Critical Reasoning – The PRACTICE that will make you MINDFUL thus will keep you FIRM on Deen, Bi Iznillah.

Bismillah! Al Hamdulillah!

So, you know how many grades of Muslims are out there in terms of learning of Deen.
You don’t belong there, right?
Therefore, leave all those groups and their ways. let’s now talk about you.
You are the one who give a thought whatever you read or whatever you come to know.
You are the one, you know something, that has an impact on you.
So, you are the one, you have a plan.
You are the one, you read, you think, you act on Deen.

But then you got a different kind of problem, you can’t remain focused.
You can’t do it for long time.
Have you ever thought why this happens to you?
Have you ever wonder why can’t you be firm on Deen?
Because you didn’t do the Critical Reasoning.
You didn’t achieve it by your own brain storming.
You didn’t acquire it by seeking it, you just happened to find it on the go.
Which means, you didn’t earn it by your own effort, by your own attachment, it was just imposed on you.
So things gets faded by time.

You have an habit of criticism of food.
Then you came to know the Hadith that

Rasulullah sallillahu alaihi wa sallam used to “remain SILENT about bad or disliked food”.
(Saheeh Bukhari 3370)

You have an habit of getting angry.
Then you came to know,
that anger is the weapon of shaitan,
And you came to know the Hadith that

Rasulullah Sallillahu Allihi Wa Sallam said,
“The strong are not the best wrestlers. Verily, the strong are only those who control themselves when they are angry.”
(Saheeh Bukhari 5763)

You have a habit of reacting on everything, being a person of vindictive character
and you came to know the Hadith that

Rasulullah Sallillahu Allihi Wa Sallam said,
“I guarantee a house on the outskirts of Paradise for one who leaves arguments even if he is right,”
(Abu Dawud 4800)

And you are a person who always try to better yourself.
You hear something, you try to act on it.
Therefore, as for those situations given above (as a few examples) you try rectifying yourself
And you followed those Hadith for a few days but soon you became the same person again.
But you didn’t notice your change.
You didn’t notice you were back to your old behavior,
until you again stumble on the Hadith or in a lecture again years later.
Sounds familiar to you?
Did that happen to you?

What do you do now?
Did you ever think what makes you to get back to your old habit?
Only answer is,
you weren’t thoughtful about it, by yourself,
you didn’t give a brainstorming about it, by yourself,
you didn’t engage yourself with all the aspects surrounding around it,
you didn’t make an attachment with it,
you didn’t discuss about it,
you didn’t reconcile about it with more minds,
you didn’t live on it in your mind.

And that’s because you fail to realise the severity of this habitual behavior.
And you would never be able to solve a problem unless you work on understanding the severity of the problem first.

The problem of habitual behavior is that
it is implanted, deeply rooted in the process through which you were born, brought up and educated.
Your family, entire society, education system, you nation, your economical condition everything together are responsible for it.
And therefore,
Until you remain constantly focused on your behavior and FORCEFULLY undo it, it’s not possible!
until you remain in a total attachment with the issue, you can’t breakout from your habit, it’s not possible!

That’s why they say “it is easy to move a mountain but not an habit.”
This is true but not impossible.
You need to try hard and not to give up.
You had the intention but intention also requires hard effort to make it successful.

This is where you enjoy your freedom to win over your desire, win over your laziness, win over your lavishness.

And how do you Do it?
Do you remember, you stuck in a math, then your teacher solved the problem for you?
And then you stuck in a math once again but this time you couldn’t reach the teacher,
therefore, you tried it yourself and you did it hard again, again and again,
Tell me which math is rooted in your mind until today?

Let me give you another scenerio.
A meritorious student, belong to a poor family,
He couldn’t afford to go to a tutor, therefore he had no choice but keep on working hard to solve the problems in maths, physics, chemistry by himself. and you see they are the ones, those who are mostly successful in life comparing to those who had 4/5 tutors around the year to help them solving their problems. Sounds familiar?

And this is where ‘Quran for Critical Reasoning’ fits in.
This is for those who struggle for seeking knowledge.
And when you earn the knowledge this way, you are impacted by the knowledge straight away.

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