Being human, what’s your worth? In physical comfort?

What’s make you equal to a billionaire?

You are a human being. Seeking comfort and pleasure is your basic want. But did you notice that the comfort and pleasure you enjoy in your basic physical acts are same by degree across the entire human population irrespective of financial status, intelligence or level of education?

What do I mean by that? And more importantly, what benefit will you receive from gaining this perspective in your life? Of course, there’s a benefit! You might be able to find the benefit yourself. But you might need to put yourself in the events and the acts of the physical comfort and pleasure in order to derive some benefit from it. If not, then hopefully I can direct you towards the ultimate benefit – a sure success for you, being human.

Take the poorest person in the world who lives on the streets and doesn’t know when or where he will get his next food from. And then take a billionaire. Now compare the comfort and pleasures they both get in the basic matters of life.

Taste and pleasure (physical) of Eating:

One who has a meal which cost him less than $1 and the one who has a meal costing to $5,000, if they find the food tasty and it fills their stomach, and then you measure the pleasure of the poor, does he get less satisfied than the rich person? No! It’s the same.

But then what makes the difference of pleasure in eating?

Psychological, the origin of which goes to the one organs called brain and heart

Taste and pleasure of Drinking:

When they are in dire thirst, does one get less pleasure than the other?

The comfort of Sleeping:

Who gets sound sleep? I know you started laughing now. There will be 100% conscientious that the poor is the one who enjoys his sleep the most. But I am not comparing the psychological conditions here. So forget about that for now. Just compare the real physical pleasure of both. If they both have sound sleep, do they get the same pleasure? Yes!

But then again, the same psychological advantage goes to the rich, which makes the difference which can only be attributed to the same organs called brain and heart!

The pleasure of relieving:

No matter who you are, you can understand this very well. You feel the same pain and discomfort of not being able to urinate or discharge when you really need to. The pleasure of being able to discharge is one of the most pleasant moments to across all level of people. Any doubt about that? No!

The pleasure of physical love:

Who gets less and who gets more? Maybe their approaches are different and so is their psychological satisfaction. But is the physical pleasure the same or not? It’s the same, no doubt about that. And note that the difference is again only psychological, which originates in the brain and heart!

Now let’s look at the other areas: Physical pain:

What’s the suffering like in the cold or in the heat, in sickness or in physical pain when cutting, breaking or burning? Same or not? Same again. Only they differ between you and other by the amount of tolerance and patience you have, which is again psychological – the power and the function of the heart, nerves and the brain.

Reflections: Know your WORTH:

1. Do you not take the pleasure knowing that whatever financial condition you are in, or whatever education level you have achieved or whatever intellect you got, you enjoy the same pleasure while eating, sleeping, relieving, loving and as such all your physical comfort as what the billionaires like Bill Gates enjoy.

2. The difference in those physical pleasures and comfort doesn’t depend on how much money you have in your banks or how much wealth you accumulate but only by the psychological standard. And then what is RESPONSIBLE FOR the psychological standard? Clearly, it is one physical organ, called the brain and its associated organs (nerve, heart, launch etc)

See, the difference across the human population is only in the act of the brain. This one organ makes the difference between humans and other life forms and this also makes the difference among human themselves. What an organ your creator gave you. Question is, Why? Did you ever ask that to yourself?

If there is only ONE thing you could take from this, then let it be asking yourself this question: Since all physical comforts are the same in all levels of luxury, then why do you go after so much money and why do you want to be so rich?

See, your creator has given you stomach, therefore, you need to work that much which is sufficient to feed the stomach. But you go for the desire of your eyes and desire of your heart and you work in the days and in the nights to earn prestige, status and what not?

Most of you end up with your life only running after owning a house on your own though most of the time you don’t get enough time to live in that house by yourselves, what a irony! But you don’t sit back and think! “Is that what my life worth for?” “Why do I spend so much time for things which don’t even benefit me?”

On the other hand, you don’t have time to think and question yourself “how am I using my brain, the ONE enormous organ I possess?” “Do I give its proper right, as proportionate to my other organs? Do I use my brain for its purpose?” And what is the purpose of the brain? And who can tell you what’s the purpose of the brain is?

Now, if you are a Muslim, let me give you an equation:

What are the implications of running after money, luxury? It will take you out of the remembrance of Allah and soon you will prefer Dunya over the order and system of Allah Subhanahu and the result? Jahannam.

Therefore, What Allah Ta’ala warned you not to do? Going about wealth:
“Don’t even look at the luxury” (Quran 15:88), what happens if you do? Your heart will desire for that which will lead you to work more to achieve that luxury and slowly turn you away from the remembrance of Allah and soon you will prefer this life over the command of Allah and the result? Ultimate loss, Jahannam. May Allah protect you and me from Jahannam.

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