Classification of Muslims – The UnSettlers – The Fewer than Few

Shaykh ‘Abdullah Abā Batîn An-Najdî:

❝ The people following the truth were a minority in the past. So then how would it be in our times when ignorance has prevailed because of which good has become evil and evil has become good..!?❞

[Al-Durar Al-Sanîyyah | 10/398]

Understanding the situation – Steping on Hard Stone:

The history of the rectifiers, the UnSettlers are always filled with struggle and full of obstacles.
No wonder, you will find your own people standing on your way!
Because nobody likes the change of their traditional ways!
People hold their traditions so dearly that they feel insulted when someone amongst them goes out of their traditional ways!
But you can’t let it go, you have to keep trying.
And then, when you try changing your own family, even though at some point you might find them agreeing with you but changing their habitable zone?
They would walk with you only that much while remaining within their comfort zone.
It is easier to move a mountain than making people sacrifice their comfort zone for the better. SubhanAllah!
Therefore, know your situation before you step into this struggle:

First obstacle: Those who do not pray.

They are not even interested in this topic.

Second: Blind followers – The Lowest Level

They worship shaitan in the disguise of ‘Ulema’ but they believe they worship Allah.
They don’t have any hearing ability left.
They were hypnotized by their ‘Ulema’
You don’t expect they would recover from that disease.
But only Allah wills.

Third: Blind followers – The Lower Level

Then they don’t want to listen to anybody at all, they will listen only to their types of scholars.
Therefore, the only attempt you might take about them is to talk with them about the disease.

Fourth: Blind Followers – The Upper Level

These people are intellectual.
At one point they upgraded from the lower level of the blind following but then they rest their minds to the higher intellectual scholars who bind them more strongly than ever in the blind following.
You have to be very cautious around them otherwise you might be labelled and isolated.

Fourth: Blind Followers – The Top Level

The blind followers those who bear so much hatred to his own brother.
You can’t even bring them in the arguments.
Leave their affair with Allah Ta’ala.

Sixth: No impact

Then there are those who will listen but only what goes with their already acquired knowledge.
You find them agreeable to the cause and you find hope,
But soon you will discover that anything new they will pass through the passage that connects two ears.

Seventh: Comfort loving

Then there are those who will understand the importance.
They will understand but they won’t move, won’t take any extra step.
They will agree but finally won’t bring any change into their life.
Knowledge without action.

Eighth: Standing against

All those groups even might go against it, criticize you badly, make a bad comment, put you in labelling etc.

The Fewer than Few

So what is left?
Most probably none but ONLY Allah wills.
Could be very few. 1/2 person from all the people around you.
And Allah knows best.
May Allah give you and me strength.

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