Blind following – the UPPER level. How come a person once open-minded blocks his mind again?

Bislmillah! Al Hamdulillah!

The Blind Following – Lower Level:

You know the common blind following,
It’s easy to understand a blind following,
and it is easy to notice a blind following,
but this is just only a lower level of blind following that you know about.

Do you know there’s a upper level of blind following?
What do you know about the upper level of blind following?
And how would you know about the upper level of blind following?

The Blind Following – Upper Level:

Did you notice some people upgraded themselves from a ocean of Bidah to what they call ‘Saheeh Aqeedah’?
Now, you try to present them the next level of truth with evidence and logic but most of them do not accept that.

How come a person was once open and accepting a new thing,
How come a person once took a hard path of leaving his habits and forefathers systems,
But the same person now blocked his door to purify himself to the next upgrade?
SubhanAllah! Aujubillah!

The answer is,
Prior to knowing the Saheeh Aqeedah, he didn’t question the falsehood.
He didn’t have the ability to question the falsehood.
May be he had some dis-likeness in something, sometimes.
Yet that didn’t make him to seek the truth,
He was continuing the Bida’a whole-heartedly.
Then only when truth presented to him, it looked attractive and logical to him therefore he accepted it.
This has happened because he is a person with upper level of intellect and dignity.
This upper level of intellect is what differentiates him from those primary level blind followers.

The cause:

Then what makes him a blind follower again?
What makes him now more strong (upper level) blind follower than those lower level blind followers?
Why he remains in the same blind following?

It’s because,
He didn’t use his own mind to seek the better.
He didn’t understand better by his own ability.
He never had a critical reasoning ability to build confidence on his own understanding.
Therefore, only when somebody presented something attractively, he accepted it.

Had somebody not presented the truth to him, he might had never looked for it.
He was a follower before, he remains a follower forever, rather he became more stronger follower now.
Because this time he followed more intellectual Ulema who gave him logical explanation along with the references.
So he started treating these Ulema with high esteem.
And people wrongly think this is the ‘open mindedness’ while in reality he rests his mind to the more intellectual minds.
And when he places higher admiration, veneration to these intellectual minds, it makes him submit to the individuals automatically.
By time this attitude builds a strong dependency and bond-ship to the higher intellects and cause him to become strong and confident blind follower.

Understand your Vulnerability without being able to Critical Reasoning:

And the fact is, when these intellectual Ulema get 95% things correct, it is hard to notice that they could fall in major misguidance in 2/3 things.
And how could you be able to track those misguidance in only 2/3 issues unless you have your own ability of understanding right and wrong?
And how could you possibly be able to question their understanding unless you are able to understand it by yourself first?
It’s even impossible to think for such a person that these Ulema who got more than 95% things correct could misguide the Ummah straight into Shirk in just only 2/3 issues. May Allah save the Ummah from them being caller to Shirk (‘Caller from the gate of Jahannam’).
In fact, it is rather obvious that their correct understanding in 95% things will be easily make you fully trust on them, depend on them.
And that’s what shows your vulnerability to fall in Shirk by following them blindly in what they call you to. (May Allah save you and me from falling in Shirk)
And you will remain vulnerable unless you learn how to understand the Deen by yourself first.

Example: Uneducated Muslim Children educated in Kuffar’s Sytem:

Did you ever think why a Muslim child gets into a Kuffar’s education system and he comes up with many questions?
The answer is same.
A school teacher presents things to him rationally, logically with scientific aid. It overwhelms him, he gets fascinated and start questioning his forefather’s systems and he becomes a strong blind follower of those rationale minds while the parents were lack of discussion in the first place and then lack of science, logic and of course, the worse of the lacking is not teaching the Quran with Critical Reasoning.

The analogy of the situation is, a traditional Muslim parents live in a cave and they send their kids to learn Islam to another cave (for learning only reading and memorizing Quran) which was okay until people living in an isolated villages. But now a Muslims lives in a global village, in an environment that has set by the Kuffar and yet these Muslims think sending their kids to study Deen in the same method they studied 40 years back will keep them in Islam and save them from Jahannam. (May Allah save them from Jahannam)

In reality, when the parents place their child in the Kuffar’s environment, Kuffar’s schools, the teachers open the horizon of logic, rationality and science to this kid who just got out from a cave!
The child gets overwhelmed by the vastness and by the light of horizon.
But he had no idea this light is not the pure light, it is filled with filth.

This happens because he was not made aware with the knowledge about the Kuffar’s filth with science, logic and rationality before he was sent there.
This happens because he was not taught the ability to reason and question.
This happens because he was not taught the Quran, the source of all knowledge, the source of certain knowledge with understanding and Critical Reasoning.
Had his parents put him in the practice of Critical Reasoning of the Quran into his mind from the very childhood he would have known not to sell his mind to anyone only because someone has the ability and mastery to present a falsehood attractively with logic and rationality while twisting scientific information and experiments.

The falsehood in Eloquencce of Presenting ability:

You know it, a smart and charismatic lawyer presents his arguments to a judge attractively and he wins the case even though it is false.

The point is, as long as you don’t learn to think critically, the Critical Reasoning, brain storming, you will always go with the one who can present the case more attractively to you.
And this is what an upper level of blind following is.

You might wonder, how come this is a blind following when he always goes for the better?
No, it’s not what is meant as ‘going for the better’, rather he actually influenced by a better presenter, Impressed by a better presenter, therefore he thinks it is ‘better’.
It is not actually the fact that he goes for the better.
In this case he just fascinated by a better presentation not because it is truly better.
Therefore, It  should not be the only criteria for a truth seeker to take a presentability as the criteria to judge the better.
He has to have his own judgement ability to understand the better.
And how would he develop that except by learning Critical Reasoning?

Don’t you get confused very often to choose between two logic?
Doesn’t it sometimes put you on the edge to choose ‘what is better’?
And there are many examples of it. SubhanAllah!
How do you think 4/5 ways of moon sighting is acceptable to millions and everybody gives you evidence from Quran, Hadith and then science and logic?

And the greatest example of vulnerability in falsehood of presentation:

Rasulullah Salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam said,

“You refer your disputes to me and I am only human. Perhaps some of you may be more eloquent in presenting your case than others, so I rule in your favor because of what I hear from you. If I pass a judgement in favor of one of you that detracts from his brother’s rights, then he should not take it, because it is a piece of fire that is given to him which he will bring forth on the Day Resurrection.”
(Ibne Majah 2317 (Saheeh)

Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilahi Rajiun!
How scary it is that you can easily get influenced by a good presenter unless you have an ability to judge and build your own understanding!
And SubhanAllah! It is Rasulullah Salla Allahu Alaihi Wa Sallam.
If he could be influenced by the attractive presentation then how vulnerable you might become to a attractive presentation?

And isn’t it the case about all those blind followers of all these groups?
Don’t you think, how come the most intellectual people in all groups and religions find their ways so fascinating?
It’s only because they are overwhelmed by someone’s ability of presenting things while they do not think it by themselves.
Then how do you think a person will ever get the truth unless he realizes this vulnerability?

Learn Critical Reasoning:  Build your own skill for better understanding:

But that doesn’t mean you get scared to somebody now who has a very good ability to present things!
What is to be taken from this is that
you have to try your best to build your own ability.
You have to develop your own ability to Critical Reasoning.

Build your own skill for better understanding.
And don’t leave to get the best from other minds.
And then always check your heart, your intention and ask guidance from your Rabb.

At the end, you will have a limitation.
Your final understanding will be aligned with your heart, with your intention.
An intention for,
What is better to Allah Subhanahu?
What is more pleasing to Allah?
What is better for my way to Jannah?
What is better to make the path of Jannah more easier?

And finally, what I am asking from you is to go and run to achieve the ability to understand Deen yourself first by using the brain that Allah gave you and made you the best among all His creations and only then you check your understanding with more intellectual minds!
Free yourself from blind following without you being noticing it.

And Allah knows best.
May Allah Tabarka Wa Ta’ala put Baraka in our understanding, in our quest for knowledge and guide us to the easier way to Jannah. Ameen.

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