Critical Reasoning – The TOOL to distinguish the WEEDS from the PLANTS

In the world of corruptions and corrupt people,
In the time of ‘Scholars, those who are the worst creature under the sky’
In the time of ‘the people who will call you from the gate of Jahannam’,
you need to ask guidance from Allah constantly
and then you need to use your utmost intellect, the TOOL, that Allah, Al-Khaliq, the Creator bestowed you with, and made you the best of the creations. Therefore, you must learn and achieve the ability to scrutinize information you come across.

There are basically three groups of people that you need to be aware of as they have the ability to corrupt you. Among them are the first two, who are professionally trained to corrupt your mind, their job is to mislead you.
And the third one, surprisingly, you allow to corrupt yourself.

1. The scientific aspects:

You MUST know to differentiate among

Scientific INFO
Scientific Observations and explanations
Scientists Views and Opinions

Fail to do so will lead you to take a scientific observation as scientific truth, a scientist’s wishful opinions as scientific truth which caused many people to take science as their ‘God’ and you would like to be saved from that In Shaa Allah.

2. The News Report

You MUST know to differentiate between

Reporters Observation and analysis
Reporters views and opinions.

You have to understand ONE thing in the first place.
News on the TV or Newspapers is not an INFO, it is the opinion of the reporter to start with on a certain event. That you need to get first.

3. The Study of Deen

When you read a book or listen to a lecture, you need to differentiate among

TEXT of the Quran and the Hadith
Understanding and explanations of the Sahaba/Early Scholars
Understanding of the Scholar (who is quoting from the above two sources)

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