AUTHORITY belongs to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala. The Way you WORSHIP, the IDEA you have about Allah and the LAW you follow.

The reason behind the SECTS and groups:

You heard this many times, you knew it since you knew Islam.
But have you ever thought why is it?
Why all the other sects deserve to be in Jahannam except one?
Aren’t they Muslims?
Aren’t they believe in Muhammad as Rasulullah, Salla Allahu Alaihi Wa Sallam?
Aren’t they worship Allah?
Then what makes them go to fire?
You would have thought it had you ever looked at Islam from outside, from out of the sphere.

How would you explain this to a Kafir, who never exposed to Islam, who never believed in a Creator?
All he heard from the believers that if he just believes in the Creator, he will go to paradise.
Then how would you explain to him,
“Believing in the Creator is not enough,
Believing in the messenger Muhammad, Salla Allahu Alaihi Wa Sallam is not enough,
Worshipping your creator is not enough,
yet you have a good amount of chance to be in the fire?”

Tell me, how that atheist, who just became Muslim would react!
How would you explain to him why is it? What’s the matter about this? Why is it so hard?
To explain this, you have to look at it from the very high, you have to give the ‘religion’ thing a birds-eye view.
Why there are so many religions? And then why there are so many sects in each ‘religion’?
What actually the reason behind making a group or sect?

It is the IDEA about ‘God’

It’s about the worshipping method, the way they worship ‘God’.
These TWO aspects are the basic difference which is behind creating all these different groups and sects in all the religions.
But the question remains, why that makes them to be in the fire? In fact, they worship the same ‘God’!

I let you stop reading here and think of your answer.
Why do you think they deserve to be in the fire even they (1) Believe in ‘God’ (2) Worship the ‘God’?
Give it a thought. Don’t just say what you have been told. I know that you know the reason. But my question is, why that reason is a reason?

I know you would say, ‘It is Bida’a, innovation in the ‘religion’, other than what is taught or showed by Rasulullah Salla Allahu alaihi wa Sallam”
But yet, the question remains, why doing something more, adding something more or adding something new is for fire? In fact, these people just want to do some more Ebadah! Why doing more is treated as a Bida’h, as a problem, a thing for fire? That’s really strange!

The WAY you Worship Allah, Ar-Rabb is Allah’s Authority

Why does Bida’a results in FIRE?
So, did you think about it?
How come this is a reason for a worshiper of ‘God’ to be in the fire?
What’s the big deal if a worshiper does something different or add something with the teaching of the prophet?
In fact, his intention is to worship ‘God’ more seriously, more devoutly!

It’s very simple!
The reason is, ‘breaching of the authority’ of Allah, Al-Mighty.
Allah Subhanahu is the authority when it comes to worship Him.
He won’t accept any other ways of worship.
It’s just simply the matter of AUTHORITY!

So, what’s Allah’s Authority? What are they?
Basically they are FIVE. Three of which relates to WORSHIP
1. Authority to WORSHIP Him.
2. Authority to worship ONLY him.
3. Authority to worship Him as THE WAY He TAUGHT by the messengers.

Idea/Knowledge of ‘Allah’ is His Authority.

Meaning, Allah Subhanahau tells what is He, anything other than what He mentioned about Himself is breaching of His Authority.
How do we know it?

“There are people who think about Allah from their ‘HAWA’, without any evidence” (53:23)

“They are not but [mere] names you have named them – you and your forefathers – for which Allah has sent down no authority. They follow not except assumption and what [their] souls desire, and there has already come to them from their Lord guidance.”

Now, analyse all the groups, sects in all religions, you will find these are the basic reasons behind their groupings. But at the end by not believing the last messenger from the same ‘God’ they believe in, they became Kafirun.
And then look at Islam. Do you see the same thing?
They differ in those two issues which ultimately turn to the breaching of Allah’s Authority and thus cause them to the fire.
That’s why the people of Bida’a go to the fire.
Though it is not mentioned as ‘Shirk’ but as ‘Dawllin’/astray.
And Jews/ Christian is mentioned as ‘Dawallin’ and the reason is nothing but Shirk, breaching Allah’ s Authority.
And where’s their place? Jahannam.
And when Allah mentions someone or something as ‘Dawallin’, the consequence of that is FIRE.

No. 5: The LAW is Allah’s Authority.

The law that needs to govern human’s life on earth must come from Allah. There’s no compromise in it.
Did you notice something, how important this no. 5 is to Allah?
While He mentions the other four He didn’t mention literally those as ‘Authority’ but when it comes to this one, He clearly mentioned it as His AUTHORITY!
Do you understand how grave is the meaning of this Authority to Allah Ta’ala?
Do you have any doubt how serious Allah, Al-Azeez about it?
O Muslims, you better realize it before your breath stops.

Know What does La ILAHA Illa Allah stands for:

Allah, Al-Khaliq created Jannah for you.
And He clearly set the criteria of how to get access to it.

Believing in Allah is not enough,
Worshipping ONLY Allah is not enough,
You have to worship Him as The WAY he prescribed
and that’s not the end,
Before even you start worshipping Him actually He made it first criteria that you have to REJECT OTHER ILAHA to be a Muslim.
You have to REJECT OTHER AUTHORITY (Reject TAGHUT, who gives you laws contradicting with Allah’s Law) for your belief in Allah to be accepted, your worship to be accepted.
That’s what La ILAHA Illa Allah stands for.
You better realize it, O Muslims.

And Allah knows best.
May Allah guide you and me, O Muslims
May Allah free you and me from the shirk of obeying and submitting to other than Allah’s Law.
May Allah save you and me from Jahannam.

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