have no doubt about it,
even if it is clouded for 1000 days, you know that the Sun passes the same places during the day as it is used to be!

Then let me ask you, is it hard to keep this picture in your mind that Allah, the Magnificent Creator is just above the sky (Al-Quranul Kareem 67:16-17) that your eyes can’t see?
You already believe in Allah!
But all that I am asking to put your mind in that knowledge and belief that Allah Subhanahu is just exists out there beyond the universe, above the cluster of galaxies in the sky over your head and he is EVER WATCHFUL to you. (Al-Quran 4:1)
He has the power to LISTEN to your words from that above. (Al-Quranul Majeed 4:148)
He has the power to KNOW what is in your HEART from that above. (Al-Quranul Hakeem 3:29)
Is it that much to ask to imagine?

Seeing Allah is just a ‘condition’ away!

Let me give you a practical exercise. If you do this tomorrow, that will, In Shaa Allah, give you more understanding.
Look at the sky at the Subhe, after Fajr but before the Sunlight glow.
At the Fajr time, when you walk to the Masjid you will see the stars so bright in the sky.
But then, when you come out from the Masjid after Fajr, you see the glow of the light appeared and the stars are faded, you only see a few stars now and sometimes all those stars that you were able to locate are just disappeared within a minute in front of your very eyes.
Do this exercise for a few days! (Provided you go to Fajr very early and return late)

What do you get from this?
That there were some objects you were able to see just minutes ago and now, even though they are in the same place but your eyes can’t see those. SubhanAllah!
Now take this example to imagine,
Allah is just right there, above the sky, but your eyes can’t see Him.
As for the stars, you know that because of a certain condition, (the power of the eyes and it’s interaction with the light from those stars and the light from the Sun), those stars just disappeared from your eyes.

If Allah wanted he could have removed those shades or lights that are blocked your eyes to see those stars.
Isn’t the same way, if Allah wanted, he could have removed those shades that blocked your eyes from seeing Him or make the condition to see Him?
Isn’t it that easy for Him?

Do you understand this?
How close you are to see Allah?
He is just there but he doesn’t make the condition to see Him right now!
But He will, In Shaa Allah.
You know the Hadith that you will be able to see Allah like the full moon.
(Saheeh Al-Bukhari 6088)
That day Allah Rabbul Alamin will make the perfect condition for your eyes to see Him,
because today you believed in Him without seeing,
but unfortunate for the atheists and the Kuffar that they would never be able to see Allah
(Al-Quranul Hakeem 83:15),
as because they didn’t believe in Him today without seeing.

And Allah knows best!
May Allah make us conscious about Allah, Al-Baseer, the All-Seeing.

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