Contemplating on Quran – What if your LAWYER goes against you?

Bismillah! Al-Hamdulillah!

You had a case against you.
And you are caught, produced to the court.
The courtroom is set.
The entire humanity is witnessing the proceedings.
The judge has arrived with the jury board.
You are called to defend yourself.
You are pretty confident.
You had well set your advocate, the best advocate whose advocacy is never failed.
What happens if, in the court, when your case depends on the lawyer, but the lawyer goes against you?

And Your Rabb warned you of such consequences.
You need the advocacy of your Rasul, Salla Allahu Alaihi Wa Sallam.
Did you set your lawyer correctly? Did you pay the lawyer satisfactory fees?
Are you sure the lawyer won’t turn against you?

Did you make sure your advocate won’t complain against you?

“O My Rabb, This, my Ummah has abandoned the Quran”
(Al-Quran 25:30)

And what is abandoning Quran?
It is ‘not contemplating on Quran’. (Ibne Katheer, Rahimullah in his Tafseer of this Ayah)

Imagine, if it applies to you! (May Allah save you and me)
Won’t you say, “What Islam I did ‘living happily ever after’ thinking I know the Quran?”

O my Rabb, save me from the punishment of that day!
O my Rabb, guide Muslims back to Deen.
O my Rabb, guide Muslims back to the Quran.

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